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Alix Earle Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Alix Earle is a 21-year-old TikTok star from New Jersey, famous for her iconic get ready with me videos and her laid back attitude. Coming from a family of significant wealth and her independent rising fame, the question is raised: what is the Alix Earle net worth?


Alix Earle was born and raised in New Jersey, where she lived alongside her family until she graduated from New Jersey’s Red Bank Catholic High School in 2019. Since then, she has moved to Miami to attend the University of Miami Herbert Business School to study business administration and marketing. 

Earle’s family owns Earle, a construction company based in New Jersey that has spent the last 40 years constructing roads and highways. Alix has been employed by Earle since 2020, working on the social media and digital presence that her family’s company has to offer. She has constructs the social media posts and newsletters using photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

On campus, Alix Earle is a part of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. She frequently posts videos of her partying with her friends on TikTok. As her fans see it, Earle is out living what most of us would call the picturesque life of a newly 22-year-old. 


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One thing that doesn’t seem to be lost on fans is Alix’s relatability. Being such a young influencer, Earle doesn’t shy away from the realities of being a young woman in Miami. She shares her journey with acne, mental health, and financial feats with the world in a way that’s educational and down to Earth. She frequently responds to her commenters with grace, something that only adds to her likeability in the TikTok and Instagram spheres.


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Digital Presence

Currently based in sunny Florida, the star has a wide digital footprint. From sharing videos of her partying in the city to shooting clips of makeup tutorials, her content caters to young individuals worldwide. 


Can’t wait for u guys to see the fit #grwm #birthday

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Looking at the metrics, Alix Earle currently stands at 493K followers on Instagram and 1.6M on TikTok, where she has amassed just over 54.1M likes. Here, she garners income both through a creator fund and from the capabilities she holds to influence her audience through sponsorships.

Amazon StorefrontLink

Something that only contributes to her relatability on the web is Alix Earle’s interaction with fans. Viewers seem to be content with the feedback they receive upon commenting on the star’s posts.

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Earle is very active on the Amazon storefront feature. As she doesn’t have any current merchandise of her own, Alix actively posts her favorite purchases from Amazon and earns a commission for her work. She posts everything from gift guides to festival necessities, which cater directly to her target audience of young men and women. She’s frequently seen wearing the products she advertises, another feature that only adds to her popularity and reach. 


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One thing that Alix Earle seems to have mastered is the art of partnerships. Her feed on both TikTok and Instagram are riddled with sponsorships, from the arguably most frequented White Fox to the iconic Fashion Nova. The commission that she earns with each post is extensive, considering her number of collaborations. 


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Some of Alix’s recent partnerships include:

  • White Fox (Use code ALIX for 30% off)
  • Rare Beauty
  • Pink Lily 
  • BILT app 
  • Casetify (Use code 15HEYALIX for 15% off)
  • BaliBody
  • CrewFare
  • SBchat 
  • Fashion Nova
  • HelloMolly (Use code ALIX for 10% off)

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Alix’s family is one that comes from a significant amount of money. Her father is TJ Earle, and it’s no surprise that Alix has ventured into the world of social media fame. TJ Earle is most notably known for his entrepreneurial work as well as his presence in The New York Post and on his own podcast. His sex column alone has amassed just about $5 million, increasing his total net worth to $15.7 million.

In the discussion of TJ Earle’s net worth, it seems that numbers were once quite a bit larger. The decrease is said to have been the result of a number of controversies, from an affair to a company scandal. The affair was riveting for paparazzi headliners, as the mistress involved was Ashley Dupre, the former escort of Elliot Spitzer. The pair’s relationship was the nail in the coffin that ended Earle’s then marriage with Alisa Earle.  

The scandals surrounding the Earle company seem to be largely unrelated. Even so, it appears that one controversy was hard-hitting for the company. In 2007, Walter Earle contributed funds from Earle to the Monmouth County Republican Campaign. This move not only alienated some of the company’s business but also proved to be illegal. 

Despite any controversy that may have occurred on the business side of the family’s affairs, their relationships all appear to be strong. The divorce between Alisa and TJ Earle was an amicable one, and Alix’s siblings all share holidays alongside each other. 


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Alix Earle Net Worth 

Taking all of these entities into consideration, it is estimated that the Alix Earle net worth taps out at around $1 million in 2022. Though her family is a significant contributor to her entry into the social media sphere, Alix’s success is also in part self-made. Her collaborations with large brands and real attitude in the posting of her videos are what allow her to garner such a large audience and walk away with a positive image.  

In short, Earle is a figurehead that all can look to in the progression of their own brands. She keeps it realistic, fun, and undoubtedly stays true to who she is as an influencer and brand partner. 


This article was written by Madeline Fait

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