Influencer Marketing Software

Influencer marketing is booming. Brands and agencies want to capitalize on the value of influencer marketing, but face the following hurdles when scaling their programs:

  • Difficulty finding brand-appropriate influencer.
  • Wasting time and money by running campaigns on spreadsheets or redundant, single-purpose tools.
  • Team silos preventing organizations from sharing influencer relationships, learnings, and reporting.

NeoReach is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform, providing all the software tools you need to unify and scale your influencer marketing.

With NeoReach, your company can search through 3M+ influencers based on keywords, social performance, and audience demographics manage campaigns, payments, and influencer relationships, and track your ROI.


Discover 3M+ Influencers

NeoReach searches the entire social graph to help you quickly discover the best influencers for your needs. You are not limited searching our network, NeoReach searches every influencer on the planet. We support all of the major social platforms as well as blogs.

Influencer Analytics

Our influencers are searchable by 40 filters, including keyword (brand mentions, competitor mentions, etc.), social performance (follower size, engagement rate, etc.), and audience demographics (age, gender, location, language, income, brand affinity, etc.).


Campaign Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Our management software enables you to seamlessly plan campaigns, coordinate influencers, sign contracts, manage deadlines, review posts, and issue payments.

Influencer Database

Bring all of your influencer relationships onto one platform and share them across your organization. Share feedback about each influencer, learnings from your campaigns, and campaign reports.


Performance Dashboard

Measure campaign performance in real-time. Use a customizable Earned Media Value to measure your ROI. Learn what influencers and strategies work best for you.

Exportable Reports

Seamlessly export your results to CSV to share with your team, your boss, or your client.

API Integrations

Integrate NeoReach into your internal marketing database. We offer custom integrations for premium customers.

Agencies: Client Portal

Make it easy for your client to approve influencers and posts, leave feedback, view the campaign calendar, and track campaign performance.

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