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Twitch Monetization Guide: How to Make Money as a Streamer

Twitch is the most recognizable streaming platform amongst influencers and creators. These creators include Esports juggernaut Ninja and Spanish-language vlogger Rubius, who moved to Twitch …

How to Negotiate with Creators For Your Next Campaign

Negotiating pay is not a new phenomenon. However, in a world where anyone and everyone can be a content creator at the click of a …

A Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

If you go on social media, it seems that everyone and their mother is an influencer. From different products to different platforms, there is an …

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Parallel Word of Mouth Marketing

Coupled with dedicated influencers and goal-driven campaigns, word of mouth marketing, an already “valuable form of marketing” can help businesses meet their goals. Influencers are …

Image of two hands, one pointing a thumb down and one pointing a thumb up

Biggest Mistakes in Influencer Marketing & How to Prevent Them

Influencer marketing may seem like a gamble. For such a lucrative industry, some influencer promotions can net millions and publicity for the brand they’re promoting, …

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