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Top 10 Vegan Influencers on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

Whether they chose to go vegan for health or ethical reasons, vegan influencers have made a name for themselves on various social media platforms – but especially Instagram. Living a plant-based lifestyle, vegan influencers pride themselves on their healthy and colorful recipes, sharing their photos and videos of their delicious meals all over their feeds and stories. Through Instagram, vegan influencers have the opportunity to connect with their readers on a different level than achievable on their blogs or YouTube channels, which has resulted in them gaining up to millions of followers. Check out the top 10 vegan influencers on Instagram below:

1. @iamtabithabrown

  • Tabitha Brown

If you know your way around TikTok, then you’ve heard of Tabitha Brown. Known for her catchphrases, “That’s your business” or “Like so, like that”, Brown has stolen millions of hearts on TikTok, and has since acquired almost 2 million followers on her Instagram. Besides her words of calm advice and wisdom to the younger generations on TikTok, Brown is known for sharing her vegan recipes online. Even if you’re not already a vegan, Brown has a way of drawing you in with her incredible personality and making you consider changing your diet. Nailing the vegan recipes for some of your favorite foods, Brown can make anything look delicious. With a promising future as an influencer ahead of her, Brown has recently become an ambassador for Whole Foods and has signed with the Creative Arts Agency.

2. @deliciouslyella

  • Ella Mills

Deliciously Ella is a resource to help you eat better by adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Ella Mills’ empire started as a personal blog and has now evolved into an app, a collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, and a range of plant-based food products that are now sold in stores. Mills started Deliciously Ella in 2012 while she was still studying at her university. She had been diagnosed with multiple disorders the year prior and started to look into ways to manage her conditions through her diet and lifestyle. 

3. @earthyandy

  • Andrea Hannemann

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GOOD MORNING MONDAY! ☀️☀️☀️ Lets focus on building our immune systems for week two of #plantoverprocessed!! Anyone else watching the news regarding the coronavirus? 😅 The best defense against any illness including the common cold and skin conditions in my opinion is having a strong immune system. What would you say is one way (share more if you like) to build your immune system? Here are my top 3 immunity strengthening tips I swear by~ Most important- 1. Eat more plants than processed. Whole plant based foods are crammed with vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers designed to benefit us. Every bite benefits. Its as simple as swapping in oatmeal or fruit for breakfast instead of bagel and cream cheese. An apple instead of a bag of chips for a snack and making your salad dressing! Those small swaps end of making up your entire diet!! Before paying attention to our family diet we were basically eating empty calories in different forms- cereal, toast, bagels for breaky, sandwiches or pasta for lunch, crackers for snacks, bread, pizza or more pasta for dinner, cookies, or cake for dessert! No wonder we got sick all the time! Now, I cant remember the last time we got sick, knock on wood! 2. probiotic. If any of us have the start of a runny nose or start of a cough I make sure I get back on it with a probiotic, and focus on hydrating foods (smoothies, fruits, soups as the majority of their diet) 3. Positive relationship with food. If you do indulge, enjoy it I say!! Because food choices are the one thing we need to make decisions on every single day of our lives… make it a positive one! If we are stressing each time then that will add up! Things to help this postive relationship- take a moment to give thanks for your food! ~Google the benefits of foods your eating to help you learn and be mindful of it! (I use to do this allllll the time and now do it with the kids to help them gain a deeper appreciation for the simple things like a carrot stick haha. Anyway! I cant wait to hear what you do! Hope this is of any help to you! Stay healthy friends! ⚡️🥬🤙🏽

A post shared by Andrea Hannemann (@earthyandy) on

Andrea Hannemann is a wife and mother of three that resides on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Promoting a “Plants Over Processed” food diet, Hannemann shares both gluten-free and vegan recipes on her social media as she takes hold of her health journey. With all of her guidance and information supported and approved by her Naturopathic Physician, Hannemann has become a very trusted source to her followers, teaching them how to develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Her efforts, shown through her recipe book, have encouraged a ton of her Earthy Andy followers to make changes in their own lives.

4. @fullyrawkristina

  • Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

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Chocolate cherry enjoyed two ways! 🍒🍫✨ I’ve been having this smoothie consistently over the past 6 months or so, and I’ve noticed such a HUGE difference in my nail and hair growth! My nails are much stronger too as you can see from the clip. I’ve never been able to grow my nails out long until now, and I LOVE it. 🥰 ✨ Here’s the simple recipe… 🍒 1 cup frozen cherries (pitted) 🍌 4-6 ripe or frozen bananas, peeled 🌱 @sunwarrior ormus greens 🌱 @sunwarrior #vegan chocolate collagen #protein peptides 💦 water to taste ✨ This smoothie is SO good and so simple. I hope you love it. The #yummy #plantbased recipe is in my #fullyraw #recipe #app. Search “FullyRaw by Kristina” I’m iTunes or Google Play for 400+ more #rawvegan recipes. 😊 ✨ Check out the Sunwarrior bundles and vegan collagen blends online here: ✨ Enjoy my friends! 😘

A post shared by YouTube: FullyRawKristina 🎥🥑🍉 (@fullyrawkristina) on

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a writer, speaker, and raw vegan activist that aims to educate and guide others who want to take control over their health by adopting a “FullyRaw” diet or lifestyle. Through food, Carrillo-Bucaram believes that we can connect with ourselves, with others, and with our earth. By experiencing mind, body, and spiritual transformations with a raw food diet, FullyRawKristina believes that you will be led to a healthier and happier life. Not only is she on Instagram, but she also offers programs, recipes, videos, and workshops.

5. @elsas_wholesomelife

  • Ellie Bullen

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Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl Popsicle Recipe 😋🍦 TAG someone who would love these! these simple and healthy smoothie pops are perfect to satisfy those afternoon sweet tooth cravings! Made with my favourite @tropeaka salted caramel protein powder! Makes 4 serves. Ingredients: 1 tbsp @tropeaka salted caramel lean protein 2 medjool dates 1/2 cup raw cashews (or peanuts) 1 1/2 frozen bananas 1/2 cup oat or coconut milk 1/3 cup chocolate granola 100g dark chocolate – melted How to make: 1. Add the protein, dates, nuts, banana, and milk to a high powdered blender and blend on high for 90 seconds or until smooth and creamy. 2. Pour into ice cream moulds and place in the freezer overnight. 3. Remove from moulds, drizzle ends with melted chocolate and sprinkle with granola. 4. Serve immediately. If you haven’t tried out @tropeaka yet, get 15% off with the code ELLIE15

A post shared by ELLIE BULLEN ⋆ PLANT-BASED (@elsas_wholesomelife) on

Elsa, or Ellie, Bullen is a nutritionist and dietitian from Australia who creates wholesome recipes and blogs about all things health, travel, and lifestyle. Her published cookbook is an Australian best-seller, as readers are drawn to her colorful healthy food recipes. Eating a plant-based whole food diet, Bullen believes we all need to eat more from the earth and less from a box, striving to eat more plants to build a healthy lifestyle to prevent negative health-related conditions. With her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, she aims to debunk a lot of misinformation about nutrition online while educating others.

6. @nimai_delgado

  • Nimai Delgado

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🌱Traveling as a vegan is NOT as hard as you may think. 🙋🏻‍♂️Who agrees? – 👉🏼I’ve traveled many places in the past 5 years and I’ve never had an issue finding vegan food. In fact, some of the places I thought would be the most challenging ended up having some of the best vegan food I’d ever had. This is exactly what happened in Santorini, Greece which is a very small island. I figured that I would be ordering off the side menu, but to my surprise all of the places I ate had several vegan options already on the menu, or they were happy to modify their menu items to be fully vegan. In some places like this one, they even had an entire vegan menu, so you know I had to try a couple different dishes! Oh and sorry to all my hummus lovers out there, but fava beans are so much better. . . #vegan #veganfitness #favabeans #greece #santorini

A post shared by Nimai Delgado (@nimai_delgado) on

Nimai Delgado is a fully vegan International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League competitor that has built his championship physique without eating animal products. Unlike other vegan influencers on Instagram, Delgado is unique in the way that he has never eaten meat in his life because he was raised a vegetarian and adopted his vegan lifestyle after moving to California. From being a successful bodybuilder, he’s living proof that you can build quality muscle mass without meat or dairy protein, changing the public’s idea of what’s possible as a vegan.

7. @chocolatecoveredkatie

  • Katie Higgins

After creating a small food blog for fun, Katie Higgins quickly became the #1 source for healthy desserts and healthy comfort food recipes. Gaining up to 8 million viewers each month on her blog, Higgins became a popular vegan influencer that was featured by Time, The Food Network, and more. The Huffington Post even selected her as one of their best Healthy Food Instagram accounts to follow, and Amazon chose her debut cookbook as one of their Top 20 Cookbooks of 2015. As her platform grew, Katie developed more and more vegan recipes, showing others how they can still get a taste of their favorite comfort foods without the animal byproducts.

8. @frommybowl

  • Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin Shoemaker is the photographer, videographer, and recipe developer behind From My Bowl. She prides herself on making wholesome and easy-to-follow vegan recipes that are also inexpensive. To cater to her followers, she also makes recipes that are mostly gluten, oil, and refined sugar-free. Shoemaker first adopted a totally plant-based diet back in 2015 after being raised as a vegetarian. After struggling to make expensive and complicated recipes in college, she developed her blog out of her desire to create nutritious and healthy food options with a tight budget and busy schedule.

9. @sweetsimplevegan

  • Jasmine Briones

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VEGAN BBQ CHICKEN PITA PIZZAS 🍕 If you haven’t already seen it, I shared how I made these in my latest IGTV video!⁣ 🙂⁣ ⁣ I’m back at again it with @SunkistCitrus and taking on the challenge of using their citrus + random ingredients that I already have at home to come up with a dinner for Chris and I :)⁣ ⁣ These videos are meant to help us decrease our food waste and to get creative with what we already have in our kitchen–especially now since we need to stay home/go to the store less than we are used to. ​I hope that this can inspire you to get creative and maybe even try this recipe or a variation of it out at home!⁣ 🙏🏼 ⁣ Let me know what random ingredients you have to use up + what recipes you came up with! #ad #wyhw #whatyouhavewednesday #sweetsimplevegan #reducewaste #foodwaste

A post shared by Jasmine Briones (@sweetsimplevegan) on

After starting her blog in 2013, Jasmine Briones has since turned Sweet Simple Vegan into a platform for her to share her and her husband Chris’ passion for plant-based cooking. With their efforts, they hope to inspire others to choose to live more consciously for themselves, the animals, and our planet. With a degree in Nutritional Science, Briones uses her interest in health and nutrition to create her recipes, share her life, and connect with others regarding veganism and health.

10. @happyskinkitchen

  • Elisa Rossi

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This week for me it has been all about learning, unlearning, listening, reading, watching and asking myself some pretty uncomfortable questions. The journey doesn’t stop here though. I still have so much to learn, to educate myself on and I definitely know it’s going to be a life long journey/commitment to challenge racism in all areas of my life, not just here in social media. As important as it is to speak out on my grid, it’s as important if not more to make real changes within my real life. Swipe across to see some clips from today’s London Black Lives Matter Protest and to see what I have been reading/watching/listening this week if you want to give them a go. They are all absolutely brilliant and I feel I have learned so much already. And below I am listing other resources which I am haven’t got around to check out yet: Books 📚 Why I no Longer Talk To White People About Race So you want to talk about race Me and White Supremacy How to an Anti Racist Don’t touch my hair Documentaries/Movies 🎥 Dear White People The Hate U Give The Rachel Divide In My Blood it Runs Just Mercy Podcasts🎧 We need to talk about the British Empire — I just want to finish this post with the beautiful words of Ijeoma Oluo which have really stuck with me: “Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward” ✨ By the way the recipe for these Crushed Potatoes with Cashew Pesto is on my YouTube channel, link in my bio 👆🏻

A post shared by Elisa 🌻Plantbased Food Blogger (@happyskinkitchen) on

From struggling with hormone imbalance and issues with her skin, Elisa Rossi transitioned to a plant-based diet. Now, she has developed plenty of delicious and skin-friendly recipes that have benefited her skin and overall health, which she shares on her social media. Blogging on Happy Skin Kitchen, Rossi posts about vegan recipes, workshops, natural beauty and skincare content, and even about her global travels. 

Take a look at these vegan influencers that didn’t make the cut:

Handle NameNameFollower Count
@alexafuelednaturallyAlexa Soto203K
@purelykaylieKaylie Grace190K
@chefchloeChloe Coscarelli186K
@itslizmiuLiz Miu121K

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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