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How to Go Viral on YouTube 

By Editorial Staff

The title of “online influencer” has become a career, made possible with the help of YouTube and the many social media platforms active today. Many years ago, there was never even the idea of posting pictures and other content online in order to gain a following. We were held back by the inability to release our opinions quickly and at ease. However, today YouTube actively leaves the door open for anyone and anything to achieve fame. If this sounds like fun to you, you’ve come to the right place! 

In the social media-driven day and age that we live in, YouTube provides a direct, easy platform to achieve overnight success. We have seen many people come from nothing and achieve viral success and fame by simply uploading a video to YouTube. With the click of a mouse, a video can be shared with thousands of people. Once one person takes a liking to it, they will send it to their community and more and more people will be clicking away. Although it is often not easy to become viral, it is not impossible.

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Some of the best musicians have gotten their start from YouTube. Take Justin Bieber, for example, as his 14-year-old fans with YouTube accounts simply fawned over his song “Baby” and couldn’t stop playing the song on repeat. The infamous “Call Me Maybe” song and video re-enactments also began on YouTube. These YouTube figures became a phenomenon a few years ago and have shown that there certainly was a future in online videos. Video bloggers have also become incredibly popular, more so than any of us could’ve imagined. Many people have also become popular off of reaction videos, makeup tutorials, and “day in the life” videos that will keep you glued to your screen. Truly, any talent or niche can become a worldwide hit with the recording of a video!  

So, for all you YouTube millionaire hopefuls, let’s run through some steps on how to become the next viral YouTube sensation.

  1. Identify Your Niche, Talent, or Topic

Viewers need to have a reason to watch your video. The amazing thing about YouTube is that your options are endless! There are millions of viewers that are interested in a variety of different things. Be open and be creative. Find out what makes you different than others. We want to see the unique side of you!

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  1. Put Pride in Your YouTube Video

If you’re trying to achieve fame from your video, you might as well put time and effort into making it something worthwhile. It is more likely for your video to be one that leaves a lasting impression if the viewers know you put your all into it.

  1. Upload with a Good Description/Title

Title the video something that is memorable and will stick in the minds of viewers. Short and sweet is ideal. A broken or confusing title can limit the viewer from clicking on your video, or even re-watching a second time around if they cannot find it. Also, focus on the video description. As your video becomes popular, the description will certainly be read. It is an easy task, so make sure your video isn’t hindered by a bad description.

5-Minute Crafts' YouTube Video Title and Description

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has become an incredible platform for our people. Outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are free tools that can be used to promote your video and take advantage of your resources. Post your video link to your Instagram story and share with your followers. Every share, retweet, like, or repost can have a positive impact on your video. 

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  1. Enjoy the Fame and Be Careful

There is more that comes along with YouTube fame than many think. Once achieving the feat of a viral video, do the right things and trust the right people. There are also many reservations about running your business online. Keep personal information to yourself and do not send money or financial information to other influencers. 

The influence that online video personalities have been used by many companies as well. Marketing departments know what they’re doing. Whether or not some like to hear it, truth be told that a Fortnite streamer may be able to reach more prospective customers than an NBA player, for example. Times have changed for sure but those in charge of increasing the knowledge or following of a particular product or service may feel more confident turning to a YouTuber to help them with that.

YouTube can be to you what you want it to be. Have fun with it and connect with other people. Why can’t you be the next Justin Bieber? Realistically, we have all imagined it. In today’s day and age, some of the most famed and closely followed people we know, have their roots traced back to YouTube. Going viral on YouTube can often be the spark for someone trying to reach an audience. So get out there, get your hands dirty, and who knows– I might even be one of your lucky viewers one day!

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This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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