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Our Team

An obsession with digital marketing technology combined with a deep appreciation for human experience enables and motivates us to transform the way brands interact with connected communities.

Jesse Leimgruber Photo

Jesse Leimgruber

Co-Founder | CEO

Brian Sorel Photo

Brian Sorel

Chief Operating Officer

PJ Leimgruber Photo

PJ Leimgruber

Co-Founder | Director

Chris Gonzalez Photo

Chris Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer

Saru Saadeh Photo

Saru Saadeh

Marketing Specialist

Steph Payas Photo

Steph Payas

Blog & Communications

Jess Waxer Photo

Jess Waxer

Director of Sales

Aaron Layden Photo

Aaron Layden

Senior Account Manager

Nikki Stafford Photo

Nikki Stafford

Senior Account Manager

Matthew Antolovich Photo

Matthew Antolovich

Senior Back End Developer

Marina Bain Photo

Marina Bain

Senior Back End Developer

Jessica Straw Photo

Jessica Straw

Head of Support

Dai Yoshida Photo

Dai Yoshida

General Counsel

Jay Boise Photo

Jay Boise

Influencer Marketing Expert

Shelby Leimgruber Photo

Shelby Leimgruber

Operations Manager