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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

Eating healthy can be hard. Luckily tons of amazing individuals are taking to YouTube to share their healthy meal recipes, workout routines, and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to add more protein and veggies to your meals or learn some new ab workouts, healthy lifestyle influencers on YouTube have tons of fun videos to make living healthy easy. Here at NeoReach, we’ve compiled a list of the top healthy lifestyle influencers that you should check out the next time you’re on a health kick!


Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Influencers You Should Subscribe to on YouTube

By Sarah Dinon

The Domestic Geek

The Domestic Geek's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Sara Lynn Cauchon, otherwise known as The Domestic Geek, equips her followers with
unique, healthy recipes to make eating clean easy and delicious. Not only does she have amazing meal recipes for every craving you could ever imagine, she has drink recipes that will make you want to throw a DIY happy hour. One of my personal favorite playlists on her channel is her #Learn2Love. This playlist provides yummy recipes for ingredients that people do not necessarily always want to eat. These recipes are perfect for picky eaters or people who want to expand their palette! She even has a dessert playlist to help people like me who have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Kevin Curry provides tons of healthy recipes that anyone can make no matter what kind of diet they are on. He has recipes ranging from keto friendly to how to use your leftovers to college life. He shows a lot of versatility in the meals he provides which makes his channel ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthily. He provided a lot of great meal prep recipes, even making sure to help those of us eating healthy on a budget.


FullyRawKristina's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s channel has genius fully raw vegan recipes. She has a personality that simply makes you happy. Since she has been fully raw for almost 13 years, she knows tons of amazing recipes that inspire not only healthy eating but a healthy lifestyle. Her variety of recipes makes living as a raw vegan seem fun and easy. One thing that stood out to me about her channel is that she really embraces her healthy eating as a lifestyle. She is truly in love with being healthy along with the health benefits that go along with this lifestyle.

Mind Over Munch

Mind Over Munch's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Alyssia Sheikh is one of the most relatable healthy lifestyle influencers I’ve encountered. She is honest about how eating healthy ain’t easy but she challenges her followers to persevere. Her channel is full of creative recipes, along with a wide variety of bento box recipes, which I thought was really interesting. These videos provide unique recipes that add a little variety to your meal. She even has playlists with meals for your favorite holidays so you can stay on track during the most wonderful time of the year.

Clean & Delicious

Clean & Delicious' YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Dani Spies focuses on a living healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. She not only provides her followers with healthy recipes but she educates them on clean eating. I love the playlists her channel offers like keto-friendly recipes, healthy living tips, and nutrition 101. Also, if anyone is as obsessed with matcha as I am you will appreciate that she has an entire playlist dedicated to it!

Sarahs Day

Sarahs Day's YouTube channel. Click here to check out this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Sarah’s Day combines healthy eating, exercise, and vlogging. Her followers don’t just fall in love with her recipes, they fall in love with her. She’s so relatable because she’s brutally honest about the fact that she’s always hungry, something I experience on a DAILY basis. She makes eating easier for us infinitely hungry individuals maybe because she helps us not feel as bad, but mainly because she has healthy meal and snack ideas for clean eating. Her channel is full of great workouts and recipes to help your healthy lifestyle! She also has lots of products on her website, like ebooks, activewear, and some of the snacks she mentions in her vlogs.

HealthNut Nutrition

HealthNut Nutrition's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Nikole of HealthNut Nutrition is an awesome healthy lifestyle blogger. She has some of my favorite healthy recipes because they’re seriously so easy to make! Her channel has a lot of “What I Eat in a Day” videos, which are great meal and snack inspiration. She also has a lot of fun infused water recipes. One thing about Nikole’s recipes that stood out to me is that she has a lot of healthy alternatives to some of the not so healthy foods and add-ons that we all love. She has also started to vlog on her channel which is a great way to get to know some of your favorite YouTubers better!

The Protein Chef

The Protein Chef's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Derek Howes is a quirky and brilliant healthy lifestyle blogger. He has tons of protein packed, easy to make recipes guaranteed to make healthy eating exciting. He really focuses on the nutrition of each of his recipes which can be super helpful for individuals who are tracking their macros and calories. I cannot stress enough how easy he makes healthy eating!!


LoveHealthOK's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Olivia Ku is an all-around great healthy lifestyle YouTuber. She has a lot of healthy dessert recipes to help curb cravings while fueling yourself with healthy ingredients. Not only does she have great recipes, she also has amazing videos about skincare and mental health. Her ability to bring awareness to mental health and help her followers cope with certain problems is admirable. She is definitely worth checking out!

Maryana Dvorska

Maryana Dvorska's YouTube channel. Click here to check out more of this healthy lifestyle influencer's videos.Maryana Dvorska is an inspirational influencer who uses her weight loss journey as her motivation to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Her channel has lots of workouts that make getting in shape fun and easy. She also has “Munchy Mondays!” This is a weekly video where she shares what she eats in a day. On top of all the amazing fitness and diet tips, she has amazing outfit inspiration for inside and outside of the gym!

If you’d like to reach out to any of these healthy lifestyle influencers and others, click here!

Also, check out our previous list of the top 10 healthy lifestyle influencers on YouTube.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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