Why Influencer Marketing CPG Brands Works

By Editorial Staff

One of the newest ways of marketing a brand is having an influencer marketing CPG brands. This takes the form of sponsorships or brand deals, tying the likeness of the influencer(s) with the CPG brands’ marketing. This results in great success for both the influencer and CPG Brand, but the approach varies depending on the CPG being marketed and the influencer who is marketing it.

What Are CPG Brands?

CPG brands, short for Consumer Packaged Goods brands, play an essential role in worldwide commerce. These are goods sold by companies that are in constant demand, such as food, drink, cosmetics, and more. 


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These vary from massive, well-established companies like Coca-Cola and L’Oréal, as well as new up-and-comers with smaller niches, like the sparkling water company Liquid Death and the vitamin brand Care/of. All of these CPG brands have used influencer marketing to advertise their products.

Influencers Marketing CPG Brands: Which Ones Worked?

In 2019, the alcohol brand Absolut Vodka launched the “Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka” campaign, collaborating with sustainability influencers and charities. As the CPG brand supported these efforts, they supported Absoluts’ brand awareness and made it become one of the most talked about brands on the internet. 

Records show that 95 different influencers created 612 different posts, which was far higher than the CPG brands’ projection of 320 posts. 68.4 total impressions and 8.6 million total engagements have been recorded with this campaign, showcasing that the marketing campaign had a bigger influence than expected.

With the hashtag “#AbsolutEarth” trending on Twitter and Instagram, this influencer marketing campaign was a smashing success as the discourse around Absolut soared up to 28% higher than before, with 18% of it being about the CPG brands’ awareness. By approaching a lot of different influencers and spreading its reach, Absolut Vodkas’ “Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka” marketing campaign was a great example of utilizing the power of influencers marketing CPG brands.

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Another great example of influencer marketing CPG brands comes from Charli D’Amelio, one of the world’s most successful TikTok stars. She is currently second place in the most followed TikTok account behind Khaby Lame, who only surpassed her in June 2022.

Using her platform and face, she collaborated with the coffee brand Dunkin Donuts on a signature drink, releasing the Charli – a limited-time cold brew drink mixed with milk and caramel drizzle. She promoted it on her TikTok account and Instagram, and the CPG brand put up her face in its stores. 

Alongside this, Dunkin and D’Amelio promoted a giveaway using the hashtag “#CharliXDunkinContest” on Instagram. This was a contest where five winners who pictured themselves with the Charli would be given a virtual hangout session with D’Amelio herself. This was a massive success, with over 1000+ posts on Instagram using the hashtag.


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This was a massive success in numerous ways, as the Charli resulted in 57% more Dunkin app downloads on the day of its release. Even outside of the influencers’ drink, all of the cold brew sales of the CPG brand rose by 27% the day of, and 45% the day after. 

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Influencer Marketing CPG Brands: What Are The Results?

Many studies have looked into the success rates of CPG brands being marketed by influencers. At the University of Arizona, a few researchers have looked into the successes of influencers marketing CPG brands. Their study states that:

    • 63% of people state that social media is at least slightly relevant in their CPG purchases.
    • 54% of people have stated that they have made at least one CPG purchase based on a social media campaign
    • 43% of people have purchased at least three
    • The most popular CPG brand marketed by influencers was “packaged health foods”
    • 56% of people have continued making purchases of a CPG brand after an influencer campaign

39% of the people interviewed polled through TikTok. Thus, the study concludes that CPG brands should use influencer marketing, particularly with TikTok influencers, as they will reach more people.

Influencers Marketing CPG Brands: How Does It Differ?

The ways that social media influencers promote their various CPG brands often depend much more on the platform of choice rather than the CPG brand promoted. When influencers play to their strengths in marketing, oftentimes the CPG brand gets a lot of success.

Many YouTube-based influencers include mid-video ads for various products, which include CPG brands such as the soda brand OLIPOP, and the snack bar brand Feastables, which is run and marketed by famous YouTube influencer MrBeast.

Twitch, on the other hand, has its most successful CPG brands marketed by influencers be energy drinks, coffees, and teas due to its demographics. Fortnite streamer Ninja had a marketing campaign with Redbull in 2019, as well as gaming streamer Pokimane marketing for Nissin noodles.

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Instagram, being one of the most used social media accounts, is considered a gold mine for influencer marketing. As many lifestyle influencers make their home there, many CPG brands that vie for the lifestyle market stake their claim there, too. For example, the luxury water brand Fiji Water has collaborated with numerous Instagram influencers to expand its reach.

TikTok, as stated earlier, is very highly used, and is considered an ‘entertainment’ platform, which makes for a great variety of products being marketed, including that of CPG brands. While D’Amelio and Dunkin’s ‘Charli’ collaboration was an incredible success, other examples of TikTok influencers marketing CPG brands, even smaller ones, have been shown successful.

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Influencer Marketing CPG Brands: Conclusion

CPG brands, both established and new, should look to the marketing of influencers to help support their reach and influence. Between all sorts of influencers, from streamers to lifestyle bloggers, getting a deal with one of the biggest in the world, or simply casting a wide net with a catchy campaign, various CPG brands have found success with influencer marketing.


This article was written by Michael Litman

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