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How to Reach Out to Influencers Effectively

By Editorial Staff

In the ever-expanding world of social media, influencers have become the newest group of sought-after people. Effective influencers have a wide-ranging reach, swaying their followers and fans to emulate them and listen intently to what they have to say.

As the name suggests, they can have an enormous influence on anything and everything they put their name behind. So, if you’re looking to get some real traction for your brand quickly, you’ll want to get the attention of a powerful influencer.

But, how can you not only find the right influencers for your product and brand but also reach out to them in a way that they can’t say no to you? Here are some tips for finding and grabbing the attention of the most influential people on social media right now.

Make Sure They’re Relevant

Most influencers will have a certain level of relevance to their followers, but in order to have a big impact on your brand, the influencers you pair with the need to have relevance to your product and to those in your demographic. It may be time and effort wasted if you’re working towards attracting an influencer whose audience does not match your target, or if that influencer is not themselves considered an authority in that field. “You may be able to hook a mega influencer in the cosmetics world to put their name behind your brand – but if you’re selling fishing rods, they wouldn’t really have much impact at all,” points out George Klein, Communication Manager at UK Top Writers and Boomessays.

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Google It

It’s true that you can find anything on Google – including social media influencers who can help you out. A simple Google search of local bloggers related to your field can help turn up people within your area that you can approach. Remember also that, even though you may find your influencer based where you’re both located, their influence will likely span beyond the limits of that physical location.

Google Search Social Media Influencers in My Area- How to Reach Out to Influencers EffectivelyKeep An Eye On Your Social Media

A good place to start looking for influencers is right in your own social media backyard. If you have people who are commenting or sharing your content, see if they’ve also got an active following. If these influencers are already expressing an interest in your brand by engaging in your content, approaching them will be a much easier feat to accomplish. And, because they had an active interest in your brand before they were approached, it’s a much more natural relationship to foster, and will also be more believable to their followers.

Monitoring your Social Media
Via KeepSpace

Find Those Who Reflect Your Brand Personality

When it comes to brand representation, it’s got to be honest and believable, or your audience will know right away that it’s fake. An influencer’s personality needs to match that of your brand, and your partnership should naturally make sense to your audience and your influencer’s followers. It’s not always about who’s got the biggest following, because if the partnership doesn’t make sense, the audience will have no trust in it.

Write A Captivating Pitch

When you’ve found the influencers you believe would best match your brand, it’s time to grab their attention and make it impossible for them to reject your offer. Polish up your written pitch to influencers with one of these tools:

  • Big Assignments – A catchy subject line and subheadings can greatly impact the attention someone gives to your pitch, so make sure yours is packed with attention-grabbing lines and action words using this tool, as listed by Revieweal.
  • My Writing Way and Simple Grad are perfect copywriting guides for getting useful tips
  • Writing Populist helps you format your writing to perfection
  • OxEssays or Best British Essays are staffed with professionals to help you create engaging copy
  • Lets Go And Learn lets you give it one last grammar check before sending it off
Writing in a notebook surrounded by miscellaneous items
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Show How You’re Helping Them

Of course, you’re seeking an influencer to help spread the word and elevate your brand – but that’s not how you should be pitching it to the influencers you’re seeking. You’ve got to focus on how this relationship will be beneficial to them, in terms of gaining more followers, getting free product, or however else they will see advantages coming their way.

Man and woman shaking hands
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Have Patience

Remember that no relationship is created overnight. Things will naturally take time to come together, and you’ve got to have patience throughout the process. Being pushy, demanding or annoying will just drive away any influencer you’re trying to attract. Start building a relationship by occasionally interacting online with their social media postings, without being overly aggressive. Then, when the time is right, send that first pitch to try to open the door to this new relationship.

Real traction can be given to a brand if the right influencer gets behind it. But, it’s all about finding that perfect influencer and creating a natural and mutually beneficial relationship.

Reach out to influencers with NeoReach. Get started with us today!

Author’s bio: Nora Mork is a public relations professional at Australian Reviewer and Australian help. She helps brands succeed in communications strategies, writes posts for online magazines, and also works as a business writer at UKservicesreviews.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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