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Top 25 Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

While men’s fashion has always been innovating and developing new trends, the advent of social media allows it to be more visible than ever before. Men’s fashion breaks down barriers and allows more creative figures to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Fashion influencers have taken Instagram by storm, including the world of men’s fashion. The presence of men’s fashion Instagram accounts, in particular, encourages a departure from safer, more conventional clothes. 

Some fashion influencers have even found success on YouTube. The stiff suits of yesterday have been replaced by a host of bold new styles that continue to find mainstream appeal. To find these cutting-edge trends (and still feel cool for finding them early), check out these top men’s fashion influencers. 

Top 10 Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram

1. Mariano Di Vaio


Top Men's Fashion Influencer Mariano Di Vaio Hailing from Italy, Mariano Di Vaio brings European flair into his widely popular posts. With an affinity for hats, vests, and well-tailored Italian suits, he styles himself as a modern gentleman. Sometimes dressed more casually, he keeps a stylish modern wardrobe of fitted shirts, sleek jackets, and athletic wear. A loving husband and father, his family is never far from the spotlight, appearing often in on his social media accounts. Mariano shows his followers the value of dressing well and putting effort into an outfit. He always looks put together, whether he’s playing golf, out for a cup of coffee, or spending time with his wife and two sons.

2. Luka Sabbat


Top men's fashion influencer Lukas Abbat

One of the youngest creative influencers on the scene, Luka Sabbat is a 20-year-old model and actor. The star of Grown-ish is a native New Yorker but was raised in Paris. He dropped out of college to focus on his creative career and since then has amassed a large following. With his long hair and urban streetwear style, Luka became an influencer early on. Tom Ford provided his prom suit, and the New York Times called him “the coolest teenager on the Internet.” This young biracial man is accepting and progressive, leading the way for a new generation of celebrities.[1]

3. Scott Schuman


Scott Schuman's Instagram page

Scott Schuman first became known in the world of men’s fashion off of his blog The Sartorialist in 2005. The blog features updates of popular fashion trends across the world and offers a place for Schuman to post his favorite photographs. The blogger, photographer, and men’s fashion creative is well-known across the fashion community and his distinct style is often copied by many others. His following grew even larger when he transitioned to Instagram, where he now has over 1.1 million followers!

4. Johannes Huebl


Top men's fashion influencer Johannes Huebl

Johannes Heubl is a German who relocated to New York to finish college. He has fronted campaigns for brands like DKNY and Mango, walked the runway at Naomi Campbell’s request, and was recently named ambassador for Royal Salute whiskey. His men’s fashion Instagram account features posts that share his daily life while also highlighting his impressive taste in men’s fashion brands. His posts frequently feature his wife, and female Instagram influencer, Olivia Palermo. In an interview with GQ Magazine, he said: “the first stylish thing I bought was a leather bomber jacket.”

5. Pelayo Diaz


Pelayo Díaz's Instagram page

Pelayo Diaz is a fashion designer, writer, television collaborator, stylist, and young men’s fashion influencer. He became well known off of the success of his men’s fashion blog Katelovesme. After his well-reported break up with fellow designer David Delfin in 2014, he became the men’s fashion scene’s shining star, accumulating a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram. In his career as a model, he became an integral part of fashion shows like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Fashion firms saw him as a unique way to get additional promotion on his blog and Instagram profile. He even did a reinterpretation of the 2014 Fall-Winter Louis Vuitton collection alongside Alba Galocha, the famous Spanish model. 

6. David Gandy


David Gandy's Instagram

As a professional model, David Gandy has been the face of many notorious brands, including Dolce & Gabbana. His Instagram feed highlights his incredible style and poses. He’s most well known for perfecting the distinct “Brittish style” so many followers love. Whether in jeans or a suit, he always looks his best. His simple fashion twists, like hats and vests, are copied by many who hope to look just like him.

7. Phil Cohen


Top men's fashion influencer Phil Cohen

As an art director at a graphic design agency, Phil Cohen certainly has a sense of artistic flair. His widely followed Instagram page takes people out of the picture and lets the clothes do the talking. He arranges an outfit on the floor, complete with shoes and accessories, to show off his tasteful style in a minimalist way. This unique take on showcasing clothes has been replicated by stores and brands across the globe. Phil, himself, prefers things to be simple and modern and shows his humility by having the page be about menswear, not about him. 

8. Matthew Zorpas


Matthew Zorpas' Instagram page

With his blog, Matthew Zorpas’ stated mission is “Inspiring and empowering men.” A travel and fashion blogger, Matthew’s impeccable style presents a unique look at fashion across the world. He believes in pushing boundaries and encourages everyone to try on something they would usually be afraid to wear. He certainly knows his way around a tailored suit, but Matthew is also no stranger to funkier outfits. With his fresh outlook and globetrotting lifestyle, Matthew truly stands out as a fashion influencer. 

9. Robert Spangle


Robert Spangle's Instagram page

Robert Spangle is one of the most renowned men’s fashion bloggers on Instagram. His page is made up of posts that cover men’s fashion brands and popular styles. He collaborates with many upper echelon fashion magazines and websites like GQ, Vogue,, Esquire UK, Men’s Health Germany, and Esquire Hong Kong. Since 2013, he claims to have traveled 36 weeks out of the year and has yet to take a week off. This men’s fashion influencer claims style is never without substance. He doesn’t see men’s fashion as a shield or code of masculinity, but “the product of cultivating a harmonious knowledge of oneself.”[2]

10. Mauro Del Signore


Top men's fashion influencer Mauro Del Signore

Mauro Del Signore is a men’s fashion photographer. His Instagram is well-equipped with photographs of men’s street fashion. He has worked with several agencies including Pacific Press, Sipa Press USA, Getty Images, Zuma Press and Newscom. The Italian Photographer has become one of the most highly-touted men’s fashion street photographers, looking for special and stylish men anywhere he can find them. He enjoys classy styles that stand out alongside the personality of the man wearing the clothes. 

Other Notable Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram to Follow:

Will Taylor 307k followers
Fabio Attanasio 232k followers
Jim Chapman 2m followers
Justin Liv 335k followers


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Top 5 Men’s Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Men’s fashion influencers have been around long before Instagram. Using their own websites to regularly post blogs on men’s fashion brands and trends, these influencers keep their following up to date on the latest styles. Fashion blogs are nothing new, however. See our ranking of the 15 best fashion blogs on Instagram.

Whether the posts include simple photographs of popular streetwear or explanations detailing the reasoning behind popular styles, these men’s fashion bloggers understand precisely what their audience wants. These are a few of the best men’s fashion blogs right now. 

1. Dappered


Top men's fashion blog on Instagram Dappered

Created by men’s fashion expert Joe Weber, Dappered offers all of the men’s fashion information you could possibly need. The blog is one of the best at finding you the best clothes for the lowest prices. It also helps readers find great deals on classic clothing and accessories for today’s popular styles. Dapper also offers a trusted community where other readers give their input on what to wear.[3]

2. Effortless Gent


Effortless Gent's Instagram page

Founded by Barron Cuadro, The Effortless Gent gives its followers next-level tips on men’s fashion for the average guy. The Effortless Gent makes an effort to consider the intangibles when providing advice. They don’t forget that a man’s confidence is a keystone in men’s fashion. Luckily, the content makes it easy for readers. Posts include multiple examples of ways any man can include a higher degree of fashion in their lives.

3. Fashion Beans


Men's fashion blog Fashion Beans on Instagram

Fashion Beans provides expert knowledge on men’s fashion trends, keeping their followers up to date on exactly what to wear. It offers style 101 articles that go in-depth on how to improve your look without spending too much. The site has a distinct, appealing design, which makes it easy to navigate and find the topics you’re searching for. They also have a great following across social media, allowing them to regularly engage with their followers. 

4. He Spoke Style


He Spoke Style's Instagram page

One of the newer men’s fashion blogs to the scene, He Spoke Style has quickly picked up a large following because of its great advice, refreshing web design and stunning photography. It is the creation of men’s fashion expert Brian Sacawa, who consistently contributes to the blog and its various social media sites. Brian incorporates exceptional photography in all of his posts to seamlessly share the content with his followers. His popular outfit of the day posts constantly keeps his followers in the loop.

5. Teaching Men’s Fashion


Teaching Men's Fashion Instagram

Teaching Men’s Fashion (TMF) is a newer fashion blog aimed at improving their follower’s sense of style. The young men’s fashion blog provides tips and tutorials on easy ways to improve your look. They even teamed up with famous Instagram model Jen Selter to share do’s and dont’s for men’s sneakers. Their blog also gives lifestyle and fitness advice, helping their followers become men that look and feel good. 

Other Men’s Fashion Blogs to Consider

Top 5 Men’s Fashion Brands on Instagram

Instagram has proven itself as an effective platform for marketing. With more and more brands beginning to hop on the bandwagon, the men’s fashion industry is no outsider. Young men’s fashion brands, in particular, can be found all over the app, promoting their products to young audiences. 

Some men’s fashion brands are building profiles that appeal to character and shaping morals while others are simply hilarious. Brands are also teaming up with young men’s fashion influencers to reach desired audiences much like these influencer marketing campaigns.

These are some of the best men’s fashion brands on Instagram right now!

1. Saturdays NYC


Saturdays NYC Instagram page Saturdays NYC offers it all, from suiting to knitwear to graphic tees and even denim. They seek to create a high style in a relaxed profile, achieving a bold and iconic design. Staying true to their name, their Instagram profile features streetwear shoots directly from New York City. A mix of model shoots and product features make up the bulk of their content, showcasing exactly what they have to offer to their audience of 148,000.

2. Outerknown


Men's Fashion Brand Outerknown on Instagram

Outerknown offers cozy clothing that everyone needs. Their heavyweight blanket shirt, constructed out of 100 percent cotton, feels like you’re lying in a warm bed. They also take sustainability very seriously, keeping the environment in mind when designing their clothes. Their Instagram includes posts that highlight their products alongside nature with an emphasis on surfing and the ocean. They also post pictures of creatively folded clothes that resemble things like the Earth or a basketball as fun content that associates their brand with greater purposes.

3. Picture Organic Clothing 


Picture Organic Clothing's Instagram

Picture Organic Clothing’s name also briefly describes the company’s backstory. In 2008, a group of three friends sought to develop a clothing company that was equally concerned with recyclability, second life, and end of life as performance and style. Today, they offer sustainable men’s fashion for snowboarding, skiing, surfing and the outdoors. Their Instagram features regular posts that highlight their clothing in use. They also show glimpses of their charitable efforts, proving their brand is looking to make a difference.[4]

4. The Ilustrados


Men's fashion brand The Ilustrados' on Instagram

The Ilustrados is a men’s fashion company based out of Manila, Philippines. Their unique and clean-cut style is shown well across their Instagram profile. Posts feature models wearing their clothes in addition to some that provide a closer look at their products. The company uniquely combines the online clothing brand with an in-house barbershop. It’s the ultimate pairing that successfully completes a man’s fashion needs. The Ilustrados account makes sure to constantly repost their customers’ stories to show how people feel about their product.

5. Northern Lights Optic


Men's fashion brand Northern Lights Optic

Though Northern Lights Optic has the lowest following on the list, don’t let the numbers fool you. Their fun and interactive approach to highlighting their content gives us an Instagram feed that aligns their product with the outdoors. Pictures of their glasses in various natural settings prove the brand is more than just luxurious eyewear. Their new styles, like the NL-7, take influence from outdoor themes like vintage mountaineering goggles. 

Other Notable Men’s Fashion Brands on Instagram to Follow

Birddogs Shorts 100k followers
Bleu de Chauffe 36.9k followers
Chubbies 463k followers


This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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