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Melissa Ong Net Worth

By Editorial Staff

If you’re on TikTok for its funny content, then you might recognize the name, Melissa Ong. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you might want to consider following Melissa as she’s highly renowned for her comedic clips and troll-like humor. As you’ll discover later, the Melissa Ong net worth is quite impressive compared to most TikTokers.

Basic Information

Melissa Ong was born on May 25th, 1993, and currently lives somewhere in the United States, possibly in New York according to her Linkedin page. Ong is a well-known TikToker that posts humorous content with her vibrant personality. Her relationship status is currently unknown, but Celebslifereel has reported that she is single.

Ong graduated from the University of California in Berkeley in 2015. As of now, Ong’s personal life is under lock and key as she prefers to keep her internet and personal life separated, but it’s been reported that her sister has appeared on her Instagram.

Social Media

Ong has quite an active following on her social media platforms, with TikTok – to no one’s surprise – raking in most of her followers. Her popularity on social media might also explain the Melissa Ong net worth we’ll be covering later on.


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While she usually reposts her TikTok’s on her Instagram account, Ong posts YouTube shorts and life-advice videos on her YouTube channel. Her Twitter, despite its small following, consists of Ong’s random thoughts and receives a decent amount of traction, though one amusing tweet managed to go viral and garnered about 77.8 likes.


Ong Before TikTok

Her LinkedIn, though it’s practically been turned into a meme page, shows us that Ong has had a lot of experience in working with corporate businesses even before she graduated from college. Here’s a list of the jobs Ong has worked at before she became a TikTok sensation:

  • Cisco internship from May 2013 to August 2013
  • Adobe contact from December 2012 to May 2015
  • Yahoo internship from June 2014 to May 2015
  • Yahoo full-time worker from July 2015 to August 2017
  • Tumblr full-time worker from August 2017 to March 2019
  • HuffPost full-time worker from August to March 2019
  • Google full-time worker March 2019 to January 2020

Ong posted a YouTube video on July 16th, 2020 explaining why she quit Google to become a TikTok star. Within that video, Ong goes in-depth about her experiences as a child and as an adult in college and the tech industry.

Ong’s Childhood 

Ong’s passion for entertaining didn’t simply happen overnight. Ong said that she considered herself to be the creative kid in grade school. Ong’s family forced her to believe that she had to remain on a “traditional path” to success, which meant to attend college and seek employment at a corporate business. 

Ong goes on to address her infatuation with watching actors perform in movies. Though her mother wasn’t very supportive of her desire to act, she allowed her to try out for an acting audition in grade school. However, her mother stayed in the room during her audition, and this inhibited her ability to perform well. 

After her shaky performance, and her resentment towards her mother, she never tried out for another audition, but she continued to watch YouTubers like Ray William Johnson. Ong opens up about how she was always transferring schools and often resorted to cracking jokes and being funny in order to make friends.

Ong in College

In the video, Ong said that everyone in her college was very “career-driven”, so she felt very pressured to go into a field of study that revolved around business, medicine, or technology. Ong stated her disinterest in all three of these paths, but she thought technology would be the least daunting. 

Ong’s Journey in the Tech Industry

After graduation, Ong started to work at Yahoo, but she realized working in a corporate business wasn’t something she enjoyed. Ong said, “I thought this was the only possible career path for me, so I tried to force myself to like it [the tech industry].” 

She tried desperately to convince herself that all the perks and benefits of her career path would eventually make her happy, though it only made her loathe her job. She constantly switched jobs, companies, and roles just to find some resolution within herself, but nothing worked.

Ong’s last option was to try to work for Facebook or Google because she thought she would find fulfillment out of her job. Ong worked tirelessly and secured a job at Google which, ironically, was the company that made her feel the most miserable.

Ong said she could get away with slacking in her previous jobs, but at Google, she felt like she needed to pick up the pace. But how can someone do well at their job if they hate it so much? Within three months, Ong said she had a mental breakdown that resulted in her resignation letter shortly after. 

Melissa Ong Net Worth and TikTok

The Beginnings 

In the video, Ong states that she downloaded TikTok back in November of 2019 when her best friend introduced her to the platform. Ong admitted that she was “floored and impressed and inspired by all the hilarious content” that she wanted to create her own videos.

In January of 2020, Ong began to frequently post TikTok’s daily in hopes of accumulating followers. Though Ong states that she had no idea what she was doing, she wanted to learn and grow as a content creator. In two months, Ong hit 10,000 followers, which then grew exponentially as the months went by.



♬ original sound – chunkysdead / sailor鄧mel

TikTok Cult Wars

Eventually, Ong’s fanbase – which she calls a “cult” – was named the Step Chickens. Her fanbase would use a picture of her in front of a blue-tinted background and comment on specific TikTok clips to help establish their cult presence all over the platform. 

Other popular TikTok creators began to follow this trend and started to make their own TikTok cults. This soon began, what Ong considers, a TikTok cult war. In May of 2020, Ong began to make TikTok’s directed at her fanbase and what video they should “raid.” 

TikTok creators would declare battles against one another and see which fanbase would comment more on videos that were selected. During these battles, Ong’s following skyrocketed and news articles began to talk about these comment battles. 


Battle instructions: Go to @iamphilswift’s latest video and dominate the comment section. #fyp #stepchickens #cultwars

♬ Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix) – Skrillex / Nero

Ong posted a TikTok about how she managed to get both the Washington Post and Tampa Bay Rays’ official TikTok accounts to join the Step Chickens as they both changed their profile pictures to the infamous picture of her (sorry Melissa).

melissa ong net worth

The picture of Ong that her fanbase used all over TikTok Credit: Brianna Borik

Though it seems like the battles have died down as Ong is back to posting random, but humorous, content, her fanbase is still going strong as she approaches 4 million followers on TikTok.

Melissa Ong Net Worth

Celebslifereel says that Melissa Ong’s net worth ranges anywhere between $500,000 and $600,000. However, this amount is only based on Ong’s earnings from TikTok and Instagram and not from the income she may make from other platforms and her store page.

The website states that the average estimate of earnings per TikTok video – because of her sponsorships – may range from $2,430 and $3,640 while her Instagram posts can make anywhere between $1,185 to $1,975. 

It’s extremely likely that Melissa Ong’s net worth will continue to increase as Ong becomes more active on other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. In one of her YouTube videos, Ong mentions that she is working on creating a podcast, writing a book and TV show, and preparing a stand-up comedy, so hopefully, we’ll be able to see more of her in the future.

This article was written by Brianna Borik

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