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The Rise of Spotify Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

The music streaming service Spotify has taken the world by storm in recent years, becoming one of the most popular ways to listen to music. But what many people don’t know is that Spotify is also leveraging influencer marketing to increase listenership and build brand awareness. With the help of influential figures, they are able to reach new audiences and promote their services on a larger scale than ever before. In this article, we’ll look at how Spotify influencer marketing works and why it’s been so successful.

We spent some time digging into the growth of Spotify as a social media platform used by the most popular brands of the day. With 8.4 million followers on Instagram and 6.2 million on Twitter, Spotify is becoming one of the best streaming services, using social listening, social media analytics, and insights to stay relevant. Spotify has been around since 2008 and has been a hidden gem for marketers for several years, thanks to its in-depth insights into the public.    


To broaden the brand’s music streaming reach, Spotify has worked with over 50 brands, including social media platforms, technology companies, coffee shops, and even jewelry stores such as Tiffany & Co. to secure greater exposure. Spotify will instantly reach out to them with an offer to create a mutually-beneficial business relationship.

While Spotify has achieved its goal of engaging through its Artist Community and Influencer Marketing, it has reached its second goal through its partnerships with high-profile brands. To date, the Wrap-Up Campaign is one of Spotify’s most successful and brilliant marketing strategies, which drives free traffic to their website.    

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Unconventional Marketing

In addition to introducing new features, Spotify uses emotion-based marketing to renew its audience connections. Spotify uses data analytics, taps into Spotify’s playlists, and builds a few bizarre campaigns to keep its audiences engaged. Instead of traditional marketing methods, Spotify used unconventional ideas to connect and engage with its audience across social media platforms.    

Spotify’s wraparound integrations into social media and, most recently, with Roblox give the streaming platform massive exposure, thereby increasing brand awareness and growing its user base. Spotify Wrapped is, and will remain, an important marketing point for the streaming platform since it is a way for the platform to increase awareness, reach new audiences, and reconnect with users, according to Bordman.

Over the years, Spotify Wrapped has been a much-anticipated event, especially on Twitter and Instagram, with Spotify users posting about the brand’s content in a kind of organic, word-of-mouth marketing, said Bodman.    

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Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped, one of the streaming platform’s most successful marketing campaigns over the years, is the gift that keeps on giving to users and Spotify’s marketing goals. Spotify Wrapped, a brand awareness campaign that uses user data to surface users preferred songs, albums, and podcasts for sharing across social media platforms through the app, reached over 120 million users last year, according to Spotify.

In addition, their Spotify Wrapped 2021 is a social media campaign that was incredibly popular, with everyone posting their top songs. Unfortunately, it also caused some non-Spotify users to feel left out and switch platforms.   

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Influencer Strategy

While Spotify gets an enormous amount of free promotion from their normal users, they decided in the last two years to hire popular influencers from Instagram and TikTok to promote their Spotify Wrapped for 2021 and, by extension, the Spotify brand overall.

Another genius aspect of the marketing campaign is that artists are highly motivated to promote their Music and, by extension, Spotify’s brand. As a result, people are sharing their musical styles and influencing one another. At the same time, Spotify non-subscribers are benefiting from one of the most extensive marketing campaigns ever.    

Companies are always looking for ways to engage users, so players like Spotify started using social listening to boost engagement with their viewers. For influencers, signing deals with Spotify gives them a big-platform backstop to look for new ways to engage with their audiences. By curating playlists, reviewing albums from up-and-coming artists, and helping users discover new tracks, music blogger 2.0 has built up sizable followings across Spotify and TikTok.    

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Spotify UGC

User-generated playlists, the main target for Spotify’s new “Focus Curators” testing, are plentiful on Spotify, reportedly accounting for one-third of all listening hours on the platform. So the new playlist features rollout is noteworthy: Spotify-curated playlists are responsible for an enormous share of listening time on the platform.

In a first for Spotify, Spotify announced their latest feature, “Featured Curators,” which is piloting curated playlists that are trending, created by selected Spotify users and influencers.   

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Via dk-mba

One of the new aspects of Spotify Wrapped in 2021, which came about because of its popularity and the growth of apps such as TikTok, has been influencer partnerships. For every fan that does not automatically watch their Spotify Wrapped, non-Spotify has strategically lined up influencers and paid partnerships to lure those remaining holdouts into finally getting on board with the marketing campaign.

This strategy was incredible, as non-Spotify was able to spread awareness about the promotion via music artists, who could quickly spread the word about their Music across millions of fans via a social media hashtag.   

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In terms of current dollars flowing into the social media industry, the significant impact of TikTok is the power that TikTok has in pushing listeners towards services such as Apple Music and Spotify. This has taken netizens by storm, with Spotify’s growing popularity significantly due to this campaign.    

Spotify has been leveraging TikTok to promote its influencer marketing strategy. In the last two years, Spotify has signed deals with popular Instagram and TikTok influencers who have helped boost the company’s brand by curating playlists, reviewing albums from up-and-coming artists, and helping users discover new tracks.

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Music streaming brand Spotify might have started its operations with fewer resources. Still, through intelligent marketing and stellar execution, they have rapidly gained significant market share and are now home to millions of users. As of April 2019, Spotify has 217 million users, and if we included Spotify on the top social media lists, Spotify would comfortably fall in the top 20 globally.

Spotify’s influencer marketing strategy has been an incredible success, and it is no wonder why the streaming service continues to grow in popularity. Through creative partnerships with popular Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify users, they have been able to spread awareness about their services to millions of fans via social media hashtags.

Their user-generated playlists are also responsible for a large chunk of listening time on the platform due to their new “Featured Curators” feature that spotlights curated playlists from selected Spotify users and influencers. With these tactics, it is easy to see how Spotify has become one of the top-used platforms globally within two years since its inception.


This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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