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From Vines to Vlogs: Everything You Need to Know About Who Is in the Vlog Squad

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad. For those of you who haven’t, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to our official breakdown of the Vlog Squad! ...


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The New Team 10: The Hype House

What Is the Hype House? You may have heard of Team 10, but now you need to get ready for the Hype House, a hub for all of the biggest TikTok influencers. Team 10 is what we know as Jake Paul’s ...


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Top 20 Funniest Memes of 2019 (Updated)

Memes are no stranger to the year 2019. In fact, memes date back to more than 20 years ago. Memes bring internet users together, allowing us to stay up to date on what’s new and trending. You can ...


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Here’s What You Missed from the 9th Annual Streamy Awards

What Are the Streamy Awards?  The Streamy Awards, or the ‘Streamys’, is an annual awards ceremony and event created to honor and recognize. the biggest names in online video and digital ...


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How Apex Legends Dethroned Fortnite

Fortnite is a video game designed by Epic Games that took the internet by storm with its release in 2017. It has three game modes: Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Creative, and Fortnite Battle ...


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Family Feud: Khloe Kardashian vs. Jordyn Woods

There is trouble in paradise (again) for Khloe Kardashian and Tristian Thompson, and Khloe Kardashian is still having trouble removing the giant knife out of her back. A backstabbing like no other. ...


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Instagram Bug Costs Users Millions of Followers

It was a morning like any other…until influencer and makeup guru James Charles woke up with half a million fewer followers on Instagram. And he wasn’t alone. Ariana Grande lost 3 million ...


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Top 10 Runway Models on Instagram

Runway models, we see them on posters, stores, TV, and especially social media. From finding success in the industry at 13-years-old to 27-years-old, these models bring their unique and beautiful ...


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Top 20 Political Memes of 2018

Dominating social media feeds in 2018, memes have become the modern-day equivalent of classic satirical newspaper cartoons. Political humor has become of staple of traditional American comedy, and in ...


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Top 10 Halloween Videos on YouTube

Fall is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and most importantly… HALLOWEEN! You can celebrate this spooky season on YouTube, where you’ll find costume ideas, hit Halloween tunes, ...


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Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos

The YouTube epidemic has taken over the world since its creation in 2005. Today, over 1.3 billion people have YouTube accounts, and watch nearly 5 billion videos per day! Although music only accounts ...


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Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram

Wanderlust? These top 10 travel influencers know more about this than most travel lovers. If you want to be inspired, these intriguing Instagrams are the ones to follow. While we all secretly want ...


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Top 10 Vegan Influencers on Instagram

Veganism is a growing trend. While all of us get overwhelmed thinking of how hard it must be to eat a plant-based diet, there are tons of vegan influencers who equip us with easy and inspiring ...


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Top 10 Food Influencers on YouTube

YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for cooking shows/tutorials. YouTube videos are typically short, sweet and to the point, a perfect recipe for a cooking tutorial! Below are some of ...


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Top 15 Best Fashion Blogs on Instagram

Keeping up with today’s hottest fashion trends may feel like a never-ending cardio session- it never gets easier. Good news! There are people in this world who have dedicated their precious lives ...


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Top 10 Hispanic Influencers on Instagram

With it being Hispanic heritage month, I’ve put together a list of the top Hispanic influencers in the world! Below are some influencers who contain talent and creativity like no other. From crafty ...


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Top 10 Gamers on YouTube

For the past 13 years, YouTube has provided us with vlogs, music videos, entertainment, and videos that have gone viral all over the globe. But what does it take to be on top of this massive ...


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Top 10 Dance Influencers on Social Media

Dancing unites the past and present, as it is an art that has remained timeless throughout the years. The dance community today is full of talent and self-expression. Below are 10 of the hottest ...


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Alex Jones’ Infowars Banned

By Ryan Eaton Alex Jones is a radio show host best known for his bold, and sometimes offensive, conspiracy theories. He hosts The Alex Jones Show and runs the website So why has he been ...


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Top 10 Makeup Artists on Instagram (Updated)

Need some glam for your feed? Makeup artists these days are turning to social media outlets like Instagram and YouTube to share their work and educate others. Instagram makeup artists have become ...


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Viners: Where Are They Now?

Though its run was relatively short-lived, Vine had a meteoric rise to become one of the most popular social media apps, especially with younger demographics. Filled with pranks, short skits, ...


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Top 10 Stars on Social Media the perfect social media blend of modern-day karaoke and Vine in one neat bow. allows people of all talent to jam to their favorite songs, and put on performances the world ...


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Top 10 Dogs on Instagram

Instagram is officially dog-friendly, and canine companions around the world are capitalizing on their cuteness. With marketers chowing down on the popularity of the pooch, “pet influencers” have ...


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Top 10 Cats of Instagram

Ever wonder how animals can accrue more followers than some celebrities? Take a look at our list of top 10 cats of Instagram to see exactly why these lovable felines deserve the love and attention of ...


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Top 20 Tech Influencers on YouTube

As their millions of viewers will tell you, these 20 tech influencers are the best in the biz. Each YouTube channel garners a large audience to dispel tips, reviews, tutorials, and more. Whether you ...


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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Influencers on YouTube

Eating healthy can be hard. Luckily tons of amazing individuals are taking to YouTube to share their healthy meal recipes, workout routines, and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you ...


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Top 25 Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram (Updated)

While men’s fashion has always been innovating and developing new trends, the advent of social media allows it to be more visible than ever before. Men’s fashion breaks down barriers and allows ...


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Top 10 Surfing Influencers on Instagram

Summer is in season and so is surfing! Whether shredding the surf or just cruising the coast, these surfing influencers will inspire you to surf more than just Instagram. Through social media, these ...


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Top 10 Soccer Stars on Instagram

In the wake of the World Cup, every big screen is tuned into the battle between nations. The world’s soccer obsession is once again at full speed, with athletes capitalizing on this trending topic. ...


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Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers

Since YouTube was created in 2005, it has given everyday people the opportunity to showcase their creativity, generate content and make money while doing it. Through advertisements, brand ...


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Who’s Worth More on Instagram: Liza Koshy vs. Kim Kardashian

Instagram: a place for moms to post embarrassing family photos, for teenagers to share their highly over-edited selfies, and a place for celebrities to…make more money? You heard that right. ...


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Top 10 Most Followed Instagrammers

It’s no secret that social media rules all these days, and Instagram is King. Whether its setting trends or a direct line to fan bases, if a celebrity is on Insta, are they even a celebrity?! ...


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TanaCon vs. VidCon

By Jessica Paolucci VidCon: a convention dedicated to fans, creators, and industry leaders to share their love for the almighty YouTube. VidCon is like ComiCon. Rather focused on superheroes, fans ...


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Top 10 YouTube Challenges

YouTube is the go-to destination for anything entertainment. You can find many ways to pass your time, one being watching trending YouTube challenges. Every few months there seems to be a new ...


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Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

YouTube: home to the videos that make us cringe, laugh, cry, and most importantly we never stop watching. Viewers have a myriad of videos at their fingertips. From makeup tutorials to hilarious ...


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Top 10 Australian Food Instagram Accounts

If you are a foodie, then you might be familiar with the exotic and amazing food trends stemming from Australia. Towers of pancakes smothered in Nutella, bright blue açaí bowls, and cotton candy on ...


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Top 20 Pinterest Recipes

In a time when differences seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s conversation, the one thing we all have in common is how much we love food. Our love for it, though, can sometimes be so strong ...


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Top 10 Women’s Fitness Influencers on Instagram

We all could use an extra nudge when it comes to hitting the gym. What better way to find that nudge than from our phones? Girls have been taught from a young age that having a size 00 waist is ...


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Top 5 Beauty Influencers in India

Social media became the hub for all things beauty. Whether it is fashion, cosmetics, beauty routines, or just a simple selfie, viewers all around the world are captivated. India specifically has been ...


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Top 5 Outdoor Influencers in Germany

Germany is well known for its beautiful landscape and outdoor scenery. Many German people have become outdoor influencers on social media whose posts encapsulate Germany’s beauty through ...


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Top Irish Influencers

  St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate Ireland and all it has to offer. We decided to celebrate the Top 10 Irish Influencers. Although not dressed head-to-toe in green, these influencers ...


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Top 5 Mental Health Influencers Who Advocate for Awareness

10 minute read – Guest Contributor – Alex Moore – More and more people nowadays struggle with anxiety, depression, and other instances of disorders of the mind. But even with all ...


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Top Ten Gaming Influencers on YouTube™

YouTube and gaming, both have massive audiences. Particularly, YouTube does not disappoint when it comes to options for targeting ads. And for games, they own the world as one of the most widespread ...


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Top Cover Bands Influencers

The most productive and creative people roam on social media. After identifying audience demographics and performance analytics, especially on YouTube, we listed here below the most noteworthy ...


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NeoReach Interviews Chris Burkard, Travel Influencer

NeoReach Interviews Chris Burkard 5 Minute Read Many people dream of traveling the world, and it stays as a dream. But for him, it’s his career. Chris Burkard– photographer of the ...


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Top Athlete Influencers Across Social Media

Your favorite athlete may not be featured on ESPN’s standardized television schedule. NeoReach’s carefully selected the top 10 list of today’s buzzing athlete influencers on the Internet. This ...


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Top 10 Adventure Photographers

Instagram arguably evolved into one of the most artistic social media platforms. Instagram mesmerizes people. Influencers on Instagram know how to inspire and it’s the perfect platform for someone ...


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Top Music Festivals on Social Media

7 MINUTE READ Here’s our list of the top 10 Music Festivals across social media for the beginning of 2017. We addressed the W-questions: who goes to these music festivals? What are these music ...


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Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers on Instagram

Everybody says they want it all. So many individuals strive every day for their version of the American Dream. And still, the idea of success begins with a luxury car.  Coasting through the hills in ...


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Top 10 Vegan Influencers on Instagram

At Neoreach, we want life easier for you by providing the top 10 influencers and why they’re there! This week we found the top 10 Vegan influencers who use social media platforms to advertise ...


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Top 10 Dance Influencers on Social Media

Whether you enjoy dancing for fun, competitively, or for a living (as these unique influencers do), dancing is integral social phenomena from ancient culture to our modern times. Using social metrics ...


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Top Ten Foodie Influencers on Instagram

Here at Neoreach, we have come up with a list of the top 10 foodie influencers on Instagram for 2017. These influencers have been enjoyed by a variety of people from around the globe. These food ...


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Top Ten Influencers in Extreme Sports

Here’s our list for the top 10 extreme sport athletes on social media for 2017.  These influencers take risks which put them at the top!  Craving adventure of the most epic proportions? These ...


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Top 10 Art History Influencers On Instagram

At Neoreach, our goal is to make life easier by providing a simple, yet informational lists of top 10 influencers. These influencers use social media platforms to advertise products, philosophies, ...


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Top 10 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Influencers on Social Media

At Neoreach, our goal is to make life easier by providing a simple, informational list of top influencers. These influencers use social media platforms to advertise products, philosophies, and even ...


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Top 10 Nail Art Influencers on YouTube

At NeoReach, we decided to come up with a list of the top 10 nail art influencers on Youtube for 2017. These nail experts are the best of the best and can teach anyone about fantastic looking nails ...


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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Influencers on Youtube

These 10 influencers make the process of having a healthy lifestyle much easier. A healthy lifestyle is something that will always be popular among all gender, cultures, and age groups for ...


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Top 10 Dog Influencers on Social Media

Animal is an easy and cute way to grab an audience’s attention and sure to brighten people’s day. With our furry friends’ popularity on the rise and using Neoreach, we have identified the ...


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Top Hispanic Influencers on Instagram

We have identified the top 10 Hispanic influencers on Instagram and crafted a useful list. Using the NeoReach we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics ...


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Top Gaming Influencers on YouTube

We used the NeoReach to identify the top 10 gaming influencers on YouTube and crafted a useful list. We then analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics and ...


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Top Travel Influencers on Instagram

Looking for travel influencers to promote your travel equipment, products or programs? Using the NeoReach we identified the top photographers, daredevils, and passionate travelers on ...


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Top Food Influencers On YouTube

We identified the top food influencers on YouTube to create a mouthwatering list for you. Using the NeoReach we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics ...


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Top Tech Influencers on YouTube

We have identified the top tech influencers on YouTube to create a useful and concise list for you. Using the NeoReach, we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance ...


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Top Fitness Influencers on Instagram

We hunted for the top fitness influencers on Instagram to create a strong and healthy influencer list for you. We used  NeoReach to provide you with each influencer’s reach, average ...


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Top Fitness Influencers on YouTube

We hunted for the top fitness influencers on YouTube to craft a strong and healthy list for you. We used NeoReach  to provide you with each influencers’ description, reach & ...


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Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram

People from around the world are able to share their personal fashion and style to inspire others. We have identified the top 10 fashion influencers on Instagram and crafted stylish list. ...


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Top 10 Lifestyle Vloggers on YouTube

Lifestyle vlogging is one of the biggest internet trends in recent years. Thanks to the internet’s ability to share one’s daily life and experiences. We have identified the top 10 ...


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Top Hispanic Influencers on YouTube

We have identified the top Hispanic influencers on YouTube to create a useful and concise list for you. Using NeoReach, we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance ...


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5 VidCon Influencers Who Will Make You Smile

There are going to be some incredible creators at VidCon this summer. Here is a collection of our favorite vloggers on YouTube that make us smile. We had the pleasure to interview each of them. Here ...


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5 Funny Vine Guys You’ll See at VidCon

When most people think about VidCon, they usually think about YouTube stars. But in recent years, social media creators have expanded way beyond YouTube and made a name for themselves on platforms ...


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Influencer Spotlight: The Story Of Alx James

Influencer Spotlight: Alx James Every month, NeoReach will be holding an Influencer Spotlight where we will feature your favorite social media celebrities, the most innovative bloggers, and social ...


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5 VidCon Influencers Who Make Magic With Their Hands

[vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” ...


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5 VidCon Influencers With Powerful Voices

Less than 2 weeks until VidCon! Here are some of our favorite VidCon influencers using their voices in the unique ways. We had the pleasure to interview each of them. Here are their answers. Vidcon ...

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