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Top 15 Best Fashion Blogs on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Keeping up with today’s hottest fashion trends may feel like a never-ending cardio session- it never gets easier. Good news! There are people in this world who have dedicated their precious lives to the sole purpose of decoding the science behind looking fierce day in and day out. On the way to your closet, take a pit stop and open up your computer to the beautiful faces behind these 15 best fashion blogs on Instagram. (Your mirror will thank you).


Top 15 Best Fashion Blogs You Should Follow on Instagram

By Jessica Paolucci


My Fash Diary by Tala Samman 


Tala Samman is quite a double threat. When she’s not giving the low down on all things fashion, she’s a part-time DJ who most recently opened for Dua Lipa (impressive right??). A Syrian native, Samman is the first style blogger to come from the United Arab Emirates. She has earned numerous awards for My Fash Diary, including Ahlam! Magazine’s Best at the Dubai, Marie Claire, UK Blog, and Twitter awards. My Fash Diary is a beautiful mixture of Samman’s passion for fashion, beauty, travel, and food. Check out Samman’s work, as this is a diary you won’t be embarrassed to read.

Double3xposure by Reese Blutstein 


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Look from yesterday ✨

A post shared by Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure) on

Meet Reese Blutstein, a 22-year-old college girl in Atlanta who has thrived under the oath of “ballin’ on a budget.”  Her inspiration comes from getting as much use out of clothing, in order to save extra cash towards buying an overpriced coffee for those late nights in the library (and you’re not alone, Reese). Blutstein posts a daily #OOTD picture for inspiration to her followers, as she slays the ultimate “vintage college girl” look. Blutstein’s most recent blog post highlights her trip to Paris with Need Supply. She talks about her experience in the same room as fashion greats and provides links to the clothes she wears in her pictures. You might as well get some online shopping in while you’re there!

What My Boyfriend Wore by Sergio Ines 


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Rolling up my sleeves to get ready for Summer!! IT’s all Linen and chinos from here in! ☀️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Entire look by #DavidJones @woolworths_sa ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #menswear #mensfashion #fashion #mensstyle #style #menstyle #streetstyle #ootd #fashionblogger #MenswearBlogger #streetwear #men #mensfashionpost #menwithstyle #menwithclass #shoes #menfashion #instagood #gentleman #model #streetfashion #luxury #styleblogger #ootdmen #SummerStyle

A post shared by Sergio Ines (@whatmyboyfriendwore) on

What My Boyfriend Wore emerged from Sergio Ines’ girlfriend’s adorable hobby for documenting her boyfriend’s outfits every day. Her posts became so popular, they made a fashion blog out of it. Ugh, don’t you love a good love story? Ines holds all the secrets as to what it means to be the best-dressed fella of South Africa.  Within a year of the birth of his blog and Instagram account, Ines placed second in South African’s best dressed and ranked in this year’s 10 best-dressed men on Instagram. What My Boyfriend Wore showcases Ines’ ability to put an outfit together, and provides a source of direction for sometimes fashion-blind men out there.

Trop Rouge by Christina Caradona


Trop Rouge is a minimalist-based fashion blog that highlights Christina Cardona’s bold personality and curly-haired attitude when it comes to posing for a picture. Christina Caradona takes on a little more than her highly successful fashion blog, as she is a model and actress who is on the clock from sunup to sundown. Living in New York city, Caradona embodies what it means to be ‘on-the-go’ all the time.  Caradona entertains her 248,000 Instagram followers with relaxed clothing that goes with the flow of NYC (as if that’s possible, right?) Caradona never fails when it comes to striking a pose wherever she goes.

Aleali May


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A post shared by Aleali (uh•lay•lee) (@alealimay) on

Aleali May is an LA native with a heart for streetwear. She sports her consistent runway look like a flagship fashionista for Nike. There is not a pair of shoes Aleali May does not own. May also has an impressive clientele, including Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe and Lil Yatchy. May was the first female collaborator for Air Jordans for both men and women and pays homage to her hometown through her designs. Pink leather sweaters. Race car jackets. Bamboo earrings. Satin accents galore. You name it, Aleali May has it.

Girl with Curves by Tanesha Awasthi 


Tanesha Awasthi takes the preconceived notion of size 00 models and flips it on its head. Girl with Curves is a fashion blog dedicated to plus size women, to give them the confidence to wear anything their heart desires- and feel good while werkin’ it. Awasthi takes the challenges of being a plus size woman and teaches her followers how to knock down each roadblock one by one. One of her recent posts touches on how to wear patterns and bright colors with confidence, with tips to pair outfits with neutrals and balance the focus of colors. With Tanesha on your side, there’s nothing stopping you!

Olivia Lopez


Olivia Lopez began Lust for Life when she was just 14 years old, to inspire others to take on an adventure with travel and style. Her site focuses on her infectious drive to take on a new adventure. Her philosophy is “less is more” in which she emphasizes in her style tips and personal outfit decisions. Follow Olivia Lopez’ attitude, and you might find yourself booking a flight to Paris with your new wardrobe.

One Dapper Street by Marcel Floruss 


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@ankarifloruss #AnkariFloruss

A post shared by One Dapper Street (@marcelfloruss) on

One Dapper Street, plug this into your GPS and you’ll find yourself on Marcel Floruss’ German/New York style paradise. Marcel’s foundation of fashion began in his birthplace of Germany and took the streets of New York City. One Dapper Street teaches men how to live the definition of “dapper,” even down to the best razors for facial hair and fashion week reviews. Floruss gives the best tips when it comes to picking out watches, shoes, and how to enjoy the sometimes-boring men’s fashion abyss.

The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni 


Chiara Ferragni, the main ingredient when it comes to the Blonde Salad. The Blonde Salad began as an outfit blog, to a fashion and travel magazine, and lays their roots as a lifestyle and fashion experience. Chiara Ferragni aims to encourage, inspire and spread beauty secrets to all that inquire. The Blonde Salad touches on trends, how-to, and all things fashion. As an Italian fashion business person, Chiara Ferragni serves up the tastiest fashion salad- a true bang for your buck!

Harper and Harley by Sara Crampton 


Sara Crampton is an Aussie style blogger, launching Harper and Harley in early 2008. Another sucker for the saying, “less is more,” Crampton is the queen of a minimalist fashion lifestyle. Crampton has worked with some impressive clients including Estee Lauder, Jaguar, Dyson, L’oreal, YSL Beaute, Uniqlo, Gucci, and Nike. Harper and Harley’s content focuses on individual fashion staples and explains the need for some key pieces to a wardrobe. Crampton never fails to give her loyal followers tips on how to complete that boujee outfit that’s missing one simple thing!

Tamara Kalinic 


Glam and Glitter, what else could a girl ask for? According to Tamara Kalinic, a lot more! Serbian, 26-year-old blogger, Tamara is a mixture of chic, modern, and sophistication when it comes to international fashion. Instyle Magazine has named her one of the most impressive rising stars of Instagram, and crowned her as a “jet-setting social media queen.” With 682,000 Instagram followers, Tamara entertains her fellow fashionista with luxurious outfits in all different parts of the world.

Amlul by Gala Gonzalez 


A second DJ finds the number four spot on our list, with 968,000 Instagram followers as an A-list internet fashion celebrity. Her eclectic, personal effortless style gains Amlul much attention from the best of the best. Gonzales currently lives in London, where she lets her love for fashion into full bloom. She earned her BA in fashion at the University of Arts London. Amlul captures her free-spirited nature and love for travel aside from the to-die-for scenery.

Hello Fashion by Christine Andrew 


Cashing in at 1 million Instagram followers, Hello Fashion is a fashion blog showing current trends directly from the catwalk. Hello Fashion provides weekly tips and tricks to make a normal Monday in the office feel like a strut down the runway at Paris fashion show. Hello Fashion stays up to date with all the hot trends, from Meghan Markle’s outfits to Tiffany & Co’s new vending machine. Hello Fashion will be your in for all things fashion from all around the world.

Atlantic Pacific by Blair Eadie 


Blaire Eadie headed down her road to fashion influencing over five years ago while working for Gap. Coming from the corporate side, Blair was eager to enter the spotlight and bring her followers along with her. The title of her blog was influenced by her move from the east coast to the west coast and the merging of the two diverse styles. Eadie lives in the west village and captures the beauty of her city with spicy fashion choices on the side. Take a tour of the Atlantic Pacific and your inspiration will reach the opposite coast.

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine 


With 2 million Instagram followers, Man Repeller is the main accessory you should add to your closet immediately You might believe you’re entering a women’s only gossip site- and you’re only partially wrong. Leandra Medine’s goal when creating Men Repeller was to provide fashion tips and styles for free spirits and independent fashion connoisseurs. Medine states, “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.” Her goal is not to drive men away, rather attract them to the beautiful combinations of fashion that women can create. She not only influences women to go beyond their comfort zone but to find what makes one feel invincible.

If you’d like to reach any of the influencers behind these best fashion blogs on Instagram, click here!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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