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Top 20 Tech Influencers on YouTube (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

What better place to find technology news than on social media? Through the YouTube platform, tech experts and enthusiasts have formed a community of millions of tech lovers. Creating videos on smartphone and gadget reviews, product comparisons, unboxings, PC gaming, and more, tech influencers have amassed millions of viewers and followers for their informative and entertaining content. Eager to learn more? Check out the top 20 tech influencers on YouTube below!

1. Unbox Therapy/Lewis Hilsenteger

  • 16.7M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 21, 2010

On Unbox Therapy, you’ll find plenty of videos showcasing the newest and coolest tech products on the market. From every new iPhone to the surprising technology you never knew existed, Lewis Hilsenteger brings anything and everything to his viewers. He has worked with a variety of high-profile brands like Intel, Microsoft, XFINITY, Canon, and more.

2. Marques Brownlee

  • 11.2M subscribers
  • Joined March 21, 2008

Marques Brownlee is a self-proclaimed geek that brings you high-quality tech videos and all the latest news on consumer electronics. Called the “best technology reviewer on the planet” by Google, Brownlee is a trusted name in the tech community on YouTube. Like Hilsenteger, he has also worked with high-profile tech companies in the past, such as Apple and LG.

3. Linus Tech Tips

  • 11.1M subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 24, 2008

Looking for tech influencers? Look no further. Run by Canadian tech expert Linus Sebastian, the channel is made up of a passionate team of experts and enthusiasts in the consumer technology and video production industry. Together, they aim to inform and educate people of all ages through their entertaining tech videos. They create product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused projects.

4. TechRax

  • 6.92M subscribers
  • Joined Sep. 20, 2009

Ukrainian influencer Taras Maksimuk runs TechRax, a channel in which he destroys new tech products to test their durability. Maksimuk made a name in the tech community due to the fact he has been posting tech destruction videos since 2011. He films drop test videos, experiments, and more, all while calling his channel the “#1 destination for tech mayhem”.

5. Trakin Tech

  • 4.42M subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 1, 2011

Trakin Tech is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels that features daily videos on smartphone and gadget reviews, unboxing videos, and the newest tech news. Trakin Tech is a channel from a digital media company based out of Pune, India, but has the same influencer star in every video, Arun Prabhudesai. His high-energy personality draws in a large crowd of viewers from all over, giving the channel more than 4 million subscribers.

6. Austin Evans

  • 4.37M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 4, 2007

Looking for videos on the best of technology from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between? Head to Austin Evans’ channel! Whether you’re looking for gadget reviews, smartphone tests, or tech news, you’ll find it all in Evans’ videos. On his channel, Evans posts weekly and has worked with companies such as Tesla, Audible, and HP.

7. MrWhoseTheBoss

  • 4.24M subscribers
  • Joined April 20, 2011

This channel is run by Arun Maini, an economics student from the UK who has a passion for technology. Maini posts weekly on his channel and focuses on topics such as smartphone reviews, voice assistant comparisons, brand comparisons, and more. Maini also has a large social media following, drawing in 279K followers on Facebook, 538K followers on Instagram, and 567K followers on Twitter.

8. Techquickie

  • 3.41M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 15, 2012

With, what he calls, a “mix of humor, cynicism, and insight”, Techquickie brings you the answers to all of your tech questions with new videos every week. Focusing on his subscribers’ favorite gadgets or trending topics in tech, Techquickie posts fun, relevant videos that draw in thousands of viewers. They also work under the Linus Media Group, also affiliated with Linus Tech Tips.

9. Tech Burner

  • 3.2M subscribers
  • Joined Sep. 26, 2014

This channel is owned by Burner Media, which is owned by the face of the videos – Shlok Srivastava. Based in New Delhi, India, TechBurner posts a wide variety of videos, such as unboxing videos, smartphone reviews, and must-have gadget videos. As an influencer, Srivastava has drawn in a large audience beyond his tech videos, posting to 210K followers on Instagram.

10. UrAvgConsumer

  • 2.86M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 1, 2012

Hosted by Judner Aura, the UrAvgConsumer channel posts easy to understand tech videos weekly. Describing himself as “just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it”, Aura has gained an impressive following with over 302K followers on Instagram. His tech YouTube has grown in popularity, gaining millions of subscribers and views for his gadget reveal videos, unboxings, and reviews.

11. Jonathan Morrison

  • 2.68M subscribers
  • Joined March 24, 2010

Jonathan Morrison brings his viewers high-quality videos blending tech and aesthetics and showcasing the latest products and gadgets. With a creative mind, Morrison draws in viewers through his unique product experiment videos where he learns about tech through unconventional ways. For example, take a look at his video where he charges an iPhone with fire! From growing his base of dedicated viewers, Morrison has worked with brands such as XFINITY and AT&T.

12. TechSource

  • 2.55M subscribers
  • Joined June 7, 2007

Called, “TechnologyWithSpice”, this channel has created entertaining and educational tech content on YouTube since August 2012. The TechSource founder, Edgar Oganesyan, posts about the best tech deals each week, helping their subscribers find the best ways to work with new products. Due to its popularity, TechSource has worked with brands like LG. 

13. Jon Rettinger

  • 1.57M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 24, 2010

Previously known as TechnoBuffalo, this channel, with videos hosted by Jon Rettinger, acts as a forum for all things electronic. Working with brands like Lenovo, Rettinger has become one of the most popular and trusted tech vloggers on YouTube. He talks about anything from smartphone cameras to Bose headphones.

14. randomfrankp

  • 1.54M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 5, 2008

This channel posts all about tech reviews and gaming setups. Hosted by Frank Passalacqua, viewers get the inside scoop on PCs, laptop gaming, and new tech product reviews. Frank P is also known for his “Room Tour Project” videos, in which he shows viewers new gaming setups.

15. SuperSaf

  • 1.53M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 21, 2011

SuperSafTV is one of the UK’s largest technology review channels, hosted by Safwan Ahmedmia, aka SuperSaf. The channel is devoted to bringing news and reviews of the latest smartphones, cameras, and other tech on the market. He makes new videos every week about anything from unboxings to product comparisons.

16. DetriotBORG

  • 1.31M subscribers
  • Joined July 28, 2008

DetriotBORG is a tech review channel dedicated to detailed reviews of the latest and greatest gadgets, software, and tech accessories. Hosted by Michael Kukielka, the channel aims to give a varied look at the tech world, showcasing everything from drones to tablets. With his channel’s popularity, Kukielka has teamed up with LG in the past.

17. TechLinked

  • 1.19M subscribers
  • Joined May 3, 2018

TechLinked is a weekly news show about tech and gaming. This channel is also connected to Linus Media Group and makes similar videos to Linus Tech Tips. Mostly, the channel focuses on the latest tech news and discussion videos called TalkLinked.

18. The Tech Chap

  • 797K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 21, 2015

Run by Tom the Tech Chap, this channel is one of the UK’s top tech YouTube channels. If you’re not sure what phone to buy, which laptop to get, or how to upgrade your gaming PC, Tom is your man for all the latest tech reviews, walkthroughs, and buying guides. As his channel grows, Tom is also gaining a following, drawing in nearly 50K followers on Instagram.

19. Justin Tse

  • 546K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 25, 2012

Justin Tse is a technology, fashion, and lifestyle content creator based out of Victoria, British Columbia. He creates videos on anything from MacBook reviews and comparisons to workspace desk setup makeovers. He has also gained a large following on other social media platforms, drawing in 80K followers on Instagram and 66K on Twitter.

20. TechAltar

  • 472K subscribers
  • Joined Oct. 3, 2013

TechAltar makes videos all about the past, present, and future of consumer technology. Based out of Berlin, Germany, the host has gained up to 20K followers on Twitter and even has a second channel for tech-related topics. His second channel, The Friday Checkout, is all about the important news in tech.

Check out these tech influencers on YouTube that didn’t make the cut:

NameSubscriber CountView CountDate Joined
Andru Edwards215K61MMarch 27, 2007
Kevin The Tech Ninja214K29MSep. 7, 2009
PC Centric183K36MOct. 30, 2012
Computer Clan181K30MSep. 16, 2007
BeginnersTech99.5K11MApril 8, 2011

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This article was written by Selena Ponton

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