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Top 10 Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram

Top 10 Men’s Fashion Influencers on Instagram

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While fashion has always been innovating and developing new trends, the advent of social media allows it to be more visible than ever before. It broke down barriers and allowed more creative figures to make a name for themselves in the world of fashion. The presence of men’s fashion, in particular, encourages a departure from safer, more conventional clothes. The stiff suits of yesterday have been replaced by a host of bold new styles that continue to find mainstream appeal. To find these cutting-edge trends (and still feel cool for finding them early), check out these top men’s fashion influencers.

These guys have inspired numerous men to ditch the clothes that they’ve had in their wardrobes since college and try some new looks that turn heads wherever they go.


Top Men’s Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Garrett Gile


Mariano Di Vaio – 6.2M

Mariano Di Vaio's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.Hailing from Italy, Mariano Di Vaio brings some European flair into his widely seen posts. With an affinity for hats, vests, and well-tailored Italian suits, he styles himself as a modern gentleman. Sometimes dressed more casually, he keeps a stylish modern wardrobe of fitted shirts, sleek jackets, and athletic wear. A loving husband and father, his family is never far from the spotlight, appearing often in on his social media accounts. Mariano shows his followers the value of dressing well and putting effort into an outfit. He always looks put together, whether he’s playing golf, out for a cup of coffee, or spending time with his wife and two sons.

Adam Gallagher – 2.1M

Adam Gallagher's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.Adam Gallagher, with his popular I Am Galla blog, has been sharing his wisdom on fashion, travel, and lifestyle for years. He started his blog when he was just 17 years old! Though originally from New York, he now spends much of his time in Los Angeles. Adam travels the world, showcasing his immaculately curated outfits of casual streetwear in the most glamorous international locales.

Luka Sabbat – 1.2M

Luka Sabbat's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.One of the youngest creative influencers on the scene, Luka Sabbat is a 20-year-old model and actor. The star of Grown-ish is a native New Yorker but was raised in Paris. He dropped out of college to focus on his creative career, and since then has amassed a large following. With his long hair and urban streetwear style, Luka became an influencer early on. Tom Ford provided his prom suit, and the New York Times called him “the coolest teenager on the Internet.” This young biracial man is accepting and progressive, leading the way for a new generation of celebrities.

Johannes Huebl – 946K

Johannes Huebl's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.Johannes Huebl is a German model and photographer. Married to American reality star Olivia Palermo, Johannes has burst onto the scene with social media, gaining a large base of followers with his impeccable sense of style. With great success as a model, he has appeared in GQ, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. In addition to modeling other people’s clothes, Johannes designs his own shoes. A big fan of beaches, he often vacations on beautiful beaches around the world with his wife.

Nick Wooster – 750K

Nick Wooster's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.One of the more experienced fashion influencers, Nick Wooster has worked in fashion for decades. At the ripe age of 58, Nick led fashion brands since the 1980s. He is well known for his tailored blazers, sleeve of tattoos, and trademark handlebar mustache. Though his hair has gone gray and he varies his facial hair, Nick remains a key player in the world of fashion, and he travels the world’s fashion hubs regularly. He has a knack for taking different types of clothing that seem like they’d never go together, and making an outfit that looks natural and stylish. This fashionable and eccentric man may be old in relation to the fashion world, but the trends he presents continue to be new and exciting.

Phil Cohen – 677K

Phil Cohen's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.As an art director at a graphic design agency, Phil Cohen certainly has a sense of artistic flair. His widely followed Instagram page takes people out of the picture and lets the clothes do the talking. He arranges an outfit on the floor, complete with shoes and accessories, to show off his tasteful style in a minimalist way. This unique take on showcasing clothes has been replicated by stores and brands across the globe. Phil, himself, prefers things to be simple and modern and shows his humility by having the page be about menswear, not about him.

Matthew Zorpas – 187K

Matthew Zorpas' Instagram page. Click here to check out this men's fashion influencer's photos.With his blog, Matthew Zorpas’ stated mission is “Inspiring and empowering men.” A travel and fashion blogger, Matthew’s impeccable style presents a unique look at fashion across the world. He believes in pushing boundaries and encourages everyone to try on something they would usually be afraid to wear. He certainly knows his way around a tailored suit, but Matthew is also no stranger to funkier outfits. With his fresh outlook and globetrotting lifestyle, Matthew truly stands out as a fashion influencer.

Kurt Ji – 171K

Described as a “full-time jet-setter,” Kurt Ji is constantly on the go. He brings a new point of view wherever he goes, and he always tries to find something extraordinary. He makes a luxurious life look more rugged and accessible with his blog, Bloggers Boyfriend. Though he is never settled enough to call one place home, his quest to find the most visually compelling fashion and photography material fuels his creativity. Very social media savvy, Kurt has a dedicated following on his blog and his Instagram account, both of which feature his impressive travels and bold menswear.

Ryan Clark – 157K

Ryan Clark's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.Ryan Clark is the creative director at High Fashion Living in New York City. Crazily enough, Ryan first set out to pursue a career in medicine, but when he found his passion in fashion, he had to switch gears. It seems to have worked out well! He moved all the way from Texas, and with his keen eye for fashion, he has inspired a diverse group of celebrities. His social media presence aids his professional success, and he shows off his fashion prowess to a large following.

Jonathan Daniel Pryce – 90.8K

Jonathan Daniel Pryce's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this men's fashion influencer's photos.An award-winning photographer and model, Jonathan Daniel Pryce lives in London and makes quite a splash in the fashion scene. His focus on street style and collaborations with artists of all kinds set him apart in the fashion industry. His clients include Vogue, GQ, and Esquire. He takes every photo that he posts himself, taking full control of all his creative projects. He shoots fashion, architecture, city life, and more, all from his own unique perspective.

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