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How It Works

Create effective influencer marketing campaigns with powerful insights by filtering through millions of influencers’ insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.


Find & manage influencers with easy search features.

Find exactly who you need, when you need them. Utilize our expansive network of influencers or import your own. Target influencers and their audience by specific keywords, demographics, interests, location, and that’s just the start.

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Use built-in automation to save you more time & headache.

Everything you need to bring your campaign to life. Manage your influencer relationships, contact information, notes, contracts, and historical influencer campaign data. Use our battle-tested workflow to coordinate each step of your campaign fulfillment process.

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See what’s working and what isn’t with intuitive analytics.

Measure the core of your marketing efforts and automatically verify influencer reach, brand alignment, and targeted message delivery, all while measuring real-time influencer post performance. Then export reports when you’re ready to share your results.

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Everything your team needs in one package.

Whether you are looking for a YouTube superstar or a rising Instagram micro influencer, we've got you covered. We're as hands-on or as hands-off as you need. Speak to our team see why NeoReach has managed over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns to date.

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API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our social insights with your enterprise application, allowing you to see more data, craft effective campaigns, and make better business decisions. With access to millions of influencers’ insights, you’ll be better equipped to capture your target audience.

Marketing APIs

Our suite of influencer marketing API's provide sponsored campaign, post data, and creator metrics to todays leading enterprise applications and tools in real-time. Get to know the fans of any influencer with our comprehensive audience demographics.

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See how top brands are successfully using NeoReach to activate, manage, and track influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

FanDuel closed 2015 with over $1.8 billion in collected entry fees to become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They beat DraftKings by a $600 million lead by spending less.

5:1 ROI

7 Fig

As measured
against LTV


Promote a travel based user generated content campaign and resolve operational bottlenecks in influencer contracting, relationship management, and performance tracking.

1 Week


Campaign Duration


How TikTok achieved breakout success through regional specific influencer campaigns at scale.


7 Figures

Posts created

Paid to influencers

Generate targeted brand awareness among males ages 17 to 25 before the launch of World of Tanks 2016 Super Bowl Ad.



Reduction in YouTube CAC

Average view duration

Create targeted consumer exposure on YouTube as “the Internet’s favorite mattress” promoting a path to purchase.



Targeted Website Visits

Items Over $595 Added To Cart

By creating and distributing targeted and timed content on social media for a three-night special event, Investigation Discovery© was able to create a trending conversation on Twitter.


6 Hours

Content Views

Twitter Trending Hashtag

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