Maximize Growth with Custom Reports and Surveys

Stay competitive and informed with custom reports ad surveys to elevate your marketing game

Harness data excellence with personalized reports and surveys

Harness data excellence with personalized reports and surveys

Get tailored social intelligence with NeoReach’s custom reports and surveys, designed exclusively to address the distinct requirements of your brand. Powered by the expertise of our internal data scientists, creative experts, and industry veterans, we craft custom reports and surveys which provide unparalleled insights into audience behavior, preferences, and opinions. Empower your brand to build stronger connections, gain a competitive advantage, and measure the impact of your campaigns.

How our custom reports and surveys help shape your success

Custom Surveys: Designed, Deployed, and Delivered

Our Design Process

Our expert team thoughtfully designs survey questions with a dual focus: maximizing participation and obtaining only the most relevant data. By focusing on the specific data points that matter most to your brand, we ensure that the resulting analysis is both targeted and actionable.

Trustworthy Relationships

We maintain a rolodex of trustworthy creators to gain deeper insights into the industry. Hence, enabling us to transform ideas into actionable surveys that collect first-hand data on the creator economy directly.

Social Intelligence

With the help of our in-house social intelligence tool, Tensor, we can pinpoint the ideal participants by analyzing demographic and psychographic data to align on target respondent personas that match seamlessly with your brand’s needs and requirements.


Q: How do you collect data for your reports?

A: We use three main methods for data collection:

  • Our in-house tool Tensor
  • Surveys created by our data analytics team
  • Co-branded data sets in partnership with other companies

Our team of advanced data analysts then analyze the raw data to create correlations, statistics, and insights for our reports.

Q: How do you involve creators in the data collection process?

A: We maintain a large pool of creators and send them surveys to collect first-hand data on the creator economy. Our experienced data analysts then process the raw data to create sophisticated statistics and analyses.

Q: Can you provide examples of your different report types?

A: Sure! Here are some examples:

Q: What is your relationship with Statista?

A: We have a partnership with Statista, where we share our raw data with them. Statista researchers use the data to create their own content and infographics for their website and publishing network. We, quite literally, are the industry source.

Q: How do co-branded reports work?

A: Co-branded, or “joint” reports are created in collaboration with a partner company. Both parties decide on a mutually beneficial topic, and the data collection process begins. The report is then reviewed, edited, and approved by both companies before being published.

Q: Do you offer custom reports for specific brands or industries?

A: Yes, we create custom reports upon request. These reports have specific statistics and data-driven research catered to the brand's interest and can be either confidential or for public consumption.

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Our comprehensive approach to custom reports and surveys, along with our close-knit network of content creators, are here to help your brand harness the power of targeted, data-driven insights. We warmly invite you to explore the potential of working together, as our friendly and dedicated team is eager to learn more about your unique needs and aspirations. Use the form below to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can tailor a data-driven strategy just for you.

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