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Most Relevant Tools and a Phone System for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By Editorial Staff

Combined with an excellent social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing is bound to bring more conversions and help build lasting relationships with customers and clients. Here we discussed why utilizing influencer marketing is a must and which tools will help you create an infallible joint social media and influencer marketing campaign. Additionally, we listed a phone system solution to help with building meaningful relationships with clients. This is to ensure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste when the time comes to connect with people on another level.

Influencer Marketing Changes the Game in Your Favor

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it – people hate classic ads

No matter how short and cool you make them, or how precise your targeting is, nobody likes interruptions when watching Youtube videos, or while scrolling their social media feed. People will install ad blockers, rush over the sponsored posts, turn off the Internet while playing games on their phones. 

By now, many people have probably developed something of “selective blindness” for the content they never asked for, but are forced to watch daily. This is similar to the banner blindness but advanced to ignore full videos as well. This is why marketers must reach out to potential clients and customers in a completely different manner. It has to be compelling, non-invasive, honest and crafted in a way that answers all the questions in advance. 

Influencer marketing combines every aspect mentioned, and adds even more: 

  • Influencers vouch for the quality of product/service with their names and reputations on the line
  • Social media followers have an emotional attachment to certain influencers, so influencer’s recommendations have a substantial impact on the decision-making process – it’s science!

Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you, let’s go through a list that puts an end to the pursuit of a comprehensive marketing toolkit. On this list, you will find a bit of everything: influencer marketing and LinkedIn automation tools, a phone system solution, content creation, monitoring and management tools. 

Essential Tools for Social Media and Influencer Marketing Campaign

Picking the right set of tools out of the vast offer is a daunting task that cannot be completed in one coffee-fueled afternoon. These tools are our top five – and will come in very handy no matter the size or type of your enterprise.

1. NeoReach

NeoReach is a cloud-based SaaS that enables marketers to seamlessly automate every aspect of influencer marketing. 

Searching through 3M+ influencer profiles, analyzing their audience demographics, managing large–scale campaigns and measuring their ROI is easier than ever before.

NeoReach influencer marketing platform


This is a full-service influencer marketing tool that provides:

  • Search features that help you find the perfect influencer profiles and target them by specific keywords, interests, demographics, location, and more
  • Real-time analytics with detailed insights, so you can see what works and what doesn’t right away; it is intuitive to use, and reports can be exported whenever you’re ready
  • Social Intelligence API Suite
  • Fraud Detection and Reporting – finding bot farms and suspicious behavior in order to protect your time, money, and reputation
  • A lot more – find the full scope of services and process here

2. RingBlaze

RingBlaze is a phone system with plenty of possibilities to connect with customers all over the world in a flash – without additional hardware and hidden expenses required.

RingBlaze phone system platform

The most notable Ringblaze phone system features include:

  • Click-to-call widget – visitors can call for free from anywhere in the world by clicking a button on a website
  • Email, Chat, and Phone Support
  • Team collaboration tools such as Shared Call Inbox, Call Comments, and shared dashboard
  • Custom Phone Numbers, Call & Message Export, and many more

This phone system has a free trial and a free personalized demo, with a 20% discount for annual billing ($19 per user per month when billed monthly).

3. Expandi is one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools on the market

It is a cloud-based software that takes care of lead generation, contact database, drip campaigns, and campaign management, while the dashboard provides an insight into current works and reports on a single screen. linkedin automation tools

These are the reasons you might want to pick

  • Mimicking human behavior – in order to avoid being recognized as spam, algorithm is made to copy the way people reach out: a new proxy IP address is assigned to each account, delays between actions are randomized, daily campaign limits gradually increase and smart limits prevent the users to send more than 100 messages per day
  • Meticulous personalization – messages are automated but personalized as well – to avoid sending the same, stale and robotic messages to everyone (and getting zero response)
  • Thorough and meaningful scraping – acquiring info on everyone who liked a certain post on LinkedIn and importing the CSV list, then getting in touch with them
  • It now has Advanced Dynamic Personalization for LinkedIn – a feature unique to, with a dynamic placeholder. It is a custom tag, adapted to the individual you’re reaching out to on LinkedIn

As far as the pricing goes, only has a free 7–day trial, but no free plans; however – for $99 per account, per month, you get access to every feature there is.

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

4. BuzzSumo

Content remains one of the most valuable and authentic assets you can provide to your audience. If created the right way, it can make you a thought–leader of your industry. To stay on top of your content marketing game, consider getting BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a tool that performs in-depth content research: what performs and what sinks, what and who is trending. Additionally, it helps you boost your SEO campaigns with a set of specific tools. You can use it for:


  • Content Discovery, Research, and Strategy
  • Keyword Tool – Keyword generation, monthly search volume, CPC, trends, and insights
  • Crisis Alerting – early warnings and notifications about the key topics, competitors, news, and points of interest
  • Competitor research – domain search will reveal the strongest (and weakest) competitor facets

BuzzSumo is free for the first 30 days in a free–trial form, for any plan you choose (except Enterprise); paid plans start at $99 per month for a Pro plan.

5. Mention

Listen to real people on social media. What are they talking about? What do they need, what irks them? Once you learn these things, be sure to include them in your strategy. Sounds pretty simple, but it is bound to bring amazing results your way!

Mention is a tool that listens for you by analyzing endless posts and conversations and then sorting them into Smart folders. You can then go through them with rich filtering capabilities, visualize, cross–reference, and cross–analyze the info.

Additionally, Mention integrates Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – so you can schedule posts (and answer mentions and comments) from a single place.

Mention social listening tool for influencer marketing campaign management

In a nutshell – these are the services you get:

  • Monitoring – Web and Social Media posts and conversations, so you never miss a mention of your brand
  • Tracking – watching over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in real-time, providing instant notifications
  • Publishing content – maximizing the social media strategy by creating and managing relevant content from a single tool
  • Brand Management – analyzing how a certain brand is perceived, strengthening brand reputation
  • Competitive Analysis – monitoring what is said about the competitors and using the insights on their content to your own advantage

Mention has a free plan with pretty limited options: 1 user, 1 alert, 3 social accounts, and 1.000 mentions. Other plans allow a 14–day free trial, while the Enterprise plan lets you book a demo with an expert.

Key takeaways

Influencer marketing isn’t a thing of the future – it’s happening right now. 

Fortunately, the market provides plenty of tools for you to jump right in and reach out to people in a way they actually want to be approached – so use these tools to their full potential!

This article was written by Milica Costic

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