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Top 10 Food Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for cooking shows/tutorials. YouTube videos are typically short, sweet and to the point, a perfect recipe for a cooking tutorial! Below are some of the top food influencers on YouTube, who inspire all of the amateur chefs at home to go out of their comfort zone in the kitchen. To help you navigate the world of food influencers on YouTube, we’ve combined a list of the best.


Top 10 Food Influencers on YouTube You Should Subscribe to

By Kyleigh Eaton


Yolanda Gampp

3.8m subscribers

Yolanda may be the greatest food influencer of all time, particularly for her killer cakes. Known for making cakes that look like various foods (she makes a mean hamburger), she has talent like no other. She has appeared on cooking shows such as “Nailed It!” and is very popular on YouTube for her channel “How to Cake It” where she showcases her talents to the world. With some of her videos receiving over 5 million views, she is among the top food influencers on YouTube!

Rosanna Pansino

10m subscribers

Rosanna has over 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, as in one of the highest-paid women on YouTube according to Forbes’. She gained her fame from her trending nerdy cakes she made on the “Nerdy Nummies” series but has continued to thrive as a chef through her YouTube channel and appearances on various cooking shows. Her work will leave you questioning “how did you do that?!”

Epic Meal Time

7m subscribers

Epic Meal Time is a cooking show on YouTube hosted by the one and only Harley Morenstein. This cooking show consists of some friendly competition and a lot of calories. These comedic competitions feature an unhealthy amount of food, but is sure to bring you a healthy amount of laughter! Some of their videos have received over 300 thousand views, making them a hit on YouTube!

Jamie Oliver

3.9m subscribers

This British chef is well known for his television shows and books. Featuring healthy English cuisine, his YouTube channel is a big hit. In fact, he has just under 4 million subscribers and counting. On his channel, he includes tutorials on a variety of dishes. He has been featured on many cooking shows, and has worked with some big name brands in the cooking industry!

Skyy John

3.5m subscribers

Skyy John is the host of his YouTube channel “Tipsy Bartender”, where he shows the world how to be a mixologist. With over 1,300 videos and over 3.5 million subscribers, he has made a name for himself on YouTube. He is best known for his colorful cocktails, a “Tipsy Bartender” classic! If you’re an aspiring bartender or just passionate about booze, check out his channel!

Laura Vitale

3.2m subscribers

Laura Vitale is an incredible chef, who tends to craft Italian cuisine. She has over 3.2 million subscribers on her popular channel “Laura in the Kitchen,” where she makes Italian food, as well as sweets! She provides informative tutorials for beginners and is very entertaining. It’s no wonder why she is one of the top food influencers on YouTube!

Elise Strachan

3.2m subscribers

If you haven’t seen “My Cupcake Addiction,” you’re missing out! She originally started her channel in order to promote her bakery business, however, when her channel blew up she became a food influencer. With over 3.2 million subscribers, she teaches the masses how to craft the perfect cupcake. She had published cookbooks, appeared in cooking shows, and continues to make YouTube videos for her channel.


2m subscribers

The YouTube channel SORTEDFood was created by a group of childhood friends who turned their passion for food into tutorials for the world to follow! They work out of London and strive to deliver innovative and exceptionally tasty dishes. With over 2 million subscribers, foodies from all over the world can experience the different cuisine this world has to offer through this channel!

Byron Talbott

1.4m subscribers

Byron Talbott has made a name for himself through his impressive gourmet recipes! He has worked with celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and now sheds a light on how to tackles gourmet cuisine on his YouTube channel. With 1.4 million subscribers, Byron Talbott is an up and coming YouTube food influencer.

Nicko’s Kitchen

1.1m subscribers

Nicko’s Kitchen is a YouTube channel featuring comfort style food through the use of local produce. Located in Australia, Nicko puts an Austrailian twist on some of the world’s favorite comfort foods. With over a million subscribers, his channel has become a huge sensation! He makes complicated meals simple, for all the DIYers at home!

If you’d like to reach any of these top food influencers, click here!

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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