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An API solution for every Industry

We power and enrich enterprise applications with better social insights.

Understand your brand
And its landscape

Analyze why people are following your brand on social, what people are saying, and who’s saying it. Discover new customers segments, understand your competition, or zoom out and analyze broader industry conversations around target products and services
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Collaborate across your agency,
teams, and clients.

Seamlessly assign your team to more than one campaign for multiple clients. Easily export reports or provide real-time updates on key influencer and social insights to applications or existing data stores.
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Create smarter integrated
Enterprise ad-tech applications

Integrate comprehensive cross-channel social footprints, audience demographics, conversations, and psychographics into enterprise applications, business processes, or other analysis environments. Understand how trends change over time, or integrate #hashtaged conversations actively taking place across social media
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Take a more human approach
To market insights

Think Kylie Jenner sinking SNAP more than 6% with a single tweet. The market’s ready for a more human approach to how endorsements, advocacy, and today’s cultural trends shape consumer insights and company values. Start pushing beyond traditional metrics that derive network value monthly or daily user activity and start measuring value from cross-channel social endpoints that have traditionally been thought of as “unquantifiable.”
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