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Valkyrae Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Valkyrae, real name Rachell Marie Hoffstetter, is an American celebrity who rose to fame during the beginning of the age of social media. She has now become one of the most influential streamers, YouTubers, content creators, and social media influencers of her time. Holding all of these titles has led her to an astounding worth. The Valkyrae net worth is estimated to be about $2 million! 

Valkyrae was born on January 8th, 1992, making her 31 years old as of 2023. She is a Filipino-American who grew up in Washington with her loving family, consisting of her mother, sister, and late father.

She has always had a passion for gaming, but it was only a hobby throughout her time in high school, and later community college. After graduating, she decided to take her passion to the corporate level and pursued a job at GameStop, an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. After less than two years, Valkyrae quit that job — little did she know where her future career would take her. Keep reading to find out more about Valkyrae’s net worth. 

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Career/ Awards

In 2014, Valkyrae began posting on Instagram, sharing content about her greatest passion, gaming. Soon after that, she started up a Twitch channel and a YouTube, continually gaining a steady stream of followers on all 3 platforms. She quickly grew in popularity and went on to become the first female content creator to join the premier lifestyle and gaming organization, 100 Thieves

After about 2 years of making a major name for herself within the gaming community, largely due to her Twitch streams, Valkyrae signed a deal with YouTube, permanently ending her channel on Twitch. YouTube gained exclusive rights to Valkyrae’s gaming streams, meaning the only place to access them was through YouTube. Reports estimate this deal rang up to about $1 million annually.


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With great success comes great achievements, and Valkyrae has received a plethora of well-deserved recognition for her efforts. 

In 2019, Valkyrae was nominated for “Best in Gaming” at the 11th Annual Shorty Awards. A few years later, in 2022, she was nominated again in the “Best Variety Streamer” category at The Streamer Awards. Not only was she nominated, but she also went on to win at the 2020 The Game Awards for “Content Creator of the Year”, the 2021 Adweek Creator Visionary Awards, and the 11th Streamy Awards for “Gaming Creator of the Year and Livestreamer”. 

Most recently, and arguably one of the most significant awards she’s received, Valkyrae was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022. 

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Valkyrae Net Worth Breakdown

Among Us Success

Everything really changed for Valkyrae when she began streaming the popular game Among Us on her YouTube. Her channel exploded, and Valkyrae’s net worth skyrocketed along with it. She continued to grow as she collaborated with other well known streamers such as Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Sykkuno. 

She currently has almost 4 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, but combined with her other two channels, Valkyrae2 and ValkyraeShorts, she obtains well over 4.5 million total subs. Her successes on YouTube after embarking on her Among Us journey led her to be able to grow on other social media platforms as well. Valkyrae’s net worth is substantially bolstered by the revenue she makes off of these 3 YouTube channels. 

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Social Medias

Aside from YouTube, Valkyrae’s substantial net worth can also be largely attributed to her other social media accounts, and the content she creates within those platforms. You can find her on nearly every well-known social media out there. Below is a list of all of her accounts: 

YouTube: Valkyrae3.68M subscribers
YouTube: ValkyraeShorts316K subscribers
YouTube: Valkyrae2223K subscribers
TikTok2 Million Followers
Twitch1.1 Million Followers
Instagram3.7 Million Followers
Twitter2.8 Million Followers

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With the fame she gained, Valkyrae was able to work on some independent ventures, exploring other industries aside from gaming and social media.

In October 2021, she launched her own skincare line, dedicated to helping repair the skin of those who sit in front of the computer all day. The line was called RFLCT, but it has unfortunately been terminated since. 

One of her more prominent ventures includes teaming up with the popular influencer merch brand, Revolt. “Understanding the success that I’ve attained this year, I have my eyes set on diverging from the standard digital creator career path by focusing on the business side of the industry and investing away from streaming,” says Valkyrae.

Her motivation to do that very thing was influential in the success of her collaboration. Some of the items featured in the deal include sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, T-shirts, and plushies. 


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Collabs and Features

Valkyrae has appeared in a number of collaborations and features with other celebrities. Below is a list of some of her most popular collabs/ features:

  • She collaborated with Natsumii and released a cover of LilyPichu’s song, “Last Cup of Coffee”. The cover single was released in March of 2021. 
  • She was featured in three different music videos in the early months of 2021,  including Machine Gun Kelly’s “Daywalker” and Bella Poarch’s “Build a Bitch” and “Inferno”.

  • Additionally, she later appeared in three other record-breaking music videos: “Car Crash” by eaJ, “Memories” by Yungblud & Willow Smith, and “Dolls” by Bella Poarch. 
  • She collaborated with Jimmy Fallon when he created an organization called Feeding America. In April 2021, she, along with Sykkuno and Corpse Husband, participated in a fundraiser to help raise money for the cause.

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Many brands look to Valkyrae to promote their products/ services because of her hefty, niche following. For companies hoping to reach a demographic of gamers and avid web users, Valkyrae makes for the perfect partner to take on a brand deal with. 

Some of the most well-known partnerships of hers include promoting the show The Fall Guy on her Instagram in 2023 and being sponsored by gaming chair brands like HyperXHero and Mavix


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Total Net Worth 

All in all, Valkyrae’s net worth is contributed to by a number of different areas. Most importantly, her YouTube successes, specifically after the launch of her Among Us streams, make up a hefty portion of Valkyrae’s net worth. However, without the help of her other social media accounts, independent ventures, collaborations, features, and endorsements, she wouldn’t be nearly as successful in the industry as she is today!

This article was written by Katie Hale

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