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Top Tech Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

We have identified the top tech influencers on YouTube to create a useful and concise list for you. Using the NeoReach, we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics and audience demographics.

Top Tech Influencer 1: Unbox Therapy

Every day, technology reviewer Lewis Hilsenteger showcases the coolest products on the planet via his mega-successful YouTube channel: Unbox Therapy. Lewis has one of the most impressive portfolios of brands, including Intel, Microsoft, XFINITY, Canon, and more.

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 Top Tech Influencer 2: Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is among the biggest names in the tech influencer landscape. To get to know Marques, watch his Five Facts About Me! video (spoiler alert: he’s a professional ultimate frisbee player). Marques is notorious in the industry for being hyper-selective about the brands he works with. 

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Top Tech Influencer 3: Austin Evans

Austin Evans produces hugely entertaining reviews for everything from smartphones to gaming PCs to VR headsets. Austin’s charming personality can be seen through his videos when he reviewed the top 5 coolest new tech items in 2014 (one of the first adopters of Oculus) and his opinion on if a $100 game console is worth buying. He’s been sponsored by Mattel, VideoBlocks, and AT&T.

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Top Tech Influencer 4: DetroitBorg

DetroitBorg, hosted by Michael Kukielka is an awesome channel that features anything from an iPhone to a drone that can shoot in 4k. He’s worked with some big names in tech, including LG.

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Top Tech Influencer 5: Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison is perhaps the most creative tech vlogger in the industry. He has fought an $80 robot named mip against a “real life giant robot” and he recently charged an iPhone with fire. He has extensive experience working with leading brands, including XFINITY and AT&T.

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Top Tech Influencer 6: UrAvgConsumer

Judner Aura, the self-proclaimed “average guy who loves tech” is by no means an average guy. With over 685K subscribers on YouTube, Judner is able to reach tech consumers far and wide. Among his brand sponsors are Sony and LG.

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Top Tech Influencer 7: TechnoBuffalo

Though the name Technobuffalo can make one believe this to be a channel about a music festival going buffalo, TechnoBuffalo is in fact among the most prominent tech vloggers on YouTube. The founder of Technobuffalo, Jon Rettinger, is a California native and has partnered with leading brands like Lenovo and Qualcomm, as well as a suit of mobile games.

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Top Tech Influencer 8: Techsource

Created by Edgar Oganesyan, TechSource is famous for its gaming PC reviews and for giving viewers the best tech deals of the week. Ed has worked with big brands like LG and tech startups like Soylent.

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Top Tech Influencer 9: Digital Rev TV

This youtube channel focuses on photography and reviews many cameras and lenses. The presentation can be a little weird but gives a more light-hearted feel making the videos more fun to watch. Digital Rev TV is unique on this list because it attracts a distinctly older, and more affluent, following.

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Top Tech Influencer 10: Erica Griffin

Last but not least: Erica Griffin. Erica brings a new light the products that she showcases by always being herself, something that is easy to see from her videos. In addition to being a super talented tech vlogger, Erica also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from UCSD in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction.


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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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