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What are Feastables? Feastables And Other MrBeast Brands

By Editorial Staff

Looking for a new chocolate bar to snack on without artificial flavors and ingredients you can’t pronounce? Well, you’re in luck. MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has announced his new brand of chocolates called Feastables. Made with organic and simple ingredients, Feastables currently come in three delicious flavors: original chocolate, almond chocolate, and – MrBeast’s favorite – quinoa crunch. 

Feastables debuted on January 29th, 2022 on the company’s official YouTube page. In the video, MrBeast announced that ten random people who purchase Feastables will win an opportunity to compete in a video to “win [his] chocolate factory.” MrBeast also mentioned that he would also be giving away over a million dollars worth of gifts. Who knew that Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory would become a dream come true?

Who Is MrBeast?

Curious to know who MrBeast is before purchasing some Feastables? Outside of his internet persona, MrBeast’s full name is Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy has over 90 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, nearly 26 million subscribers on his gaming channel, and almost 8 million subscribers on his philanthropy channel.

Jimmy’s main channel consists of challenges, tournaments, bizarre stunts, and videos of Jimmy donating to charities, locals, Twitch streamers, and other content creators. On his gaming channel, Jimmy posts videos of him playing random games with his friends and fans. Jimmy uploads videos of him opening up a charity, feeding families, and helping hurricane survivors on his philanthropy channel.

MrBeast’s Starting Career

As early as 2012, Jimmy was uploading videos of him playing Minecraft, Pokemon, and Call of Duty. Jimmy’s channel attracted a significant number of subscribers after he uploaded a video titled How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make. His rise to relevancy encouraged him to post similar videos about the income of other famous YouTubers while also uploading tips on how to become a successful YouTuber.

Until 2016, Jimmy’s fanbase was small but mighty. However, some of his popular uploaded helped Jimmy rise to fame. Jimmy started 2016 strong by uploading a video of him counting to 10,000 in one sitting that gained millions of views. As of 2022, this video has almost 35 million views.

Later that year, Jimmy’s video Best Intros on YouTube #1 gained popularity from his harsh criticism, sarcasm, and humor. As of 2022, the video has over 22 million views, considerably higher than most of his older videos. Within that year and into 2017, Jimmy began uploading crazy challenge videos like counting to 300,000, watching a single video for 10 hours, grilling a microwave, tipping workers with thousands of dollars, and discovering how many balloons it takes to float.

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MrBeast’s Growth

In 2018, Jimmy’s fame was far from over. Jimmy began supporting Pewdiepie when T-Series, another well-known YouTube channel, threatened to surpass Pewdiepie’s subscriber count. In one of Jimmy’s videos, he advertised Pewdiepie’s channel on billboards, radio podcasts, airports, posters, and newspapers. During the 2019 Super Bowl, Jimmy and his friend can even be seen behind the goal line with t-shirts that say “Sub 2 Pew Die Pie.”

In the following years, Jimmy became successful with his unique videos featuring other content creators and friends. In November of 2021, Jimmy hosted a survival-game competition with 456 people based on Squid Game, a popular Netflix show. This video was, by far, one of Jimmy’s most popular videos, harboring over 217 million views and 13 million likes.

Jimmy can also be found on social media platforms outside of YouTube like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


this was an emotion rollercoaster #mrbeastgame

♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

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MrBeast Venues and Brands

Finger on the App

In June 2020, Jimmy collaborated with MSCHF, a popular Brooklyn art collective, to create Finger on the App, a one-time multiplier competition exclusive for Apple phone users. The first challenge was a huge success that after 70 hours, Jimmy ended up tweeting to the final contestants saying, “Dear the four remaining contestants with your finger still on the app, I’m ending it here.” 

Rather than one person receiving a cash prize of 25,000 dollars, the four remaining contestants all were given 20,000 dollars. In 2021, another competition was announced, this time with a 100,000 dollar cash prize at stake. In the end, Twitter user @Swagbacon123 won 100,000 dollars while the second-place winner won 20,000 dollars.


On October 25th, 2019, Jimmy partnered up with other YouTubers to start the #TeamTrees campaign. This project was meant to help spread awareness about global deforestation and encourage people to donate and replant trees. The organization was hoping to reach 20 million dollars donated – which equates to 20 million trees planted – and this goal was achieved about two months later. 

The official Team Trees website also allows people to purchase #TeamTrees merch like sweatshirts and facemasks. 

MrBeast Burger

In November 2020, Jimmy and his friends opened up a fast-food restaurant that paid customers to eat there. Jimmy offered gifts and money to people lining up to grab some of the unique burgers on the menu. After the video was uploaded to his channel a month later, Jimmy opened up a virtual restaurant across the country – later in some locations outside the United States – where anyone could purchase a so-called MrBeast burger.

Not interested in Feastables? If not, check out the official MrBeastBurger website for more information on delivery and pickup options in your area, so you can grab your hands on some MrBeast food.


On October 29th, 2021, Jimmy started the #TeamSeas fundraiser to help raise money for plastic and trash removal in oceans, rivers, and beaches. For every dollar donated, one pound of trash will be safely removed from the environment. The fundraiser has already exceeded its 30 million dollar goal by 2022 and is still accumulating more money from donations.

Interested in purchasing some cool #TeamSeas merch? Check out the official Team Seas website for more information.

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MrBeast Store

Jimmy also has his own official MrBeast Merch store where fans can purchase shirts, hats, and other fashionable gear. As of now, ShopMrBeast doesn’t have any merch available, but the website states that new merch is “dropping soon” so be sure to save your money! Zumiez is also selling exclusive MrBeast merch that can’t be found on ShopMrBeast.

This article was written by Brianna Borik

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