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Top 10 Japanese YouTubers

By Editorial Staff

Japanese influencers are taking YouTube by storm. With millions of followers, they span a multitude of genres and can appeal to any audience. Some (like the ones below) are even pioneering new video categories. Take a look at the top 10 Japanese YouTubers:

Top 10 Japanese YouTubers

By Carissa Brones


7.5m subscribers

Top Japanese Influencer Hajime's YouTube PageHajime Shacho wins the title of most subscribed Japanese YouTuber. King of comedy, he’s famous for comedic skits and challenges. His hilarious videos entertain a mostly younger demographic, while he also includes the occasional vlogs and other interview-style videos.


7.1m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV's PageHikakin comes in close as the second most subscribed Japanese YouTuber. He’s also famous for comedy focused videos and challenges. His fame and popularity cannot be doubted, as he amasses millions of followers across his other channels. His gaming channel Hikakin Games has a whopping 4.1 million subscribers.  


5.4m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Fischer's PageFischer’s is a popular comedy channel that features a group of seven Japanese YouTubers. They specialize in hilarious skits and comedy videos that play off of their energetic group dynamic. You can also see a large array of vlogs and other videos on their channel, such as food or gaming related.

Yuka Kinoshita

5m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita's PageYuka Kinoshita takes eating to the next level. As the star of “oogui”  videos (which literally translates to “big eater”), she eats enormous quantities of food on camera. In popular “mukbang” videos, she eats food while answering subscriber questions. Her other videos surround food-related topics and product reviews.

Sushiramen Riku

3.7m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Sushiramen Riku's PageRiku is a uniquely popular Japanese YouTuber. His videos feature extreme challenges and stunts, almost reminiscent of the Jackass Movie. Kids, do not try this at home! His channel is named after his two favorite foods: sushi and ramen.


3.4m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber SeikinTV's PageSeikinTV is the master of product reviews. He reviews a variety of products in his videos, from strollers to chocolate molds. However, there is a clear food theme among most. You can also see the occasional vlogs and challenge videos.


2.7m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber MosoGourmet's ChannelMoso Gourmet is home to delicious cooking and baking recipes. As one of the most popular and oldest food YouTube channels around, this Japanese favorite never disappoints. Food recipes have a Japanese twist, featuring cute designs and lots of Instagram-friendly desserts.

Pocky Sweets

2.4m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Pocky Sweets' ChannelPocky Sweets dominates the Japanese gaming landscape. His gaming videos span a variety of genres, from horror to indie games. His channel is named for the delicious Japanese chocolate snack Pocky.

Venus Angelic

1.7m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Venus Angelic's ChannelVenus Angelics is the queen of all things cute. Famous for her doll-like appearance, she is sometimes called the “living doll.” Many of her videos are tutorials, or beauty and doll related. She also posts vlogs and other challenge videos.

Sekine Risa

1.2m subscribers

Top Japanese YouTuber Sekine Risa's ChannelSekine Risa is a famous Japanese beauty guru. Popular among young women, her videos cover all things beauty, from tutorials and monthly favorites. You can also watch beauty guides, challenges, and product reviews. Not into makeup? She has a popular gaming channel as well.

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