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Why Fashion Brands Love Instagram Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

Gone are the days when models on the covers of magazines and billboards were the pinnacle of fashion marketing. Nowadays, the best place to advertise your clothes is none other than Instagram. The massive photo-based social media app has become the latest way that fashion brands advertise their products – most importantly – using influencer marketing. Here are the numerous reasons and examples why fashion brands love Instagram influencer marketing.

Why Instagram Of All Platforms?

With 500 million users and counting, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. Not only that, it is uniquely advertiser focused, with its Director of Marketing Jim Squires going on record and saying that the team behind it wanted the platform to be “really good for the community and to achieve business objectives for advertisers.” 

This approach has paid off, especially for fashion brands who have succeeded uniquely on the platform. Instagram has shown that “one in three users” of those 500 million have bought an article of clothing showcased on the platform. This is far from the only benefit that Instagram has shown for fashion brands.

Fashion fans make up some of Instagram’s most consistent and varied users; they check their newsfeeds 15 times per day, have 230% more followers than the average Instagram user, and post three times as much. These all mean that a fashion brand looking to broaden its approach should invest in influencer marketing on Instagram specifically. Many fashion brands love Instagram influencer marketing for that dedication and wide audience.

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How Did Fashion Brands Come To Love Instagram Influencer Marketing?

As opposed to traditional model photoshoots, Instagram influencers provide a unique appeal to fashion brands- they often can be seen as more approachable, or come with their own fan base that a fashion brand can appeal to on its own. If they promote a brand, it is likely their fans will listen to them and purchase from there.

One feature of Instagram is ‘stories,’ temporary pictures or videos that influencers can send out to their followers. These can be used to start conversation or communication, promote a marketing campaign, or stress the limited-time availability of something specific. These are a perfect tool for both fashion brands and influencers to use.

Instagram has the ability to attach a link to tag products inside of the posts and stories themselves- thus reducing the commitment of moving between website to website to website in order to purchase a fashion item you may want. This efficiency is perfect for fashion brands in order to make their clothes and items sell out faster.

This is also more cost effective- as opposed to paying for print ads or commercials, paying an Instagram influencer to showcase their brand often ends up selling itself- as their fans buy clothes and speak about it to their friends and contacts, more awareness is spread of the brand itself. (link info)

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Fashion Brand Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Which Ones Did Well?

Forever 21

Forever 21 is an established fast fashion retailer that has many outlets all over the world. Their clothes have a trendy, approachable style which they aimed to highlight in their influencer marketing campaign, asking Instagram influencers to show themselves trying their clothes on. 

This resulted in more discourse around Forever 21, where even critiques were responded to by the fashion brand. This also spread internationally, with many people all over the world sharing Forever 21 content. Now, Forever 21 has a global image and a global fanbase.


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Zara, a high fashion retailer, has applied influencer marketing in a creative, unique, and effective way; they allow influencers to take over their marketing entirely!

Teesh Rosa and other Instagram influencers used their unique styles to showcase the versatility of Zara clothes, which was an incredible success for the fashion brand. Because of the campaign, their Instagram account gained 4.6 million new followers.


THINX’s products are not designed purely for fashion or aesthetics. This is a company that makes period-proof underwear to make period management and care more accessible. Thus, marketing and spreading its philanthropic message has resulted in a need for a more thoughtful approach.

Using the slogan “For People With Periods,” the utility fashion brand appealed to the diverse amount of people for whom it is intended. Utilizing the strength of numerous Instagram influencers, THINX’s marketing has spread like wildfire. 

Daniel Wellington

As it only uses influencer marketing, the watch brand Daniel Wellington is quite familiar with why fashion brands love Instagram influencer marketing. Their hashtags “#DWPickOfTheDay” and “#DanielWellington” are some of the most used hashtags across Instagram.

Instagram influencers promote their watches, supporting the “must have” image and giving the fashion brand a sleek, hip appeal that draws in the numerous demographics of people that use Instagram in their daily lives. 

These various fashion brands have used Instagram influencer marketing campaigns for great success. If you want to learn more about other successful influencer marketing campaigns across social media, read this article

Conclusion: Why Do Fashion Brands Love Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Fashion brands love Instagram influencer marketing for a variety of reasons. The app puts advertisers first and shows great success specifically in fashion brand marketing. You can understand why fashion brands love Instagram influencer marketing.

Instagram also has numerous integrations and features that work especially well for advertising fashion brands, with Instagram influencers themselves being able to provide a personal touch to the marketing campaigns.  Overall, fashion brands aiming to do influencer marketing should head to Instagram, and

This article was written by Michael Litman

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