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Influencer Marketing

What is a Micro Influencer and How to Find Them

If you are a smaller brand, looking to jump into influencer marketing but don’t have a large budget, you should consider working with micro influencers. Maybe you’ve tried working with larger, ...


Influencer Marketing

What Successful Brand Collaborations Look Like

Brand collaborations have now risen to the top of a successful brand’s “to do” list, in order to generate hype and attract new customers. Customers today are highly engaged in all avenues of ...


Influencer Marketing

Why Your Brand Should Take this Time to Plan Your Influencer Strategy

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, some brands have begun to cut down on their marketing spend and cancel product launches due to nationwide shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. And for those in the ...


Influencer Marketing

Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing to Spread COVID-19 Awareness

The outbreak of the famed COVID-19 from the coronavirus family has led to a global emergency that has threatened the prosperity of many companies. However, companies that provide personal protective ...


Influencer Marketing

These Social Media Usage Stats Might Surprise You

Social media seems to have taken over the world, but we’re not complaining! From Instagram to Twitch to TikTok, there is certainly no shortage of content for us to consume and in these coronavirus ...


Influencer Marketing

7 Different Types of Influencers You Should Know

Influencing has evolved from posting a brand deal on YouTube to changing the way people think, act, and essentially live their lives. Influencers of all industries have used their platform to create ...


Influencer Marketing

Vine 2.0: Byte

What Is Byte? Eight years after the meteoric rise of the original short-form video format platform Vine, Vine creator Dom Hofmann has returned to the social media scene and released Byte. Byte is an ...


Influencer Marketing

YouTube Creators vs. Facebook for Creators

As the influencer marketing industry grows and creators are continuing to become more popular, various platforms are constantly looking for ways to engage their creators. With content creators ...


Influencer Marketing

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing: Why You Should Leave TV Advertising Behind

If you’re in the marketing industry, you know just how powerful storytelling is. Any effective campaign likely tells a story that resonates with consumers, thereby stimulating business. This is ...


Influencer Marketing

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing over the Past Decade

It’s 2020, a new decade, and so it’s natural to reflect on how much has changed in the past 10 years. It’s no surprise to read that social media has been one of the main engines driving that ...


Influencer Marketing

The Best of TikTok Ads

TikTok is the booming young social media platform bringing new stars to fame. In light of this fact, it only makes sense that brands are taking advantage of this unsaturated platform to extend their ...


Influencer Marketing

6 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Any user of social media has definitely seen a sponsored post before. Many people think of the typical format where an influencer does a cheesy pose with a product, but recently, posting sponsored ...


Influencer Marketing

Exploring Audience Trends and Cultural Norms on TikTok

On November 16 of this year, a poorly mounted tire on 16-year old Katie Cornetti’s car came loose as she was driving. She lost control of the vehicle, which flipped over and left Cornetti and her ...


Influencer Marketing

The Rise of Ad Memes

How Ad Memes Are Becoming Company Strategy In the past decade, the way advertisers connect with their audiences has completely shifted. Magazine readership in the past year is down 13% and newspaper ...


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2020

Everyone is running the numbers and it’s no secret that influencer marketing predictions for 2020 exceed $10 billion. Growing $2 billion this past year alone, influencer marketing is a force to be ...


Influencer Marketing

A Lookback at Influencer Marketing in 2019

Look back at it. You’ll want to see this. It’s hard to believe that in 2018 brands were still skeptical of the rapidly growing influencer marketing sector, despite the astonishing ROI. As we ...


Influencer Marketing

Crash Course: Influencer Marketing Platforms

At this point, everyone knows what an influencer is, but what is an influencer marketing platform? Much like social media, influencer marketing platforms are online tools that connect brands and ...


Influencer Marketing

10 Best Examples of Influencer Marketing in 2019

With the growth of social media platforms, influencers are growing in popularity along with them. In the age of digital media, the influencer marketing industry has seen heightened growth and is ...


Influencer Marketing

New FTC Guidelines Released for Influencers  

As influencers and advertisers, both must follow guidelines by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in order to protect consumers. When influencers work with brands to recommend or endorse their ...


Influencer Marketing

James Charles Net Worth: From Makeup to Millions

It is shocking how much money now lies in the YouTube industry. YouTube is estimated to be worth up to $160 billion! It’s no wonder that becoming an influencer has become a career goal for many ...


Influencer Marketing

WeWoreWhat Creator Launches First Project Management Tool for Influencers

After years of growing her platform to 2.2 million Instagram followers for her WeWoreWhat account, the 27-year-old blogger and fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein found herself unable to find a ...


Influencer Marketing

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Stats

Is influencer marketing really living up to the hype? First, check out these ten frequently asked questions about influencer marketing if you’re just getting started. With this ...


Influencer Marketing

The Death of the Death of Influencer Marketing

If you think about the biggest commercial innovations over the past century or so you start to see a common thread. Whether they’re products or services or something else entirely, these ideas ...


Influencer Marketing

The Rise of the VSCO Girl

Ah, VSCO. Every trendy girl’s go-to editing app. VSCO has taken the Instagram game by storm, inundating your feeds with countless edits. Whether you’re a C1 or A6 lover, we all have at least ...


Influencer Marketing

Top 10 KPI’s For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign



Influencer Marketing

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Influencer Marketing



Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2019

As technological dependence increases and society become more social media focused, it is important to ask the question of whether influencer marketing is growing or declining. Why should we focus on ...


Influencer Marketing

Why Nano Influencers are a Huge Deal

If you’re tired of big social media influencers getting paid for ads, you’re in luck… sort of. Many companies are beginning to target smaller accounts, called nano influencers, to get their ads ...


Influencer Marketing

How To Become A Social Media Influencer

By Ryan Eaton The rise of social media came suddenly and continues to evolve. Since its emergence, many participants have struggled to find the sole purpose; however, social media influencers have ...


Influencer Marketing

How Much Are Social Media Influencers Paid?

By Ryan Eaton Ever since the emergence of social media, a new trend has come along with it: influencers. In an online world, that hasn’t entirely taken shape yet, these internet celebrities have ...


Influencer Marketing

How Paid Ads & Influencer Marketing Go Together Like PB&J

The secret sauce to amplifying your message and increasing reach within the current social media landscape is tapping into relevant influencers to create branded content and pushing ad budget behind ...


Influencer Marketing

How Chiara Ferragni earned more media value than Meghan Marckle

By Kyleigh Eaton Chiara Ferragni is a top influencer, with over 14.6 million Instagram followers her net worth is well above the average influencer or celebrity. She started her blog, “The Blonde ...


Influencer Marketing

5 Powerful New Instagram Features You Need To Know In 2018 Part II

This is the second installment of the “5 Powerful New Instagram Features You Need To Know In 2018” read the first one here. As you know, Instagram is the go-to app for Gen Z and Millennials ...


Influencer Marketing

Social Media in 2018: 13 Stats That Might Surprise You

If you’re going to look up social media statistics, you’re likely going to drown in a sea of information, interesting and not-so-interesting stats, and stats that might even contradict ...


Influencer Marketing

5 Powerful New Instagram Features You Need To Know About In 2018

This is the first part of the series on new Instagram features. Stay tuned for the next installment. As Instagram recently hit one billion users globally, the platform has introduced a multitude of ...


Influencer Marketing

Why Most Brands Don’t Post to Instagram Stories

In June, Instagram tallied over 1 Billion monthly active users. For comparison, that’s more than 3x as many monthly users as Snapchat and over 15x as many monthly users as Periscope. Combined with ...


Influencer Marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing

It’s 2018. Say goodbye to the good ole’ newspaper advertisements and infomercials that are almost cheesier than your Uncle’s jokes at Thanksgiving. The ever-so-changing world of marketing has ...


Influencer Marketing

11 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Should Know

INFLUENCER MARKETING — is it a bubble or are we onto something truly groundbreaking? In the last 12 months, the market demand for influencer marketing has exploded. As an early mover in the ...


Influencer Marketing

Top 3 Influencer Marketing Tips for Restaurants

For many in the restaurant business, influencer marketing remains a frontier. Rules can be hard to come by and the strategies everchanging. Add to that a layer of youth dominated lingo, and it’s ...


Influencer Marketing

How To Verify An Influencer

In today’s market of social media marketing, it is CRUCIAL to target the correct influencers while trying to sell a specific product. While some influencers are easy to expose, a good fake ...


Influencer Marketing

Top 3 Ways Small Businesses Approach Social Influencers

– 5 Minute Read – by Guest Contributor Kevin Hsu – The average American spends up to 2 hours a day on social media. It’s no real surprise that large companies are spending ...


Influencer Marketing

Marketing Super Heroes

25 min audio only “Everyone is an expert in something. I know my sister, she’s probably an expert on entertainment television. She watches a lot of Kardashians. But as we’ve seen, ...


Influencer Marketing

VERO and the Future of Influencer Marketing

5 minute read VERO – a new social media app – took over the conversation on the internet because it’s directly challenging its competitors and their net worth – Facebook ...


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Partnerships 101: Examples and Strengths

5 Minute Read Influencer partnerships require a different set of skills from advertisers. Yet they offer a unique set of rewards conventional advertising cannot access. As seen in the video below: a ...


Influencer Marketing

Top 12 Influencer Conferences of 2017

Influencer marketing is certainly not what it used to be just two or three short years ago. The entire industry has exploded from an entirely new category of content commercialization to mainstream ...


Influencer Marketing

Who is an influencer?

Influencer marketing has evolved from being an experimental channel to one of the most powerful strategies in a brand marketer’s arsenal. As the influencer marketing market matures, a number of ...


Influencer Marketing

The Influencer Marketing Landscape

This post was originally published on AdWeek. Virtually every other week, another “influencer marketing platform” hits the market. From managed campaigns, companies, marketplaces, analytics ...


Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Think of influencer marketing as an extension of word-of-mouth According to Google, the search volume for “influencer marketing” has grown by 5000% per month since 2015. What is influencer ...


Influencer Marketing

5 Reasons Why Influencers Replaced Traditional Celebrities

In a 2014 survey among U.S. teens, Variety found that Daniel Radcliffe—lead actor in Harry Potter, the second-highest grossing film series of all time—ranked as the 15th most influential ...


Influencer Marketing

Do You Trust Ads? Or Do You Trust Your Friends?

Jesse Leimgruber – CEO explains how NeoReach is disrupting influencer marketing at Alchemist Demo Day ’14.   ...

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