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How to Be An Instagram Influencer

By Editorial Staff

The well-known app, Instagram, has become a powerhouse for influencers around the world to create personal brands. Getting “influencer status” comes with many perks especially in today’s age of media where people idolize influencers with large platforms. How to be an Instagram influencer is a question that has many answers. Here at Neoreach, we provide influencers with tips on how to create these brands and have them flourish. 

1. Find A Niche Category

In today’s society where social media is in its prime, how to be an Instagram influencer is a recurring question. Finding a niche category could be the answer to set you apart from the masses. Many influencers have started reviewing popular grocery store items, posting about their career stories, and even doing day-in-the-lives of their COVID-19 journey. Using your interests to create content, could be just what you need to have people get interested in your profile. 

2. Staying Consistent and Up-to-Date

Becoming an influencer is no easy task. How to be an Instagram influencer heavily relies on your ability to post regularly about current events, your daily life, and other activities that users might like. Even with a smaller following base, staying consistent with your post can drastically increase your page. Something as simple as reposting on your Instagram story can cause a spike in traffic to your profile! Some ideas that could boost your content include:

3. Formulating an Interactable Profile

Creating an interesting profile is another way to gain a following. Start off by creating a profile that highlights you! Have a good bio that includes what your purpose is, interesting information, as well as links to your other most used social media platforms. Having your stories organized into highlights and using IGTV is another way to have a good engagement with your audience. Having a well organized, aesthetically pleasing profile will keep users interested. Think of a color scheme that accents your pictures, and keep up with it: followers really enjoy this! Overall, organizing your Instagram feed is something that is easy, yet comes with great results. 

Arielle Vey profile Instagram influencer bioArielle Vey how to be an instagram influencer with aesthetic feed

4. Create Meaningful Captions

On Instagram, it is very easy to get carried away with making captions long and information filled. While this is nice sometimes, most people see a long caption and scroll right by it. Instead, a few meaningful sentences can get the job done. You can combine these captions with hashtags that directly tie to your post. Using hashtags can be tricky. Did I use the right amount? Am I using the correct hashtags? Honestly, it is up to the user to determine this. Do what you think will get your point across, just remember to keep it short and sweet!

5. Focus on Interacting With Your Audience

From the start, trying to get in the influencer game can be very difficult. It is important to interact with the people that are the ones giving you a platform. Respond to their comments, reply to their DMs, and post polls! Learning what your audience likes is an important step in increasing your following.

By using the Instagram business feature which allows you to see the audience demographics such as age, gender, and location; you can post more specific content that caters towards who follows you. If most of your followers are located in New York, odds are the majority of them do not want to see news happening in California. By taking the time to interact with your followers it shows that you not only care but also take the time to create interesting content.

6. Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

An important step in an influencer’s career is getting their first brand deal. A brand deal is a sponsorship between a company and an influencer where the influencer is using their platform to market a product or service. You have probably seen many of these before. The most common types of brand deals often include promo codes or “swipe ups” that get you a discount on a product.

Many times, the influencer gets a kick-back from these products; hence, making it worthwhile. But for most, brand deals will not fall into your lap. Reaching out to different brands with interest in their product is the first step in establishing a connection with a company. Popular brands that give out these deals include the following:

  • Honey
  • SugarBearHair
  • Function of Beauty
  • Noom
  • Roman
  • ExpressVPN
  • Skillshare
  • StitchFix

7. Be Transparent and Be Yourself

It is easy to get lost in the depths of the internet, and even easier in getting lost in how to be an Instagram influencer. One thing that Instagram users love the most is transparency between Instagram influencers and their audience. Instagram is a shrine to one’s best pictures, best memories, etc and it is easy to get into the idea that someone’s life is picture-perfect. A new side of Instagram is emerging where influencers show us the side of life that is not the most pleasurable.

This can range from pictures without filters/posing in unflattering positions, highlighting real-world problems, and even showing life’s hardships. Staying true to yourself is one of the most important things that an up-and-coming influencer can do, and people will recognize you for that.

Hopefully, the question of how to be an Instagram influencer is now answered, and it is up to you to follow these tips!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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