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Top 20 Political Memes (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

Since 2016 political memes have seen a fiery resurgence with the campaign and eventual presidency of Donald Trump. Memes have become part of the general internet culture and political memes are some of the best. With the 2020 election right around the corner, we have seen some of the best political memes to date. With that being said, for this article, we will be diving in the top 20 political memes of 2020.

1. CNN vs. Fox News

Fox News vs CNN political meme

In the age of constant media and cheesy headlines, the debate between CNN and Fox News has raged on. Biased media is almost a given and this meme sums it up.

2. Bloomberg for President

Mike Bloomberg campaign fail meme

The Democrat primaries have become one of the most talked-about subjects in recent news. Of the candidates, self-made billionaire Bloomberg was on the docket. However, his campaign was suspended and it cost him a pretty penny.

3. Flashy rides

Meme teases candidates modes of transportation

Sometimes the best memes have no words. Other times the best memes show public figures ride based on personality. Hilarious.

4. The Unicorn

Political memes poke fun at stereotypes

In a political sphere that is defined by generalizations, this meme sums it up nicely. Jumbo shrimp, Deafening Silence, and Christian Democrats; the top 3 oxymorons of all time.

5. What did you do when the world burned?

Memes can be used to motivate or mock our society during political elections

Sometimes its good to take a step back and realize that while democracy is eroding, the internet is making memes and staying undefeated.

6. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

election time memes depict the climate of each political party

Pick your poison.

7. Got you!

memes even make fun of other memes

The internet has given so many people the ability to have their voice heard. However, rest assured there is always someone who disagrees with what you support even if it’s a meme.

8. Green New Deal

Political memes show the evolution of American democracy

Some things never change, others change dramatically. This meme makes us wonder what is what anymore!

9. Hillary Corruption

Hillary Clinton corruption meme

Hillary Clinton was the focus of legislative America for months amid accusations of corruption. This meme is a hot take on the situation.

10. I Ain’t Honest

Politicians compared to popular quotes

With the recent political scandals and allegations against politicians, citizens are becoming skeptical of who to trust. The truth in this meme stings.

11. Teenage Trump Supporters

Memes with emojis

The internet can produce some pretty cringy posts and this meme is terribly accurate of some of the younger Trump supporters on social media.

12. Conspiracy Theories

Political memes depicted as text alerts

We all want to believe in aliens and bigfoot but can you imagine if this happened with the emergency alerts system???

13. Right-Wing Obi-wan

Right vs Left wing political advocates

Today’s political climate is a massive blame game. If it isn’t the republicans it’s the democrats, if it isn’t the democrats then its China, if it isn’t China its Russia.

14. The Founders

Classic George Washington memes mocking the current state of America

With the President tweeting his every opinion and the country burning in riots, just imagine what the founders would be thinking.

15. Drinking Disinfectants

Trump comments on ingesting disinfectants

After Trump’s recent comments about ingesting disinfectants, the internet has gone wild with the memes. Note: DO NOT DRINK DISINFECTANTS!

16. Gaff Machine

Joe Biden political meme for presidential campaign 2020

If political gaffs were cars, Joe Biden would be a Ferrari of political gaffs. His most recent attempted reciting on the Declaration of Independence netted him this spicy meme.

17. Democrat Debates

Simpsons depict the presidential debate

The most recent democrat debates have introduced some quality content for the political meme team. This one just is too accurate to pass up.

18. Pelosi Tear

Pelosi meme of what politicians say versus what they do

After Speaker Pelosi ripped the copy of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, the image captured will go down in meme history. This one points out the inefficiencies in our current government.

19. Trump Spray Tan

Trump compared to an orange for his spray tan

One of Trump’s most defining characteristics is the orange spray tan and this meme makes one of the most brutal comparisons you could ask for.

20. Cat Meme Comes to Life

Political memes in real life

The two women screaming at the confused cat meme has been an internet sensation and just a short while ago, Speaker Pelosi and President Trump unintentionally recreated this masterpiece.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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