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Top 10 Sponsored YouTube Videos from Q1 2020

By Editorial Staff

YouTube has now grown into one of the biggest advertising platforms for brands in nearly every industry. While traditional advertising was done on the billboards and commercials, we have seen a shift towards other mediums take place over the last decade or so. By now YouTube should be on everyone’s radar when developing an advertising campaign. Based on data included in NeoReach’s own report analyzing the present influencer marketing state, we have curated a list of the top 10 sponsored YouTube videos in Q1 2020 (measured in IMV associated with the video).

Download the full report here.

1. Livestream FAILS – PewDiePie

  • IMV: $1,180,053.42
  • Views: 7,447,674
  • Reach: 103,000,000

PewDiePie has long demanded lucrative deals for a brand to secure a partnership with him. NordVPN and PewdiePie’s collaboration on his video “Livestream Fails” is no different. There is nothing unique about the subject matter of this video to lead to top advertising dollars, as it just gives a recap of funny moments that happened on various livestreams recently. Rather than the content alone, PewDiePie’s unrivaled reach led to his video claiming the top spot.

2. Designs that will make you MAD! #60 – PewDiePie

  • IMV: $1,082,899.14
  • Views: 7,546,283
  • Reach: 103,000,000

Truly dominating Q1, PewDiePie claims the number two spot as well in terms of IMV associated with a single video. Working together with DLive in this video “Designs that will make you MAD! #60”, PewDiePie reaches a tremendous amount of people. While some may question a brand’s decision to spend advertising dollars on influencer marketing, it is clear that reaching upwards of 100 million people through one advertisement in one video is unheard of. If DLive wished to reach that same number through more traditional approaches it would be drastically more expensive.


  • IMV: $855,800.22
  • Views: 7,624,659
  • Reach: 8,610,000

HoomanTV rounds out the top 3 with PewDiePie when evaluating sponsored YouTube videos in Q1. HoomanTV usually posts various pranks on his channel and has one of the largest reaches on YouTube. With upwards of 8.6 million viewers reached through this video, it makes sense Blue Chew decided to partner with him.

4. Destroying My Friend’s Car And Surprising Him With A New One – ZHC

  • IMV: $669,832.14
  • Views: 5,723,833
  • Reach: 6,590,000

ZHC’s video was able to reach more than 6.5 million people in Twitch’s latest effort of their digital marketing campaign. This places ZHC’s upload at #4 in terms of Q1 sponsored YouTube videos. In terms of content, this video features ZHC giving away a free car to his friend, but only after he destroys his friend’s original car.

5. 5/5 Rated PewDiePie Fan Game – PewDiePie

  • IMV: $647,921.02
  • Views: 4,722,844
  • Reach: 103,000,000

PewDiePie finished with 3 videos in the top 5 of Q1 which shows how desirable he is as an advertising partner. GFuel teamed up with PewDiePie and reaped the benefits that come with reaching 103 million people. PewDiePie’s audience is also one of the most engaged bases on the platform, which only makes advertising through his videos even more valuable.

6. Giant Sour Patch Kids Challenge x 2 – Matt Stonie

  • IMV: $561,406.22
  • Views: 4,602,109
  • Reach: 10,700,000

Matt Stonie frequently posts videos of him consuming massive amounts of food quickly, which has led to him amassing quite the fan base. In this upload, Matt was able to eat an alarming amount of Sour Patch Kids within a 20-minute time span. Raycon decided to partner with Stonie in Q1 to further their advertising campaign. Due to this video alone, Raycon was able to reach 10.7 million people in hopes of them buying their newly launched headphones. More and more brands are looking to utilize sponsored YouTube videos in Q2 due to the efficiency of partnering with individual influencers. 

7. Cooking My Boyfriend A Meatless Meal! – Ryland Adams

  • IMV: $444,091.40
  • Views: 3,076,705
  • Reach: 4,620,000

Ryland Adam’s video comes in at #7 in terms of IMV for one video in Q1, which is impressive considering the sheer amount of sponsored YouTube videos in the first quarter of 2020. Blue Apron was able to reach close to 5 million views by partnering with Adams. Adam’s video features him cooking which is very fitting considering Blue Aprons product. Look for more brands to be sponsored in Adam’s videos during Q2.

8. Deaf Man vs. Drive-Thru: They Threw Away My Food! – Sign Duo

  • IMV: $371,801.76
  • Views: 2,752,847
  • Reach: 236,000

Sign Duo often posts videos educating the public on life as a deaf man. In this upload, he shows how frustrating it can be for him to get his food through a drive-thru, something many take for granted every day. Unfortunately, his food gets thrown out during the process of ordering. Skillshare partnered with Sign Duo in this video and was able to reach over a quarter-million people in the process.

9. Thrift Store Makeover #6 – Moriah Elizabeth

  • IMV: $371,763.80
  • Views: 3,101,260
  • Reach: 4,250,000

Moriah Elizabeth’s video ranks #9 in terms of sponsored YouTube videos for Q1 2020. In this upload, Moriah is able to create a completely new outfit out of items found at a thrift store. Zynga, known for Words with Friends and many other notable mobile apps, partnered with Moriah in her video during Q1. 4.25 million people were reached through just this video which can rival primetime television ratings. Zynga joins a growing list of companies utilizing influencer marketing in order to reach a growing number of consumers on the platform.

10. Legoland Amusement Theme Park Rides for Kids with Ryan’s World!!! – Ryan’s World

  • IMV: $364,979.92
  • Views: 4,372,199
  • Reach: 24,000,000

Ryan’s world is one of the largest YouTube channels on the platform and captivates children around the world. This creates a unique opportunity for marketers to reach one of the most valuable audiences. Legoland made the strategic decision to have Ryan film an advertisement in the park. This video alone was able to reach nearly 24 million people, many households will be able to thank Ryan when their child cannot stop pestering them about Legoland because of this video.

This article was written by Cameron Kanner

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