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How to Get Monetized on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

Getting monetized on YouTube is often a big milestone for many influencers. This status can lead influencers to bigger and better opportunities, and often comes with a sense of accomplishment. But getting monetized is not as tricky as some might think. We have broken down the steps on how to get monetized on YouTube and reach this breakthrough achievement!

The YouTube Partnership Program is the fund that has allowed creators to share money that YouTube has made on advertisements from their videos. Introduced in late-2007, YouTube launched this money-paying program, which to date, has paid out over 8.5 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a B! Many famous creators that we know today made it big starting with this fund. These people include David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, PewDiePie, and many more.

These influencers were able to achieve this status and start earning money, which gave them recognition, something most other influencers lacked at the time. Still to this day, almost 15 years later, we see YouTube stars getting their fame from this program!  So how do you get monetized on YouTube? Below are the requirements needed in order to get accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program to start earning money!

How to Get Monetized on YouTube

Policy Requirements

As the first point on this checklist, it is important to follow the numerous policies enforced by YouTube. These policies include adhering to community guidelines, making sure videos are original (following copyrights), following the Terms of Service, and also adhering to the Google AdSense Program. More information on the Google Adsense Program can be found here

This process is the most intricate of the four. It involves YouTube officials going through your account to make sure it complies with all of the policies stated above. YouTube states that since reviewers can not check every one of your videos, they focus on your channel’s:

  • Main theme
  • Most viewed video
  • Newest videos
  • Biggest proportion of watch time
  • Video metadata (including titles, thumbnails, and descriptions)

These are very strict rules set by YouTube’s Partnership Program. If a creator does not follow these rules and breaks these policies, YouTube has the power to suspend your participation in the program, pull all ads from your content, and even suspend your YouTube channel. 

Country Availability 

The YouTube Partnership Program is available to creators in over 120 countries around the world. As long as you reside in one of these selected countries, you are eligible to take part in this program. The extensive list of countries can be found on the support website.

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Minimum Watch Hours 

This is one of the most tedious steps of the entire process of getting monetized on YouTube. A creator must get more than 4,000 hours of public watch time in 12 months in order to meet the requirements for the partnership program. This is often the step where most influencers struggle. In order to meet this requirement, it is important for creators to create a following base (no matter how big or small) that want to come back to watch their content. 

AdSense Account 

This simple step of setting up an AdSense account is just one way to personalize your ad content. AdSense is a website that connects advertisers looking to run their ads with influencers looking for opportunities. Setting up an account is very easy and takes less than five minutes. To sign up for an account, follow this link

Subscriber Count

The last of the requirements is having over 1,000 subscribers. While this may seem like a lot, there are tips and tricks on how to build your following base. 

When creating a YouTube channel, or any social media page, that is catering towards your audience, it is important to gear your content to what the audience would want to see. Finding a niche category could really set your page out from the rest, making watchers want to come back. Another way to gain a YouTube following is to put pride into your videos. No viewer wants to watch videos that are boring. If you do not care about your videos, why would anyone else?

Lastly, taking advantage of other social media platforms to advertise for your video, is a great way to spread the word about your YouTube videos. Looking at other creators, we see that they take advantage of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn to post the information about their latest content. 

Following these five points will guarantee you getting monetized on YouTube. As a creator, take advantage of this partnership program, which could potentially open bigger doors down the line!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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