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Social Intelligence on Social Media: Guide for Brands, Marketers and Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Social Intelligence is the newest set of data used by brands, marketers, and influencers in order to find the best strategy on how to spend their money on marketing. Today we are looking at how these entities use this information to their advantage, and use social media altogether to market products.

With the help of NeoReach, the Influencer Marketing Hub published a report that highlights all of the facts and figures surrounding social media influencer marketing. Specifically, we are looking at over 20 million YouTube videos that were analyzed for brand partnership or sponsorship that are in accordance with the FTC regulations. From these findings, we have summarized how specific brands, marketers, and influencers use social media as a new way to run an advertising campaign.

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Understanding Social Intelligence

What exactly is social intelligence? Social intelligence is the method of extracting traffic information from numerous social media platforms in order for companies to gain insight into the ways of advertising. This process has discovered that advertising through an influencer is much more effective than by a big-name celebrity. Sure, using a celebrity will help get the word out quickly, but it comes at a high price. Instead, NeoReach has concluded that paying numerous influencers for one product versus one celebrity is a more effective marketing tactic.

Follow below for information on how each entity can use social intelligence to their advantage.


As many brands stray away from the typical forms of advertising, NeoReach Social Intelligence gives brands new tactics on how to dive into the influencer marketing game. 

1. Identifying an influencer 

Trying to find the right person to market your product can be a difficult task. Luckily, using the Neoreach platform makes it easy to find a specific influencer that meets all of your criteria. 

2. Find an Audience

It is important to market your product to the correct audience. A makeup brand should not be advertising on a sports page, just as a travel company should not be marketing on a kids’ channel. It is all about finding the right influencer who has the right audience for your product. 

Looking at the Quarter 1 report, many influencers such as PewDiePie, Demolition Ranch, Tfue, etc. are among the quarter’s top recognized accounts. This means that in order to assure top success with an influencer marketing campaign, getting a “top tier influencer” that stands with your brand and audience, can make a world of a difference going down the road. Having this affiliation can open doors with bigger and better opportunities, which is what every brand strives to achieve.

NeoReach Social Intelligence Insights report top recognizable influencers


As a marketer, it is important to find the best deals for your future clients. With help from NeoReach’s Social Intelligence data, it can be easy finding influencers that match specific criteria. 

1. Knowing the Needs of A Client

First, it is important to know what demands a brand/company expects. Does a brand want a certain person to promote for them? What is the budget of the brand? What end goal does the brand have in mind? All of these questions are important in figuring out how to choose influencers. 

2. Getting in Contact with Influencers

An important step in an influencer’s career is getting their first sponsorship! Using communication strategies such as attention-grabbing emails, messaging through social media, or even contacting managers; influencers are excited about working with a new brand.

NeoReach has provided data that supports the use of influencers over big-name celebrities. Famous daytime talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, had partnered with Starbucks to advertise their new reward system. The Ellen Show’s reach of 37 million on YouTube had hopes high as the campaign launched. It did not live up to the expectation as she averaged 97,000 views and less than 100 comments per video, where the like to dislike ratio is almost 1:1. Neoreach compared this data alongside data from influencers to depict that using influencers might be the way to go.

Influencers vs The Ellen Show for influencer marketing on YouTube


On the receiving end, influencers should be wanting to partner with these brands and companies. Not only does it make them money, but it also is a way to promote themselves! Social intelligence can help influencers find out the demographics of their audience, which in turn can help them find brands that would like to partner with them. These next few tips can help guide influencers on how to pick out brands:

1. Don’t Just Partner With Any Brand

Being sponsored by a brand that you stand by is something very important. As an influencer, you should enjoy using the product that you are trying to promote to your audience. The most successful influencers are the ones that genuinely care about the product, and would use it even without a paid partnership. Authenticity is key.

2. Put Yourself Out There

As an influencer, do not be afraid to reach out to brands asking for a partnership. Oftentimes, as a new influencer, you are not on the radar of many well known brands. Getting in contact with these companies is something that can get you on in front of other brands that you are very interested in. 

Using influencers as a marketing tool is something that is still relatively new. Brands and companies are straying away from billboards and television commercials, and are gearing up for this innovative way of doing things in a digital society. Influencers are often cheaper than the standard forms of advertising, and in the end, turn a higher rate of return! Using YouTube as well as short-form video platforms like TikTok and Clash are some of the many options when it comes to activating a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Each week, NeoReach publishes a Top Spenders list which highlights the Top 10 brands that spent the most on YouTube advertising based on data collected from our Social Intelligence tool.

Download the complete Social Intelligence Guide

For more information regarding the NeoReach data platform, please email for any questions on how to get started!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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