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Top Travel Influencers on YouTube

By July 12, 2016 4 Comments

Top Travel Influencers on YouTube


We identified the top travel influencers on YouTube to create a scenic and adventurous list for you. Using NeoReach we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics and audience demographics.

Travel Influencers on YouTube

1 – Louis Cole

Louis Cole is the British travel YouTuber behind the channel “FunForLouis”, which has gained over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. Louis creates daily vlogs of his travels, which range from the beaches of South Africa to the spectacular city of Istanbul to the Amazon Rainforest. Louis has partnered on influencer marketing campaigns with Nestlé, London Real Academy, and more.

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2 – Jackson Harries

In 2011, Jack Harries decided to take a very special gap year. One that would not only lead him around the world but also one that he would document and put online for the world to experience with him. Since then, Jack and his identical twin brother Finn have gained over 4 million YouTube subscribers and keep producing spectacular travel content. Jack has collaborated with Skype, Sony, and MyDestination.

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3 – High On Life

The mission of High On Life is to inspire its viewers to get outside and explore the world. The YouTube channel is run by three friends: Parker, Ryker, and Alexey. They also have started their own brand “SundayFundayz”. High On Life has worked with Change Heroes and The Vancouver Underwear Affair to do charity projects such as building schools and supporting cancer research.

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4 – Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat started making viral videos since before YouTube even existed. His first hit was the “iPod’s Dirty Secret“, published in 2003! Nowadays, Casey is one of the most renown YouTubers, with over 3.6 million subscribers. Based out of New York City, Casey frequently travels around the world, ranging from Los Angeles to Amsterdam to Istanbul. Casey regularly collaborates with Nike and their Fuel Band, as well as Mercedes-Benz, for whom he has created some of the best received sponsored videos in the industry.

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5 – Devin Graham

Devin Graham’s thing is to create extreme stunt videos around the world. His production quality is top notch, and the tricks that he performs are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Devin’s content ranges from large rope swings in Utah to ziplining in Panama City. Devin has worked with Speed Stick GEAR, Ubisoft, and Mountain Dew.

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6 – Ben Brown

British filmmaker and photographer Ben Brown frequently travels between London and South Africa, and often stops in Berlin, New York City, Canada, India and many other locations around the world. As well as being a travel YouTuber, Ben is a Kayak world champion. Ben has been sponsored by Nelo, Jantex, and H2ProHydrate.

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7 – Raya Encheva

Originally from Bulgaria, travel YouTuber Raya Encheva moved to New York City and began her YouTube channel, “RayaWasHere”. Raya is in a relationship with Louis Cole and they frequently record their adventures together. Raya has created videos in Singapore, Kenya, Brighton, Panama, Peru, and many more. Raya’s trips have been sponsored by Toyota and Microsoft Windows.

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8 – Elayna and Riley

Elayna and Riley are a young Australian couple who share their adventures sailing the world. Their most popular video shows an incredible diving footage of them spearfishing on a deserted island and showing the step by step process of cooking a lionfish. Take a look at some of their recent videos We Crossed the Pacific Ocean! and What Really Happens when you’re Sailing Around the World to get a better sense of their wonderful personalities.

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9 – Mark Wiens

After graduating from Arizona State University, Mark decided to pursue his passion for food and travel. He lives in Thailand with his wife but travels all over Asia to taste and share the best food in the world. Check out his experience in Seoul in this video, or his 25 Things to Do video series (Thailand and Japan)! Mark has collaborated with tourism boards and famous restaurants

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10 – Christian LeBlanc

After leaving his job, Christian LeBlanc decided to leave his home country of Canada to travel around the world and share his experiences. He travels mainly to Asian countries, including the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and more. He has been sponsored by GoPro in this exciting summer water adventure video that has gotten more than a half million views. His snorkeling videos are also worth checking out.

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