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TikTok CPG Brands that Businesses Can Learn From

By Editorial Staff

One platform has emerged as a beacon of innovation and engagement for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands—TikTok. With its rapid rise to prominence, TikTok has become a dynamic and influential force, captivating audiences of all ages and transforming the way CPG companies market their products. Discover these TikTok CPG brands to understand why the social media platform has become a game-changer in the industry.

It’s been a while since we last dove into the best CPG influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok, so to set the stage for our exploration, we’ll delve into compelling success stories of CPG brands on TikTok. By showcasing the innovative strategies and the tangible benefits they’ve reaped, we aim to inspire and provide actionable insights for businesses looking to harness the power of TikTok.

Let’s uncover the reasons behind TikTok’s allure for CPG marketing, but also discuss strategies, challenges, and the metrics that truly matter in this dynamic landscape. It’s time to discover how influencer marketing for CPG brands in the TikTok era works.

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TikTok’s Appeal for CPG Brands

TikTok is not your typical social media platform, and that’s precisely why it’s a goldmine for CPG brands. What sets TikTok apart are its unique features, tailor-made for crafting compelling CPG marketing campaigns. At the core of its appeal is the short-form video format, where brevity and creativity collide. TikTok encourages brands to deliver concise, engaging messages. In addition, TikTok allows CPG brands to showcase their products in innovative and captivating ways.

Moreover, TikTok’s personalized algorithm is a game-changer for CPG marketing. The platform’s “For You Page” (FYP) serves users content that aligns with their interests and behaviors, ensuring that your CPG brand’s message reaches the most receptive audience. TikTok’s commitment to user experience is further exemplified by its native advertising opportunities, such as in-feed ads and branded hashtags.

These seamlessly integrated ad formats offer a discreet way for CPG brands to connect with potential consumers. The interactive nature of TikTok fosters genuine engagement, transforming passive viewers into active participants in your brand’s narrative. Another recent benefit of TikTok for CPG brands is the integration of TikTok Shop Affiliate Marketing, giving users a direct path to your products.

But don’t just take our word for it! TikTok for Business has corroborated the platform’s effectiveness for CPG brands. As outlined in their article, TikTok provides a conducive environment for CPG companies to not only showcase their products but also connect with consumers authentically. The data-driven approach and creative opportunities offered by TikTok for Business empower CPG brands. For more information on the best practices for influencer marketing on TikTok, check out our recent blog on the topic. 

Let’s delve into some remarkable success stories of CPG brands that have not only excelled on TikTok but have also set exemplary standards for creative marketing, audience engagement, and brand awareness.

Red Bull 

If you’ve ever wondered how an energy drink brand can maintain a high level of engagement on TikTok, look no further than Red Bull. Known for its exhilarating content that aligns perfectly with its brand image, Red Bull has set a unique standard on the platform. Their approach is multifaceted, combining extreme sports action shots, breathtaking stunts, and intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpses.

This strategy not only reinforces their “gives you wings” slogan but also keeps viewers eagerly anticipating their next video. By showcasing incredible human achievements and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Red Bull fosters a sense of adrenaline, aligning itself with adventurous spirits worldwide.


that’s just plane impressive 😮‍💨 ✈️: Péter Besenyei #redbull #givesyouwiiings #hangar #aerobatics #pilot #plane

♬ original sound – Red Bull

Crumbl Cookies 

Crumbl Cookies, a rising star in the cookie industry, has taken TikTok by storm with its innovative marketing strategy. The brand introduced the “Crumbl Dance” challenge, encouraging users to dance their way to a free cookie. This simple yet effective concept captured hearts, turning Crumbl Cookies into a viral sensation.

The brand successfully transformed its product into a social media experience, inviting viewers to participate in a fun and rewarding way, all while promoting their mouthwatering cookies. Now, the brand relies on simple, satisfying videos and edits of its cookies. They let the product speak for itself, and the engagement and views follow.



♬ original sound – Crumbl Cookies


Play-Doh‘s unique strategy on TikTok showcases the endless creative possibilities of its product. They engage with users through mesmerizing time-lapse videos of intricate Play-Doh sculptures coming to life.

This approach not only highlights the artistic potential of Play-Doh but also appeals to a broad audience, from kids to adults. By tapping into nostalgia and inspiring creativity, Play-Doh has successfully utilized TikTok as a platform for both entertainment and education, reminding viewers of the timeless joy in Play-Doh.

These brands have redefined CPG marketing on TikTok by embracing creativity, fostering audience engagement, and enhancing brand awareness. Their unique approaches set them apart, proving that with the right strategy, even the most seemingly ordinary products can become extraordinary on TikTok.


Kids already collect lots of Halloween candy, so why not do something a little bit different? Be the coolest house on the block by handing out mini cans of Play-Doh! They last longer than sweets and come with endless hours of imagination. #playdoh #playdohhalloween

♬ original sound – Play-Doh

Strategies for CPG Brands

To thrive in the vibrant TikTok ecosystem, CPG brands must embrace a range of strategies that tap into the platform’s unique strengths. Let’s explore actionable marketing strategies that have proven successful for CPG brands on TikTok.

  1. Creative Content Creation: Foster creativity within your team to develop visually captivating and engaging content. Whether it’s eye-catching product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or entertaining challenges, your content should tell a story that resonates with your audience.
  2. Influencer Collaboration: Partner with TikTok influencers whose followers align with your target demographic. These influencers can provide authentic endorsements and create content that seamlessly integrates your products into their daily lives.
  3. Effective Use of TikTok Ads: Utilize TikTok’s advertising options, such as in-feed ads, branded hashtags, and branded effects. Craft engaging ad campaigns that blend seamlessly with organic content while keeping your brand message clear.
  4. Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage your audience to participate in challenges, contests, and user-generated content campaigns related to your products. UGC not only boosts engagement but also harnesses the power of peer recommendations.

Align with TikTok Trends and Challenges

Keep an eye on TikTok trends and challenges, and creatively integrate your products into these movements. By participating in what’s currently popular, you’ll increase your brand’s visibility and relevance. For CPG brands looking to excel on TikTok, here are five key points to keep in mind:

  • Authenticity: Stay true to your brand’s identity and values. Authenticity resonates with viewers.
  • Consistency: Regularly publish content to keep your audience engaged and returning for more.
  • Interactivity: Engage with comments, collaborate with viewers, and create content that encourages participation.
  • Trend Awareness: Stay updated with TikTok trends and adapt your content to stay current.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Use TikTok analytics to monitor the performance of your content and refine your strategy accordingly.

By following these strategies and principles, CPG brands can tap into TikTok’s immense potential, foster brand loyalty, and drive impressive results on this dynamic platform. For more about content strategy, read our blog on how to refresh your strategy with influencer-generated content!

Measuring Success

Understanding the impact of your TikTok marketing efforts is paramount to refining your strategy and achieving your goals. To gauge success on TikTok, you’ll need to rely on key performance metrics (KPIs) and insights to track your progress and make data-driven decisions. In this pursuit, the CreatorIQ article sheds light on some critical metrics that can guide your evaluation:

  1. Engagement Rate: Measure how effectively your content engages viewers through likes, shares, comments, and overall interaction.
  2. Reach and Impressions: Keep an eye on the number of views (impressions) and unique viewers (reach) to understand how far your content is traveling.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR): Evaluate the effectiveness of your call-to-action by monitoring the CTR on links or buttons within your videos.
  4. Conversion Metrics: Link your TikTok campaigns to measurable actions like website visits, app downloads, or product purchases.
  5. Follower Growth: Track your follower count to assess the growth of your TikTok audience.


TikTok’s potential for CPG brands is boundless. As the platform continues to evolve, it offers unique opportunities for creative storytelling, product promotion, and audience engagement. By spotlighting success stories, discussing effective strategies, and emphasizing the importance of user-generated content, we’ve unveiled how CPG brands can excel on TikTok.

So, as we wrap up this exploration, we encourage you to embrace TikTok’s dynamic potential, take inspiration from the success stories shared, and embark on your TikTok journey. With creativity, consistency, and a data-driven approach, CPG brands can harness TikTok’s power to reach new heights and connect with their audience in innovative ways.

This article was written by Chandler Dordoy

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