Meet the team.

Meet the people behind the scenes - say hello, connect with us. An obsession with digital marketing technology combined with a deep appreciation for human experience enables and motivates us to transform the way brands interact with connected communities.

Jesse Leimgruber

Co-Founder | CEO

PJ Leimgruber

Co-Founder | Director

Brian Sorel

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Antolovich

Chief Technical Officer

Jess Waxer

Vice President of Agency Services

Steph Payas

Vice President of Operations

James Michalak

Vice President of Corporate Development

Carrie Hein

Head of Campaign Operations

Aaron Layden

Head of Partnerships

Katherine S. McLean

Senior Account Manager

Kyleigh Eaton

Senior Director of Community

Hailey Ibach

Senior Director of Social Intelligence

Marina Bain

Senior Back End Developer

Trisha Oritz

Senior Campaign Manager

Alex Buric

Senior Sales Ops Associate

Anastasia Rooke

Senior Director of Design

Chandler Dordoy

Senior Sales Development Rep

Christiana Sinacola

Editor in Chief

Becky Urban

Campaign Operations Manager

Brianna Borik

Senior Content Writer

Bronson Nottage

Senior Data Analyst

Kate Reinke

Senior Sales Ops Associate

Grace-Ann Grannum

Social Media Strategist

Phillip Hyunh

Campaign Operations Manager

Shelby Leimgruber

Operations Manager

Rochelle Nicole

Campaign Operations Manager

Emily Hale

Sales Ops Associate

Katie Kammerdeiner

Junior Graphic Designer

Madelyn Ormond

Junior Graphic Designer

Brea Walkley

Junior Sales Development Rep

Antonia Giannetti

Junior Sales Development Rep

Kaela Evans

Junior Sales Development Rep

Rachel Braddy

Junior Campaign Manager

Benjamin Lu

Junior Content Writer

Serena Ngin

Junior Content Writer

Philip Murray

Junior Content Writer

Brendon McNerney

Director of Influencer Operations

Jay Boice

Director of Influencer Relations

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