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Top 20 Political Memes of 2018

By Editorial Staff

Dominating social media feeds in 2018, memes have become the modern-day equivalent of classic satirical newspaper cartoons. Political humor has become of staple of traditional American comedy, and in light of the 2016 presidential election, political memes are becoming increasingly prevalent. Republicans and Democrats alike will enjoy some of the funniest political memes of 2018 thus far.

Top 20 Political Memes of 2018

By Evan Schimek

How did Trump get there?

How did Trump get there? - Political memeTrump supporters and critics alike must admit, not many people would’ve thought the star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” would be the president of the United States in 2018

Trump’s Financial Decisions

Trump's Financial Decisions - Political memeA hard pill to swallow for Democrats. The mind behind such failures as “Trump University” is now behind the wheel of the nation’s economy.

The US and Communism

The US and Communism - Political memeSpongebob fanatics who remember this scene will get a special kick out of this meme.

Employment in 2018

Employment in 2018 - Political memeIn response to the chants for a raise in minimum wage, automation is becoming more prevalent. You didn’t really think major corporations would pay employees more if it was detrimental to profits right?

Hillary 2020?

Hillary 2020? - Political memeAnother tough meme for Hillary supporters and Trump critics alike.

Feminism in 2018

Feminism in 2018 - Political memeWith the rising presence of the 2018 feminist movement comes accompanying criticisms and



Trump-aid - Political memeA spin-off of the viral video of President Trump throwing paper towels into a crowd in Puerto Rico. His intentions might have been good but the execution was… lacking.

American Morning

American Morning - Political memeThe four components to a balanced American breakfast!

Obama vs. Trump

Obama vs. Trump - Political memeDon’t worry Democrats, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Melania vs. Michelle

Melania vs. Michelle - Political memeThe First Ladies are also important figureheads to the American people. Regardless of whether or not you support Obama, you have to admit Michelle really gained favor with a lot of people.

Bill being Bill

Bill being Bill - Political memeLet’s just say, if you know, you know.

Kim Jong-Cartman

Kim Jong Cartman - Political memeHere’s a little something for you South Park fans.

Trump’s Immigration Policy

Trump's Immigration Policy - Political memeBut remember, “The best taco bowls are served at Trump Tower!”

No Handouts

No HandoutsMillennials! Am I right?

Political Disagreements

Political Disagreements - Political memeI know we’ve all seen a Facebook fight over an “offensive” post.

The Wall

The Wall - Political memeBuild that wall! What further proof do you need?

Gun Control

Gun Control - Political memeGun control is a hot-button issue in today’s society. Gun enthusiasts and fans of Ben Shapiro will enjoy this meme and its historical context.


Comedians - Political memeStand up comedians and late night talk shows are having an absolute field day with today’s political issues. I highly recommend the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special “Equanimity” for those with thick skin and a good sense of humor.

The Trump Cut

The Trump Cut - Political memeWe get it, he’s orange and his hair is kind of ridiculous.

The Bottom Line

Bottom Line - Political memeAnd I think this is a great place to end! Well said, angry baby!

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