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Reddit Influencer Marketing: How to Use Reddit for Brands, Marketers and Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Reddit is a widely successful social media platform that provides information to any and all topics via thread format. Through individual threads, one can start conversations, ask questions, and provide resources to whatever may seem useful. Because influencer marketing is such a rapidly-growing industry that many want to break into, many people want a quick method to obtain this information. Reddit has become a hub for influencer marketing resources that provides brand opportunities, tips, and ideas for every realm of social media influencing. Through the Reddit Influencer Marketing page, brands, marketers, and influencers can all cross-communicate and create an environment for success in the industry.

Here are ways to use Reddit as a primary source for influencer marketing. 

How to Use Reddit for Brands

  • Find influencers interested in promoting your brand
  • Brands connecting with brands

Finding influencers to participate in branded content can often be overwhelming due to the overflow of media stars. Instead of reaching out to a mass number of influencers, some of which might turn down a campaign, let the influencers come to you.

With the Reddit Influencer Marketing page, brands can post upcoming campaigns they need influencers to promote and resources for how influencers can get involved. Many influencers, especially micro-influencers, utilize this job application-like style of media campaigns because it is an easy way for them to break into the influencer industry while also increasing reach for both the brand and themselves. This is also a great way for brands to hone in on influencers who are truly passionate about their brand and want to promote it on social media.

Influencers post on the reddit influencer marketing page to find brands they want to work with

Aside from Reddit’s Influencer Marketing page being a source for brands to communicate with influencers, this page is also a way for brands to connect with other brands. Brands will often share their social media marketing successes and failures which can help other brands learn the dos and don’ts of the industry. The use of this page allows for brands to be most prepared and well informed when planning their influencer marketing strategies. Especially with social media platforms, such as TikTok, where they are quickly on the rise and dominating the industry, brands can communicate with each other and discuss influencer marketing trends on TikTok. This seamless brand-to-brand connection creates an efficient environment for influencer marketing to succeed. 

How to Use Reddit for Marketers

  • Get inspiration from past campaigns
  • Finding partner agencies

Similarly to how brands connect with brands, marketers can connect with marketers. Influencer marketing campaigns are a tricky field to navigate because brands want something fresh and exciting despite social media platforms already being so quickly-evolving.

On Reddit influencer marketing subreddit, marketers can get inspiration and ideas from past campaigns posted and can formulate their own idea based on discussed successes and failures. Marketers can not only read about past campaigns but they can also ask their own questions. This allows for other marketers to guide them in a quick, efficient way.

Marketers discuss influencer marketing campaign successes and failures on reddit page

Reddit’s Influencer Marketing page is very focused on building a sense of community for industry professionals as well as those just breaking into the business. 

Because influencer marketing can sometimes feel very complex, marketers often turn to partner agencies to achieve the best quality promotions. Partner agencies have the ability to come up with campaign strategies, contact influencers, and execute promotions for the company.

Due to many competing influencer marketing agencies, Reddit’s page is a way for marketers to filter through these agencies and find the ones best suited for their specific campaign. Agencies on Reddit also promote their own services by offering their stats, credibility, resources, and more all in the form of thread posts. In the comments, marketers and agencies can discuss next steps and help make for a seamless transition into direct contact. Above all, this method feeds into the efficiency of the Reddit Influencer Marketing page.

How to Use Reddit for Influencers

  • Look out for social media sponsorship opportunities
  • Promote yourself! (branding, pricing, etc.)

Especially when just starting out, social media influencing can seem like a tough field to break into. Mega social stars often dominate the industry and it is often wondered how brands find micro-influencers to partner with.

However, on the Reddit Influencer Marketing page, companies often post about new opportunities to promote up-and-coming campaigns. Most of these Reddit posts are application-style and make it very easy for influencers to get involved. Because of Reddit’s fast-pace nature, posts to the influencer marketing page are being uploaded on an almost hourly basis. Therefore, it is key for influencers to frequently check the page for updates on opportunities that can grow their success on social media. An easy way to find top posts is to filter the feed to show the top posts of the month or of all time.

find top reddit influencer marketing posts to find relevant influencer sponsorship opportunities by filtering

Aside from brands promoting opportunities, the Reddit Influencer Marketing page can also be a way for you to promote yourself as an influencer. A large part of being a social media influencer is personal branding. Because both brands and marketers are active on this page, this is a great opportunity to promote yourself as an influencer.

You can share information such as your pricing, social media handles, and general information about yourself. This is a way to show brands you’re interested in sponsorships on a much less competitive platform. Frequent posting of information about yourself through the lens of a rising influencer can also lead to you being featured on the page’s rising posts feed. The key to using Reddit as an influencer is to be eager and confident while showing brands why you would make a great fit for their influencer team.

Overall, Reddit’s Influencer Marketing page is flooded with tips for brands, marketers, and influencers to learn and grow their career on social media.

This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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