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Achieve exceptional results by blending influencer marketing with contests and sweepstakes.

Our unique approach to contests & sweepstakeS

Our unique approach to contests & sweepstakes 

Discover how our expertly crafted contests and sweepstakes campaigns can transform your brand’s online presence, attracting new followers and fostering deep engagement with your audience. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale, NeoReach is here to tailor a unique campaign that meets your individual goals and objectives. 

The benefits of running social contests and sweepstakes with influencers include:

Reach a large audience in a cost-effective way

Generate user-generated content (UGC) to repurpose across marketing channels

Increase social media following

Boost website traffic

Increase sales and revenue

Show appreciation to loyal followers; boost follower retention

How NeoReach Can Help

At NeoReach, our team of expert social marketers has years of experience in executing contests and sweepstakes campaigns with great success. Powered by a database of over 256 million creator profiles, we make it easy to find the perfect influencers to promote your social giveaway campaigns. We’ll work closely with you to craft a compelling campaign strategy that aligns with your marketing goals.


  • Crafting a campaign strategy that aligns with your marketing goals
  • Finding the perfect influencers to promote the campaign through links, tags, hashtags, and user generated content
  • Handling all logistics including the safe handling of personal/sensitive data, prize distribution, authenticity, and more
  • Ensuring safety and compliance throughout the campaign
  • Optimizing the campaign to drive maximum results

Case Study - Sony's Successful Social Giveaway Campaign

One of our most successful contest and sweepstakes campaigns was in collaboration with Sony. NeoReach crafted the giveaway campaign, handled all logistics, and ensured safety and compliance throughout the campaign. Top prizes included Playstation 5 and PSVR2. The campaign resulted in a 275% increase in followers for Sony Global in under 2 weeks.

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