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Influencer Marketing CPG Brands: Best of TikTok

By Editorial Staff

In today’s influencer-driven marketing landscape, Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) brands are increasingly turning to influencers to reach their target audiences and drive business goals. This top list will feature the best influencer marketing campaigns led by CPG brands, providing an in-depth look at the strategy and results of each successful example. Our focus is on how CPG brands are leveraging influencers to create meaningful connections with consumers and increase brand awareness, engagement, sales, and other desired outcomes. With this list, we hope to provide valuable insights into what makes a great influencer campaign CPG brands.


OLIPOP has taken over TikTok. It’s a low-sugar, prebiotic soft drink that has been embraced by health-conscious and taste-testing creators alike. The brand works to keep its customers delighted with creative campaigns that can be found on the platform.

OLIPOP’s campaigns have been a huge success, garnering them 37,000 followers and 233 million video views with their #olipoppartner hashtag alone. This is an impressive feat for any CPG brand on social media and a testament to their marketing strategies.


Tacos & salads 🤩 @drinkolipop #olipoppartner

♬ –

Not only do these influencers help to get more eyes on the product and brand, but they also showcase endless recipes using the drink. OLIPOP reaps the rewards of all the influencer creativity on the app. One creator showcased their OLIPOP milkshake and earned over 260,000 views.

This just highlights how versatile the new soda can be and how OLIPOP manages to get people talking about it in interesting ways. Ultimately, this helps foster a sense of community between the brand and its customers as well as boosts sales, and engages potential customers who may not have heard about it before.

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Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) is a well-known coffee and donut destination that has won the hearts of millions with its fun and creative campaigns on TikTok. Over the years, the brand has become one of the most popular CPG brands on the platform, garnering millions of views for its content.

The brand’s social media star power really began to take off when Charli D’Amelio started using Dunkin’ products in her videos – without being asked. This organic form of promotion helped grow their fan base, so they decided to make Charli an official brand ambassador and even released a signature drink named “the Charli” which was an instant hit.


♬ som original – ✦

The success didn’t end there: Dunkin’ followed up with exclusive Charli x Dunkin’ merchandise which sold out almost immediately due to the cult-like fandom around her – making it clear that teaming up with influencers can be extremely beneficial for CPG brands.

To keep their momentum going, Dunkin’ recently launched #dunkincastingcall – a TikTok duet challenge that invited US-based creators to join a casting call for their next TV commercial. This hashtag alone gained 7.3 million views, helping them build an even larger community of fans excited about the product and all things Dunkin’.

Ultimately, this reveals how powerful influencer marketing can be for consumer packaged goods when implemented in just the right way. By leveraging this tactic correctly, CPG brands are able to boost their visibility and reach more potential customers.

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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of the most popular influencer marketing CPG brands on TikTok, with 1.7 million followers and 43% of Gen Zers having eaten at Taco Bell in the last month.

The Mexican fast-food restaurant quickly jumped onto the TikTok trend when Das Racist’s ‘Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell’ song went viral — making it a cultural phenomenon among Gen Z consumers.

To capitalize on this immense brand recognition, Taco Bell embraced the comedy fuelling TikTokers’ love of their iconic fusion dish by enlisting music artist Doja Cat to create a song about it, further propelling the popularity of their product.

Taco Bell also knows how to engage people through the platform by offering rewards like free Doritos Locos Tacos when signing up as a new rewards member on their app. This tactic has been successful in fostering customer loyalty while also inspiring customers to keep an eye out for more offers from the brand.

In addition to these measures, they always make sure to present their offers in a fun, creative way that resonates with viewers – which includes cleverly working references to pop culture into their content to ensure maximum engagement.

 This creative approach has enabled Taco Bell to successfully capture Gen Z’s attention and build an even larger community around its products and services – showcasing just how powerful influencer marketing can be for influencer marketing CPG brands when done correctly.

Grounded Foods Co.

Grounded Foods Co., a vegan cheese brand, is an excellent example of how influencer marketing CPG brands can effectively use influencer marketing tactics to tap into the power of TikTok. By leveraging the platform’s huge potential, they are able to promote their cauliflower and hemp-based cheese products in creative ways that captivate viewers and pique their interest in trying something new.

Grounded Foods Co. encourages its influencers to introduce and inform people about their vegan cheese products as substitutes for dairy-based dishes. Through this approach, it has been able to provide consumers with social proof and confidence, inspiring them to experiment with plant-based alternatives that they may have never considered before.

Via Grounded Foods Co

This strategy is further strengthened by the fact that consumers trust recommendations from other users more than any other form of advertising. In addition, the overwhelming popularity of the #vegancheese tag on TikTok – which already boasts over 66 million views – proves that even niche food brands can find success through influencer marketing on the platform.

Grounded Foods Co.’s ability to foster meaningful connections between its products and potential customers while making content creation fun for its influencers truly illustrates how powerful influencer marketing can be for influencer marketing CPG brands when used effectively. By virtue of this approach, Grounded Foods Co. has managed to build an even larger community around its products and services – ultimately boosting its visibility and opening up a whole new audience to explore what it has to offer!

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Crumbl Cookies 

Crumbl is a popular regional bakery chain that has recently started to expand nationwide. Their branded content has been incredibly successful in capturing the attention of their target audience and racking up millions of views.

However, it’s the influencer content that truly sets them apart from other influencer marketing CPG brands on TikTok. Diehard fans flock to the platform to share their experience with Crumbl’s cookies – featuring genuine reactions and enthusiasm that brands can only dream of tapping into.

One such fan is cookie lover Nicole Axelrod (@nicoleaxelrod), who reviews each new flavor every week. Her videos often receive over one million views, highlighting just how powerful influencer marketing can be for influencer marketing CPG brands if used correctly.


crumbl week 92!! (in salt lake city!) #crumbl #crumblcookies #cookies #newflavors #cookietok #cookietiktok #foodreview #foodtiktok #GenshinImpact34 #fyp @crumblcookies

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

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Crumbl and Nicole engage with each other’s content regularly, building a more authentic and lasting relationship. Through this approach, they are able to foster meaningful connections between their products and potential customers while showing off a bit of personality – ultimately helping build an even larger community around their brand.

Despite its relatively small size compared to other food giants, Crumbl has managed to make an impact by leveraging influence marketing tactics that captivate viewers and pique their interest in trying something new – showcasing how powerful influencer partnerships can be for influencer marketing CPG brands if used strategically.


This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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