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Marketing Analysis Report: Technology Industry Finds Success with Influencer Marketing on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

Over the years, the technology industry has seemed to continuously stray away from traditional tech media in favor of influencer marketing. To put it into perspective, NeoReach conducted the Social Intelligence Insights Report for Q3 2020 to provide analyzed data from the US and Canada that was pulled from over 8,893 YouTube videos indicating brand partnership. From the top 19 industries for Q3 2020, the technology industry proved to be one of the reigning top spenders and one of the top industries with a presence on YouTube through influencer marketing.

Top Industries on Youtube IMV Spend


As one of the top 5 industry spenders on YouTube, tech makes up over 46% of the total IMV, or Influencer Media Value.  In comparison to another top spender, the gaming industry, the technology industry continues to dominate YouTube with over twice as many views on sponsored videos, just as the industry did in Q2. Additionally, the top three industries – technology, gaming, and food and drink – managed to double their reach on YouTube since last quarter. 

Top Industries on YouTube Views by Industry


Straying from Traditional Tech Media

Instead of turning to articles or written reviews about tech apps, products, or services, consumers are turning to YouTube. Like gaming, consumers prefer to see products in action for themselves rather than reading about their features. This has been a common trend in multiple industries, as consumers not only find written tech reviews outdated, but they also trust their favorite influencers over traditional advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

With a reach of 6B on YouTube, technology brands saw huge success by sponsoring videos on YouTube. With the technology industry’s leading brands spending over $68M on influencer marketing, these brands subsequently saw high numbers in terms of views and engagement and proved that YouTube is an effective channel for marketing in the digital age.

Top Technology Spenders

The top 5 technology brands that invested in influencer marketing on YouTube are:

  1. NordVPN
  2. Honey
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. Raycon
  5. Skillshare

 Following their recent successful influencer marketing campaigns, their engagement grew significantly over a few months. For all of these brands, they have each clearly found a way to connect to their audiences and reach new consumers through a strong social media presence, as these top 5 brands collectively earned 261M views.

More specifically, NordVPN was the highest tech spender on YouTube, sponsoring 87 videos. Their $12M investment in influencer marketing reached 2.2B  people and ultimately brought in 70M views and 5.7M engagements on YouTube. In early 2020, NordVPN’s revenue was estimated to be $5.5M, but by June 2020, an article from AtlasVPN took notice of NordVPN’s immense growth and priced it at $7.8M. 

Top 5 Tech Spenders on YT Table


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Technology Campaigns

After analyzing sponsored videos from the technology industry, it was clear that

  • 33.1% of videos focused on brand awareness
  • 33.2% of videos aimed to attract new users through limited-time offers
  • 19.2% of videos persuaded viewers to download or install tech-related apps
  • 70.0% of videos attracted viewers through contests and giveaways

Furthermore, in terms of content type, Integrated videos were most common across the technology industry. The main calls to action involve direct sales initiatives, favoring a link in bio or direct purchase page to capitalize on the influencer content.

YouTube sponsored videos campaign objectives data


The Technology Industry and Standout Influencers

 The technology industry worked with 952 unique influencers for YouTube campaigns during Q3 of 2020. In terms of standout creators, MrBeast, Dude Perfect, and PewDiePie each saw massive engagement on their sponsored videos. These three influencers alone currently reach a combined 207M subscribers on YouTube and typically gain millions of views on their videos, achieving viral status and millions of dollars in IMV.  

Top tech industry YouTube accounts are the highest grossing influencers

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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