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Why Nano Influencers are a Huge Deal

By Editorial Staff

By Ryan Eaton

If you’re tired of big social media influencers getting paid for ads, you’re in luck… sort of. Many companies are beginning to target smaller accounts, called nano influencers, to get their ads out. Considered the future of influence marketing, these accounts are quickly changing the way advertisers are able to interact with audiences on various social media sites.

Specific audiences

Nano influencers are considered the most powerful of all the influencer marketing groups. This is due to how specific smaller accounts allow advertisers to get. An account with around 1,000 followers might have the exact audience companies are trying to target. In comparison, larger influencer accounts, like huge celebrities, have a wider following with fewer similarities. The main focus is on the quality of advertising. With 1.1 thousand followers, Faye Olivia is a nano influencer. Below is a closer look at her audience demographics using NeoReach’s platform.

Nano influencer Faye Olivia's audience breakdownClose relationship with audience

Another reason nano influencers are successful is due to the close relationships they have with their followers. Unlike the huge celebrities (accounts with millions of followers), or the middle influencers (averagely popular accounts), nano influencers generally know who is following them. Seeing a friend promoting a product is much more personal than a random celebrity. It also comes across as less forced, appearing more as a recommendation from a friend rather than a forced ad. Remember Faye Olivia? Because she is from the UK, most of her audience also resides there. We were able to determine this by using NeoReach’s platform.

Faye Olivia's Specific Audience DemographicsMore perks

The statistics also agree with these ideas. Nano influencers have 60% higher campaign engagement rates than other influencers and are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement. This means that they’re also more cost-effective than others. Nano influencers are also trusted, loyal, and relevant. They have credibility from followers, have existing relationships with the companies through purchasing history, and have high connections with brand, product, and brand-relevant topics. They’re also more available than larger influencers which help regularly generate more content. Below you can see Faye Olivia’s social metrics, including her price range, followers, and average impression and engagement.

Faye Olivia's Price Range and FollowersHow to become one

So how do you become one? Nano influencers are sought out by marketing firms based on the content they post as well as other factors such as frequency and interactions. An account that carries a consistent theme (like fashion or travel) with consistent interactions is more likely to be approached. Some influencers even reach out to companies they think would benefit from a partnership. Take fashion and lifestyle nano influencer Bricely Liriano for example. She has a specific theme and aesthetic that attracts brands to her.

Bricely Liriano's Instagram FeedUltimately, it is a job, and the companies carry expectations, and even layout rules, for when and what a nano influencer should post. An important thing to remember is that there are strings attached. Many influencers talk with the companies and advertisers that they support regularly to get each post approved. Though it seems effortless, being a nano influencer turns social media into work that can be much more meticulous than it seems.

Whether they feel as if they’re posting an infomercial or actually posting products that will help their followers, the number of nano influencers across social media is increasing. This proves advertisers are successfully discovering new ways to use social media to reach target audiences.

With the direction it’s headed, the next time you open up social media there could be a company ready to do business with you!

Want to reach nano influencers like these? Find out how here.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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