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Anna Sitar Net Worth Breakdown @annaxsitar is Your TikTok Best Friend

By Editorial Staff

Anna Sitar, known to her 10 million followers on TikTok as a very positive and upbeat person, has taken over the social media platform by storm. She is most popularly known for trying different Starbucks recipes and greeting everyone she meets with a smile. To break down the Anna Sitar net worth, since her start on TikTok she has revenue coming in a few different ways such as collaborating with Curology, her own merchandise being sold, and also making money from the creator fund. While Anna continues to be a shining example of kindness in the past crazy year, it’s safe to say that her followers will continue to grow.


honestly gonna celebrate every weekend with this one ✨ #annaxstarbies

♬ original sound – anna x


Originally born in Pennsylvania, Sitar grew up in a family of an older sister and brother. As it looks like from their TikToks, they are a close-knit family. A graduate from Western Michigan University who majored in mechanical engineering, Sitar then decided to move to LA where she has begun working on a master’s in film and television production. A bit different change in pace, we know.  Since her move to the city, she has become increasingly more and more popular on TikTok with her brand deals.

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Social Media

The Anna Sitar net worth would not be complete without her social media channels. Anna has a platform on various social media websites such as Youtube, Instagram,  and of course TikTok

PlatformFollower Count

hi 🙂 i’m celebrating us ✨ how does a cake sound?

♬ Smile Keeper – bryanretired

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Anna Sitar Net Worth Breakdown

To dive into the different revenues of her wealth, let’s first explore her TikTok channel which has the most followers on her platforms. With 10,000,000 followers, we refer to this Business Insider article which explores just how much can social media influencers make. According to the article, if you are a creator with anywhere between 1,000-5,000 followers, you may be able to make monthly earnings depending on a variety of different things such as ads, sponsored posts, etc.


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A post shared by anna x sitar (@annaxsitar)

The easiest way to make money on TikTok is by going live which users can make up to $4,000 per live stream. Specifically focusing on Anna now, we can estimate that Anna makes anywhere from upwards of $5,000+ to more depending on the brand deal. The TikTok creator fund is only available to those by invitation only, and for those creators who have at least 100,000 followers. By joining the creator fund, that is how you are able to make money off the videos you create and interact with followers.

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More about Anna

Though she loves creating, she also loves trying new Starbucks recipes from her followers. Coffee is one of her favorite things to drink and also traveling. She recently just got back from Greece with her family, which she posted about on her Youtube channel. Between all of her social media posts, she loves to also workout, and spend time at the beach with friends. Anna hopes to continue creating as that is what she loves to do, and continue to spread her positive and always with a great outlook on life. 

This article was written by Genesis Sanchez

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