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Tana Mongeau Net Worth: A Character We Can’t Seem to Look Away From

By Editorial Staff

A YouTuber turned scandalous influencer, Tana Mongeau is a character that is constantly stirring up controversy. However, with her various business ventures and organic start on YouTube, Tana Mongeau is much more than another bombshell blonde with an iPhone and an Instagram account. In fact, the Tana Mongeau net worth shows that she knows quite a bit about staying relevant and making bank. All things considered, and as she would say herself, Not bad for a 5 with no talent.

The Start

Tana Mongeau began her career on YouTube at the age of 16. She dabbled in many different videos during the 2015 to 2016 era, but eventually recognized her talent for recounting stories from her real life. She thereby created a niche for herself as a ‘Story-time’ YouTuber with her riveting storytime videos about an atrocious nail salon technician, ‘NAIL LADY ROBBED ME OF $1000: STORYTIME’  with over 4 million views and creepy stalkers ‘MY CREEPY STALKER STORY’ with 4.5 million views. All of which may or may not be true, but are nonetheless hilariously entertaining, and her fans could not get enough. In 2015 Mongeau even posted her first apology video titled, ‘The Truth.. and an Apology’, her first of many. 

Like many in Gen Z, Mongeau grew up watching YouTubers and has claimed YouTuber Shane Dawson as one of her all time heroes and the reason she started her channel. For a long time, Tana Mongeau was seen as nothing more than the wild child of YouTube, but she has long since proven her influence does not stop there. Here is a breakdown of Mongeau’s net worth and earnings.

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Tana Mongeau Net worth

“How do you make $12 million in a year?” Is something Tana Mongeau asked David Weintraub, her new manager she signed with after breaking ties with her original manager of nearly six years Jordan Worona. Although not clear, from sites such as CelebrityNetWorth, Tana Mongeau is estimated to be worth about $4 million in 2022. 

YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, … Oh and MTV

With nearly seven years on the internet, Mongeau has amassed a whopping 5.43 million subscribers on YouTube, 5.7 million followers on Instagram, and an impressive 7.2 million on TikTok. A considerable amount of her earnings are attributed to the foundation of loyal followers she built on YouTube. 

In 2022 Mongeau has lessened her presence on YouTube considerably, yet Social Blade roughly calculates that her earnings on YouTube can range from anywhere between $329 and $5,300 a month and up to $63,100 a year. On Instagram, Mongeau posts advertisements from high-paying brands such as Fashion Nova, Loungewear, and Doses of Roses. Mongeau even boasts her honesty on an Instagram caption of making ‘six-figures’ from a single Fashion Nova advertisement. 


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In July 2019, “MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21,” premiered on MTV’s YouTube channel. The first episode of the show has, as of now, over eight million views on MTV’s channel, with six consecutive episodes following in addition to a second season. This show chronicles Mongeau and her relationship with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, and Mongeau’s friendships with influencers such as Imari Stuart and Ashly Schwan. The show amassed tens of millions of views and considerable AdSense revenue, not to mention further exposure and cementing Mongeau’s reach outside of the traditional YouTube sphere.

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TANA by Tana Perfume 

One of the biggest product launches Mongeau has done to date is the announcement of her perfume TANA by Tana. She promoted her perfume by making a commercial showcasing her several personalities on her YouTube channel, garnering over  2 million views. In conjunction, Mongeau unveiled the drama the launch of the perfume caused between her and her manager on the second season of her MTV show. Despite launching the perfume later than the originally agreed upon date, Mongeau’s fans managed to sell out the $48 fragrance in 78 minutes.


Mongeau began making content on OnlyFans in the midst of quarantine. First, it began as simply an idle thought, as she tweeted “ok what if i made an only fans im bored” during the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020. This proved to be one of Mongeau’s most lucrative business moves to date. In just seven months, Mongeau became one of the site’s top earners, making $3,000,000 in a month. Her first profile on OnlyFans is titled, ‘Tana Uncensored’, which is free to subscribe to, and promises more risqué and crazier content to her fans.

‘Tana Gone Wild’ is similar to her now rarely uploaded-to-YouTube channel with uncensored vlog-style videos that costs $23.99 a month to subscribe to on the site. When combined, Mongeau has garnered nearly 500 thousand likes and nearly 500 hundred posts on both accounts. In April 2021, Mongeau doubled her earnings with a striking $6 million in one month. Now in 2022, Tana Mongeau has made $10 million off of her OnlyFans accounts, securing her spot as the site’s highest earner. If the Tana Mongeau net worth wasn’t impressive before, it is nearly impossible to deny now. 

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TAA: Tana’s Angels Agency

In April of 2021, Mongeau partnered with her Unruly Agency and Tara Electra to build her own talent agency. She claimed after receiving hundreds of thousands of messages about her growing OnlyFans site, she wanted to cultivate and help new creators through the “use [of] my experiences, platform, connections, knowledge, and creativity to help small creators win – in the right way.” After the initial announcement, Mongeau tweeted that the site had already received over a hundred thousand applications – in just the first 10 hours. This inevitably crashed the site, but she assured it would be back up shortly, so her fans should prepare to “get in [your] bag”.

Cancelled & Tana’s Toxic Tips

The rise of podcasts and interest in longer form content is not lost on Mongeau as she began her podcast, cleverly named ‘Cancelled’ in July 2021 with her friend and influencer Brooke Schofield and photographer Hunter Moreno. Since then, the podcast has mostly consisted of Mongeau and Schofield and rotating guests of influencers discussing their chaotic lives in the City of Los Angels as 20-something influencers.

The Podcast can be found on Mongeau’s recycled vlog channel, now titled, CANCELLED, and on various streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. It doesn’t just stop there. Last Wednesday, it was announced that Mongeau partnered with Spotify to create a live radio show called Tana’s Toxic Tips airing live weekly. She is joining the likes of Alex Cooper, a dominant figure in the Podcasting world, with a radio show on the one largest audio streaming services in the world.

Dizzy Wine

“I feel like ‘dizzy’ is the new ‘that’s hot,’” Paris Hilton said to Tana Mongeau while sitting in Hilton’s mansion in Los Angeles. Tana Mongeau is known for her ridiculous scandals and outlandish behavior, so what is more fitting for her audience than a canned wine that is “a little bit wild”? An eight-pack of ‘Dizzy’ wine is sold at $51.99, selling out just four hours after its launch in January. Last August, Mongeau even teased the selling of Dizzy wine in local grocery stores in the near future. 

All of her business ventures from podcasting to fragrances to adult content and beverages, all added her to a total net worth of $4 million. It’s clear that Tana knows how to work the influencer industry she grew up watching.



This article was written by Victoria Hyunh

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