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CASETiFY: Influencer Marketing Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

CASETiFY is a cutting-edge company that offers unique phone cases to a wide and varied market. Starting with custom cases made from customers’ Instagram photos, CASETiFY has evolved to offer its own designs and patterns for not just phones but also computers and accessories like AirPods and Nintendo Switch.

The company partners with artists from all over the world to add a personal touch to their cases, as well as with major brands like Disney, Harry Potter, and popular series like One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Star Wars. CASETiFY also joins forces with renowned museums to bring fine art to their phone cases. Additionally, they release exclusive phone case lines in collaboration with influencers, such as the Hardened Hearts line with singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo.


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CASETiFY also puts an emphasis on sustainability, creating more durable cases, ones made out of recycled material, and puts some of its profits into environmental advocacy charities.

Who is CASETiFY?

CASETiFY was founded as ‘Caseteagram’ in 2011 by co-founders Wesley Ng and Ronald Yeung, focusing on turning collages of Instagram photos into phone cases. When the concept showed success, the company spread their focus and products beyond the singular social media app. As a startup company based heavily in influencer culture from the very beginning, it’s no doubt that CASETiFY has found massive success in marketing with influencers. 

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The Biggest Influencers Promoting CASETiFY

1. Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden is a comedic YouTuber who rose to prominence on the now-defunct app Vine, where he created short sketches. He has since transitioned to YouTube and now creates commentary content, reacting to advertisements, low-quality movies, and other entertaining activities. With 3.89 million subscribers on YouTube, he has built a significant following.

In one of his most popular videos, Drew shares his experience searching for and reacting to a hilarious, obscure movie he stumbled upon on Netflix years prior. The video has garnered over 3.3 million views and resulted in an estimated IMV of $307,039.50 for CASETiFY, who he featured in the promotion at the end of the video.

2. Cody Ko

Cody Kolodziejzyk, known professionally as Cody Ko, is a commentary YouTuber who started interfacing with the internet by creating the app I’d Cap That and starring in Vines. He now creates commentary videos on YouTube, releases satirical music, and produces a talk show podcast with fellow YouTuber Noel Miller under the title Tiny Meat Gang. His main channel has over 5.9 million subscribers.

In this sponsored video, Drew opens up submissions where he asks his fans to showcase what’s inside their fridges. The video received 1.9 million views and generated an estimated IMV of $197,177.72 for the CASETiFY promotion that was included mid-video.

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3. Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren, known professionally as Ludwig, is an esports YouTuber who gained success on Twitch for his gaming content but moved to the YouTube Gaming streaming site exclusively in 2021. He now posts clips from streams and reaction videos alongside gaming and esports content. His channel has almost 4 million subscribers.

In this video composed of clips from a stream, Ludwig plays a mobile knockoff version of the critically acclaimed and successful party game Fall Guys. It gained 1.1 million views and generated an IMV of $127,112.60 for his mid-video CASETiFY promotion.

4. Welyn

Welyn is a gaming YouTuber who’s been making content on the platform since 2008, often focusing on showing clips from his playthroughs of survival games, especially the multiplayer first-person survival game Rust. He presently has 2.83 million subscribers.

This video, where Welyn showcases a raid of another groups’ fortress in the video game Rust, made 1.5 million views and an IMV of $110,378.38 from the intro card CASETiFY promotion.

5. Izzzyzzz

Izzy, channel name ‘Izzzyzzz,’ is a commentary YouTuber who primarily focuses on creating informational content on various Internet-related topics and phenomena such as fandoms, old video games, and internet legends. Their outfits and video thumbnails feature a bright and colorful art style, which blends into their topics and merch. They have 805k subscribers on YouTube.

This video, commenting on the origins of and the discussion around the literary discursive term “Mary Sue,” gained 1.5 million views and generated an IMV of $103,982.02 from the CASETiFY promotion in its introduction.

6. Jameskii

James Swire, known online as Jameskii, is a reaction and gaming YouTuber who also dabbles in Twitch streaming. While starting with animated content through MLG parodies and Source Filmmaker content, he has moved to commentary and gaming content, alongside streaming. He presently has 2.16 million subscribers

This video, where he and his friends react to various strange videos sent to them through Discord, gained 2.6 million views and generated an IMV of $98,678.98 in his mid-video promotion.

CASETiFY’s Influencer Marketing Success

CASETiFY is a brand mired deep in modern-day influencer and technology culture, thus focusing on influencers that mix with this image. They can promote their products to a wide variety of people, focusing on younger demographics that will find a use in a trendy, hip, and sustainable phone case brand. 

CASETiFY initially had a narrow focus of creating custom cases from customers’ Instagram photos, but by expanding across platforms and demographics, it has gained a keen understanding of Internet culture. With a wide range of influencer promotions appealing to a primarily younger demographic who values quality accessories for their personal tech, CASETiFY has established itself as a leader in the market.


This article was written by Michael Litman

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