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Unlimited scalable, collaborative, and commission free influencer campaigns.


For Growing Teams

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  • 150 Monthly Searches
  • 10 Influencer Lists
  • 5 Active Campaigns
  • 3 Users
  • Influencer Projection Calculator
  • Unlimited ‘In Network’ Influencers
  • Unlimited Post Tracking Links
  • Onboarding, Setup & Configuration
  • Exportable Influencers
  • Detailed Audience Demographics
  • Dedicated Support
  • Platform Customizations
  • API Access*
  • Access to Additional Services

Enterprise & API

For Large Brands & Agencies

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  • Unlimited Searches
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited ‘In Network’ Influencers
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Post Tracking Links
  • Influencer Projection Calculator
  • Unlimited Users
  • Exportable Influencers
  • Detailed Audience Demographics
  • Access to Additional Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Support
  • Platform Customizations
  • API Access*
  • Dedicated Onboarding, Setup, & Configuration

Additional Solutions

Payment, Contracts & Activation

We’ll organize specific influencer marketing campaign lists, approval statuses, pricing, contracts, posting schedule, and more.

API Access

With API access, you get access to all the systems that power the NeoReach application. Integrate NeoReach data into your internal workflows and dashboards.

Consulting & Enterprise Solutions

If you are new to influencer marketing or just need to run ideas by other experienced pros, we offer customizable solutions for every aspect of the influencer marketing process.

For big brands and agencies

We offer a fully customizable enterprise platform, with available API access, designed for large brands and agencies that need a scalable influencer marketing solution backed by experienced support. Get in touch with one of our product specialists to start reviewing your organization’s requirements.

"End-to-end, influencer discovery and campaign management platform, that’s got a growing list of happy customers. By that count, NeoReach is a raging success."
- Influencer Marketing Hub
"NeoReach can drive social conversation, sentiment, and conversions in a way no one can, for a cost no one can match."
- Ryan Faber, Fanduel
"Out of the influencer marketing platforms I’ve worked with, NeoReach is one of the most compelling. Their audience targeting and analytics were extremely insightful."
- Drew Minh, Marketing Manager at NBC Universal
Out of the influencer marketing platforms I’ve worked with, NeoReach is one of the most compelling. Their audience targeting and analytics were extremely insightful.?
- Drew Minh, Marketing Manager at NBC Universal

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most common questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us directly.

How does NeoReach work?

Advertisers work with NeoReach in a few different ways. First, individuals and teams can use our self-service platform to manage their own individual influencer relationships and execute their own user-generated content campaigns. Second, companies work with our managed service teams to seamlessly launch influencer marketing campaigns at scale. Lastly, enterprise applications utilize NeoReach as an integrated API solution to power cross-channel social, consumer and brand insights.

What payment methods are available?

All of our platform customers can pay with any preferred, major credit card provider. Still have questions about payment terms? Contact us here for more information.

Are there Platform contracts, commitments, or specific terms?

The self-service NeoReach platform is available with an annual subscription. NeoReach requires annual contracts due to platform customizations and the output necessary for the onboarding process. For questions or inquiries, please reach us at team@neoreach.com.

Can you work with my industry or market specific use-case?

TLDR: Absolutely. We provide concrete analysis built on top of any type of buyer, category, interest, or social data set. Our suite of solutions are designed to help companies measure real-time influencer, brand, and consumer insights all form a single social data API integration. You can learn more by contacting us directly and telling us about your use-case.

Can I add more team members?

Of course. We can customize packages to create a tailored solution that speaks to your core needs. Just let your product representative know.

Can NeoReach create and manage my influencer campaign?

NeoReach offers consulting, training, and managed services from a combination of our in-house and certified agency partner teams. Every brand or agency campaign is a little different, so it’s best to contact us directly.

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