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‘Tis The Season For Holiday Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By Editorial Staff

As the holiday seasons approach, it’s time for your brand to start thinking about marketing strategies to capitalize on the massive amounts of holiday spending. You might have a hard time navigating in the holiday season as advertisers and other brands alike are spending top dollar to get consumer eyeballs on their products. However, making a killing during the holiday season is not impossible. To help you compete with the sheer amount of competition out there, we created a step-by-step guide as well as some creative suggestions for holiday influencer marketing campaigns.   

Start Early 

As you very well might know, the holidays are a busy season for everyone. Keep in mind that nobody wants to be working during the holidays, so the cost of planning late and rushing your influencers will be reflected in their prices and content quality. 

Here is a diagram from Aspire that shows how you can plan out your timeline. 

Via Aspire

Write down Campaign goals and budget

The first step to planning out holiday influencer marketing campaigns is to go back and look at your past experiences with marketing during these months. Next is to analyze those results and figure out areas of improvement, areas of success, and what alternative strategies you could have used to improve the outcome of your strategy. 

Next, you want to take a thorough look at how much you are willing to spend on holiday influencer marketing campaigns. This will set the foundation for the next steps, as you need to know your budget before you can plan the expenses. 

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Spotlight your bestsellers

Once you have your goals and budgets elaborated, you might want to take a look at those products that you want to spotlight. To spotlight all your products is to ensure two things:

  1. None of your products are sold
  2. Your customer will be confused

So try to narrow down your marketing to a couple of products.

Some tactics to find those ideal products:

  • Look at your sales data. What products seemed to perform the best? Dive deep and identify those potential bestsellers. 
  • Talk to your buyers. There is nothing that will help you understand your customer other than talking to them.
  • Choose higher-priced items, and use discounts to get customers to buy them. 
  • Unveil new products to your consumers that you think will stir up excitement. 

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Create your Influencer list

Who you portray on your posts determines the image of your brand, so you want to choose influencers that represent your brand message. It is best to create a list of influencers, as you can compare past engagement rates and pricing.

Your Influencer list should include contact details, social profiles, URLs, and key metrics on past performance. You should then rank your influencers on past performance, experience, or how well you know them. Your ranking should reflect what you value in your brand relationship. 

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Via Wikipedia

Brainstorm Holiday Strategies

In order to survive the bloodbath of getting your customer’s attention during the holidays, your plan needs to be solid. This means creating a strategy that maximizes engagement. Below are some ideas you can implement during your holiday influencer marketing campaigns. 

Affiliate Discounts

The perfect influencer strategy for holiday sales uses an influencer affiliate campaign. This works by giving your influencer a special discount code and paying them a percent of the sales they drive to your website. This tool is perfect as you end up driving more sales due to decreased price as well as aligning your influencer’s interest with yours, through their commission. 

For Black Friday, sportswear brand Gymshark partnered with two YouTubers Kathryn and Kendra to promote their Black Friday sale. In the video, they promoted the 70% off deals as well as what pieces of clothing they were excited about in the sale. 

Holiday Giveaway

Another way to spread the holiday joy is to do a holiday giveaway. This entails that you work with influencers to promote your giveaway. In order for people to win your prizes, set rules like: following your brand’s page, commenting on 5 friends on the giveaway post, or even sharing the post to their story. 

A good case study for giveaways infused with holiday spirit comes from E.L.F cosmetics. In their campaign, they did a giveaway every day for twelve days to promote their holiday collection and their advent calendar filled with products.


If you’ve ever been to an Apple demo, you understand that to inspire excitement about your product and your brand is how you mobilize a large segment of your customer base to purchase your product. 

The perfect way to make use of this principle is to start a countdown. Try getting your influencer to post about upcoming discounts and deals before the discount has happened. This will give your audience some time to internalize and learn about your deals. It also infuses the audience with a sense of FOMO if they miss out on your “cant-miss” deals.

Summary of Tips for Holiday Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Start Early
  • Write down campaign goals and budget
  • Focus on your best sellers
  • Create a list of influencers that reflect your brand
  • Use Affiliate discounts 
  • Use Giveaways
  • Use Countdowns

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This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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