Top 25 Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

Get ready for abs galore! We have curated an updated top male fitness Influencer list full of insane muscles and awesome athletes who make it easy to ditch the couch for a bench press! This top 25 features super celebrities, models, CrossFit stars, and some of the most impressive bodybuilders you have ever seen! Whether you’re looking to get in shape or just looking to see what these guys are all about you will NOT be disappointed. These men are YOLKED.

Top 20 Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram

1. Dwayne Johnson


Top male fitness influencer Dwayne Johnson

It would be impossible to have a male fitness top 20 without including (The newlywed!!) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The wrestler turned actor and fitness star motivates bodybuilders all over the world with his head-turning muscles and star personality. On his feed, followers can get a glimpse into his personal life, insane workouts, and massive meals. The Rock does not disappoint when it comes to content. If you want even more, shoot over to his YouTube channel where he offers an inside look at his time in the “Iron Paradise” (the gym) and other projects he is working on!

2. Hafþór Björnsson


Thor's Instagram page

Hafþór Björnsson is best known for his role as “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones and winning numerous Strongman titles including World’s Strongest Man. The Icelandic athlete has gained fame due to his unbelievable strength earning himself the nickname Thor (for obvious reasons). Thor’s Instagram boasts pictures and videos of his workouts and competitions along with other content that showcases his sense of humor. For a closer look at his workouts and daily life, you can check out his YouTube channel, Hafþór Björnsson. He even has his own apparel line

3. Jeff Cavaliere


Male fitness influencer Jeff Cavaliere

The former head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets has been able to use his fitness expertise to help people get into shape worldwide. Cavaliere has had a serious passion for fitness since he was young and has followed that passion to create an impressive career, to say the least. After his time with the Mets, Cavaliere went on to start his fitness brand Athlean-X. His website showcases the products and programs he provides to bring out your inner athlete. With a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, Cavaliere is able to create programs and write books that truly focus on the science of fitness. Check out his Instagram to see the countless workouts he shares with followers and some funny videos where he makes fun of himself. 

4. Julian Smith


Julian Smith's Instagram

Known as “The Quad Guy” (I mean look at them), Julian Smith has propelled to success in the bodybuilding world. The thing that sets Smith apart, aside from his killer quads, is the fact that he is a natural bodybuilder meaning he doesn’t use substances to improve the look of his physique. Smith has focused on bringing back traditional bodybuilding methods and clearly, it’s working! Looking through his Instagram, followers get a peek inside of Smith’s killer workouts that he does to achieve his impressive muscles. His website is full of workouts subscribers can access. One thing that stood out to me was the Daily Pump which showcases Smith’s exact workout from the previous day. I’ve never seen anything like it! Smith’s transparency with his workouts set him apart.

5. Kevin Hart


Male fitness influencer Kevin Hart

While Kevin Hart might not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of fitness, there’s no doubt the comedian absolutely kills it in the gym. A quick scroll through Hart’s Instagram feed gives followers a glimpse into his personal life and his workout routines. If you check out one of his multiple workout videos it’s clear that he is no joke in the gym. For a good laugh head over to LOL Network’s YouTube series Kevin Hart: What the Fit. I can personally attest that it is one of the best comedy-fitness hybrid series I have ever stumbled upon. 

Fun Fact: He has his own shoe with Nike

6. Mathew Fraser


Mathew Fraser's Instagram

Mathew Fraser is a CrossFit Superstar!! The four-time CrossFit Games champion has amassed an impressive following due to his success in competitions. His Instagram is more on the fun side, showing his personal life and sense of humor while still incorporating CrossFit. Fraser has been featured in magazines like GQ and Men’s Health where he shares insights about his diet and workout regime. The powerhouse spends his days at the gym where he is constantly pushing himself to the limit!

7. Tony Sentmanat 


Male fitness influencer Tony Sentmanat

The Florida native is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired SWAT Operator who has turned his experiences into a successful business where he shares his knowledge with others. He created Real World Tactical which focuses on his experience to provide firearms training. If you head to Sentmanant’s Instagram you can see the program brought to life. He also posts videos of his awesome and unique workouts (that look incredibly difficult). Sentmanant is very transparent with his followers and uses his platform to inspire others. His YouTube channel is full of videos that elaborate more on his fitness and firearms experience.

8. Rich Froning


Rich Froning's Instagram

Rich Froning is another CrossFit powerhouse! He gained fame after winning FOUR back-to-back CrossFit Games. He also won their worldwide Open three years in a row! Froning owns his own CrossFit gym, CrossFit Mayhem. He has dedicated his life to training and living a healthy lifestyle. His Instagram is full of CrossFit videos and peeks into his personal life. If you’re looking for a closer look into his training and competitions head over to CrossFit Mayhem’s YouTube page for tons of vlogs and day in the life videos.

9. Michael Vazquez 


Male fitness influencer Michael Vazquez

Michael Vazquez transformed his life when he realized it was taking an unhealthy turn. Since then he has become one of the top male fitness influencers and male fitness models on Instagram! He mentions his son as one of his biggest motivations to continue to stay fit and push himself at the gym. His website features the course that he created and posts updates of Vazquez’s fitness journey. You can see on his Instagram that Vazquez combines many different areas of fitness into his workouts like bodybuilding, obstacle courses, and breakdancing! The diversity of his workouts sets him apart. His evolution is truly inspiring and proves that we can all turn our lives around.

10. Jeff Seid


Jeff Seid's Instagram

At 24 years old, Jeff Seid has amassed over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 3.8 million Instagram followers. His YouTube channel showcases his bodybuilding in addition to his more artistic side. His videos combine his passion for fitness and his eye for film. The bodybuilder has created a fitness empire and even has his own fitness clothing line, SeidWear! If you visit his website you can choose from a variety of customized programs where Seid shares his tips and tricks to attain muscles you can only dream of. Seid’s bodybuilding career is anything but average. At the age of 19, Seid’s career skyrocketed when he became the youngest IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) pro bodybuilder. He has been a Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Competitor three times! 

11. UlissesWorld


Male fitness influencer Ulisses World

If you need some motivation to get to the gym, look no further than Ulisses Williams, Jr. The bodybuilder and fitness model is truly #goals. Over his impressive career, Ulisses has earned the titles two-time MuscleMania SuperBody Pro Champion, two-time MuscleMania World Pro Champion, and multiple other trophies. His Instagram feed showcases workouts, a look into his personal like, and incredible transformations. On his website, Ulisses provides fans the opportunity to purchase merchandise like customized workout plans, supplements, and clothing.

12. Simeon Panda


Simeon Panda's Instagram

Simeon Panda is a world-renowned fitness entrepreneur and bodybuilder. He has been named one of Forbes top ten fitness influencers, along with earning a MuscleMania Pro title. The fitness icon has graced the cover of numerous health and fitness magazines. His Instagram and YouTube channel have tons of tips and videos for aspiring bodybuilders. With his help viewers and followers can truly get into tip-top shape. You can also check out his blog for even more content! 

13. Sergi Constance


Male fitness influencer Sergi Constance

This Spanish bodybuilding star and male fitness model has not only captured titles over the years, including the Men’s Physique NPC Southern State and Mr. Olympia Muscle and Fitness Cover Model Search Champion, but he has also captured the attention of workout fanatics all over Instagram and YouTube. When he is not competing, Sergi takes to social media to share motivation (his insanely toned physique) and workouts with his 4 million followers on Instagram. His YouTube features a ton of interesting vlogs and workouts that present a first-hand view of Sergi’s everyday life! Sergi inspires millions to pursue their fitness goals…….Just look at those arms!

14. Bradley Martyn


Bradley Martyn's Instagram

Bradley Martyn uses his bodybuilding fame to inspire nearly 3 million fellow workout fanatics. This male fitness influencer has used his platform to create a brand for himself that includes the “Zoo Culture” gym, personal training, BMFIT, supplements, and a podcast! Martyn has created his own fitness empire. His website boasts his amazing products. You can catch up with Bradley by watching his vlogs on his YouTube channel. Bradley Martyn is your one-stop-shop for fitness expertise!

15. Joey Swoll


Male fitness influencer Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll is who comes to mind when I think of a bodybuilder! His insane muscles and workouts have transformed him into a male fitness superstar. Guess what? You can look like him too! With custom diet plans, workout regimens, and daily motivation… Joey Swoll does it all! With 2 million followers, Joey can prove to anyone that his life-changing process seriously works. He posts tons of workouts and tips along with before and after pictures to inspire anyone who wants to get in shape, even if we are not necessarily looking to be a bodybuilder! His coaching and bodybuilding success has lifted him to the top of social media fame.

16. Blessing Awodibu 


Male fitness influencer Blessing Awodibu

Blessing #boogieman Awobidu is the comedian of the bodybuilding world.  His profile picture is literally him as the Hulk… Incredible (get it). But don’t let his comedy fool you, this two-time Arnold Champion Bodybuilder is no joke. He has found a way to seamlessly combine humor and hard work to become one of the most well know IFBB athletes. His Instagram shows off his impressive physique and his unique sense of humor. For more laughs and crazy workouts, his YouTube channel gives fans a closer look at his fun-loving personality.

17. Mike O’Hearn 


Mike O'Hearn's Instagram

Mike O’Hearn, otherwise known as the Titan, is the real deal. This four-time Mr. Universe is known to have one of the best bodybuilding physiques… EVER! Because of his massive success, O’Hearn has gained immense popularity in the bodybuilding community and on social media. His Instagram is filled with pictures of his muscles, personal life, and some seriously funny posts. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his workouts. His website offers multiple products like coaching programs, Titan memberships, and merch!

18. Shaun T 


Male fitness influencer Shaun T

Shaun T is the creator of the famous programs Insanity, T25, and Hip-Hop Abs. Shaun T has used his platform to share fitness knowledge and motivate others to reach their fitness goals and transform their lives. His life-changing programs have impacted tons of people. Shaun T does not just focus on fitness, his programs range from fitness to mental to relationships. He truly embodies a well-rounded approach to health. To keep up with Shaun T you can go to his Instagram to see awesome motivational posts along with posts of his ADORABLE family. He also has a blog where he shares posts on a plethora of topics.

19. Ron “Boss” Everline


Ron "Boss" Everline's Instagram

It’s only natural to have Kevin Hart’s trainer on the top 25 with him! Ron “Boss” Everline is a trainer to the stars and even the royal family! Not only is his physique proof of his fitness expertise, but his clients are also proof too! The former football player transformed into an incredible entrepreneur. He created the brand “Just Train” that focuses on providing training, nutrition, and overall wellness to clients. You can take a deeper look into the program on their website

20. Bret Contreras


Male fitness influencer Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras

With a Ph.D. in Sports Science, Bret Contreras really knows what he’s doing! He uses his expertise to help others reach their fitness goals. He has been named the “Glute Guy.” His Instagram is filled with very valuable tips for people who want to work out their glutes. On his website, Contreras shares countless articles that followers can explore in terms of their health and wellness. He also offers books, equipment, and training programs so we can all get that bootyful body!


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Top Male Fitness Gymshark Ambassadors on Instagram

One of the most iconic fitness apparel brands is Gymshark. You can see the apparel on almost any fitness influencer or gym addict. The clothing is not only comfortable but it is functional and affordable. Gymshark has a handful of ambassadors who are in their best shape and represent the brand to their millions of followers. Here are five of their top male influencers and male fitness models. 

1. Steve Cook 


Steve Cook's Instagram

This Gymshark ambassador and mega-stud has captured the attention of millions with his toned muscles and killer workouts. The college football player turned bodybuilder and fitness model has turned his passion for fitness into a full-time job. His success has helped him develop a platform to encourage others on their fitness journey. He is very active on both Instagram and YouTube, sharing tons of fitness advice and personal moments with followers. He also offers tons of programs on his website that cater to both men and women. 

2. David Laid


Male fitness Gymshark ambassador David Laid

This 21-year-old powerhouse has used fitness to become comfortable with himself and completely transform his body. I’m sure you’ll be just as shocked as I was to hear that when he started working out he was 90 pounds! Through his journey, David has not only built incredible muscles and confidence, but he has also built an impressive following on Instagram. His profile flaunts his amazing muscles and dedication to fitness. He is even a Gymshark ambassador! His website offers a program focused on DUP (daily undulating periodization), which is what David used to get his physique. For even more content, his YouTube channel is full of workouts and other fun fitness videos.

3. Ryan Terry


Ryan Terry's Instagram

Ryan Terry is a renowned bodybuilding competitor and fitness model, along with being a Gymshark and Ultimate Sport Nutrition ambassador. The British athlete began his career by working out in his spare time when he wasn’t on the job. After multiple victories, Ryan’s career took off and he was able to focus on his true passion, fitness. Today, Ryan has his own website, where he offers products like online coaching and Ebooks. His Instagram profile is full of workouts along with pictures and videos showcasing Ryan’s insane muscles.

4. Nick Cheadle


Male fitness Gymshark ambassador Nick Cheadle

Nick Cheadle is another Gymshark ambassador who has been able to make fitness his full-time job! The Australian bodybuilder and powerlifter has used social media as a platform to share his workouts with others. His Instagram profile is full of workouts that his followers can use to grow their muscles. On his website, he offers personal training to make dreams become reality! His YouTube channel focuses on workouts, fitness tips, and nutrition. Also, his dog’s name is Hulk and I just think that’s amazing.

5. Matt Ogus


Matt Ogus' Instagram

Since he was 15, Matt Ogus has loved weightlifting. Today, he has used weightlifting to become a social media star and a male fitness model. He is a natural bodybuilder who proves that you don’t need substances to be a fitness star. His YouTube channel is extremely informative in regards to nutrition and fitness plateaus. He really focuses on individual problems we all have faced in the gym. For cuteness OVERLOAD check out his adorable son on his Instagram!

Want more of the top male fitness influencers on Instagram? Here are some that didn’t make the cut:

Gunnar Peterson 348k followers
Luke Zocchi 263k followers
Michael Counihan 191k followers
Don Saladino 187k followers

This article was written by Sarah Dinon

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