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How to Write an Influencer Marketing Brief That Gets Results

By Editorial Staff

There’s no denying the raw power that influencer marketing has had on the world, and as a business trying to sell your products and services and get your name out to the masses, using an influencer could be your ticket to success.

However, the marketing campaign will only be as good as you allow it to be, which means getting prepared and organized by writing yourself an influencer marketing brief. This brief will detail everything you and the influencer need to know to make the sponsored content what you want, balanced, legal and successful.

Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know to write this brief, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Let’s jump straight into it!

Name of Your Brand/Advertiser

You should start by making it very clear about who you are and what your business does. This is so everybody is on the same page about what you’re looking for and what kind of campaign you’re looking to run. Contain all crucial information, so there’s no room for misinterpretation.

Your Brand + Social Influencers
Credit: Medium

Which Social Media Accounts Should Be Used

The next thing you’ll want to decide is which social media platforms you want the influencer to use to showcase your product or service. There are plenty of different platforms the influencer might be using, and lots of different ways for them to be using it.

For example, if you’re selling a product, you’re probably going to want to use Instagram because it’s so visual and simple. On the other hand, for detailed analysis and insights into a service, you might want to use a blog post or YouTube.

Socia Media Platform Logos
Credit: Strike Social

Include Description of Sponsored Post Content

In addition to the accounts you want to use, you’ll also need to specify what kind of content you want to use, how it should be presented, what each piece of content should contain and when it’s going to be posted.

“If you’re working on a campaign, you need to make sure you’ve agreed on the number of posts which are going to be displayed and over what length of time. You’ll also need to describe which hashtags are going to be used” shares Judy Foster, a marketing manager for Via Writing and Elite Assignment Help.

Fashion influencer Kemper sports clothing from Lulus and features specific hashtags in her caption.

Highlight Your Campaign Goals

Your influencer brief should also clearly define what the outcome of the campaign you’re running is, so everyone knows what they’re aiming for.

For example, you need to make sure you’re detailing whether you’re trying to sell or educate about a product, whether you’re driving people to your own website or social media pages, or if you want them to enter your competition or giveaway.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Goals
Credit: The Shelf

Any Precise Calls to Action to Be Used

The call to action is one of the most important things you’ll want to be thinking about because this is what’s going to give your product/service the result you’re looking for. However, you’ll need to work with the influencer to see what works best for their audience.

This works hand in hand with the points of consideration above, so make sure you’re investing time in this area to make it work.

In a paid partnership with Flat Tummy Co, Kourtney Kardashian includes a call to action in her caption, offering users 20% off and urging them to try the product.

Any Information on Contest/Giveaway Event

In the event that you’re running a competition or contest, you’ll want to make sure you include all the details of this event on your brief.

This includes any rules and regulations you need to abide by, any guidelines and steps that need to be taken and everything that needs to be said, so the contest runs legally and smoothly for all parties involved.

Tana Mongeau announces a giveaway and shopping spree sponsored by fashion brand Tobi. In her caption, she lists all rules that participants need to abide by.

Use a Dedicated Landing Page

If you’re taking leads off the social media platform and onto a dedicated website, you need to make sure you’re using a dedicated landing page to greet these potential users.

This is important because you’ll need to keep your leads engaged with your content, and you’ll need to give them the easiest experience, rather than having to navigate your website. To help you create the content for your landing page quickly, you can use the following online tools:

State of Writing / Study demic – These are two leading online editing and proofreading tools to help ensure your content is perfect and error-free.

UK Writings – Use this online formatting tool to help you structure and layout your content.

Essay Roo / Academ advisor – Use these two online services to help you generate content for your influencer campaigns, such as keywords, hashtags, subheadings and catchphrases.

Landing Page
Credit: LYFE Marketing

Remind Influencer of Important FTC Guidelines That Must be Met

Of course, any post, sponsored content or advertisement needs to be legal from start to finish, which is especially important if you’re running an event as we mentioned above. You have to make sure you and the influencer are following all FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines which take about payment and what kind of information needs to be disclosed.

FTC Guidelines
Credit: FTC

Any Brand Assets That Should Be Used

“As a brand or company, you probably use a logo, slogan or other kinds of material, known as an asset, that you use to promote your business and identify yourself. When it comes to using an influencer, you may want them to have access to these assets to help them further the success of their post” explains Nick Turner, a communication manager for Boom Essays.

Brands' Logos and SlogansConclusion

As you can see, there are lots of things you want to think about when it comes to using an influencer to helping market your product, all of which need to be considered in the brief to make sure it runs as smoothly and as thoroughly as possible.

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This article was written by Freddie Tubbs. Tubbs is a communications manager at Academized. He enjoys attending marketing and tech events and contributing columns to Paper Fellows and Australian help blogs.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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