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By Editorial Staff

From the ashes of an impending TikTok shutdown rises a new, equally fun but far more private video creation app called Clash. By Creators and for Creators, this 21-second video streaming app is quickly growing as your favorite creators join the startup’s bright future. Dive into what the Clash app has in store for the creator community.

What is Clash?

Made by creators and for creators, Clash steps into the short burst video void left by Vine and TikTok. Unlike the app, Clash was built on three values:

  1. Safety

As a user, your private information is available to you and only you. This means you are free to browse content from your favorite creators without fear of invasion. As a creator, your imagination can thrive unbothered by privacy concerns. The creators behind Clash believe that two only people who should have access to your information are you and those working to make your app experience better.

  1. Transparency

As much as walls and safeguards are important protections for the app user, transparency is an equally important guarantee from the developers. While many apps revealed their algorithms to the public, TikTok’s functioning remains outside of public knowledge. With massive amounts of data transpiring in and around the app, complete honesty around that activity is mandatory. Clash can make that promise because they have made an app about which there is nothing to hide. 

  1. Inclusivity

The different backgrounds and cultures that compose our hectic generations are exactly what make the social media experience so valuable. Clash creators approached their app with an equal opportunity mentality to foster diversity and the best possible experience for users. In this app, everyone should feel free and encouraged to build, create, and connect. Unlike TikTok, where 13 out of the top 20 accounts are from the U.S. despite Americans making up only 10% of worldwide users, Clash wants to develop a social media spread that actually reflects its fanbase. Everyone has a voice, and Clash can be the place those voices are heard.

What the Clash Founders are Saying

Clash CEO Brendon McNerney calls it the “creator-founded platform”  with the intent of providing a trustworthy platform for authentic interaction. Clash is *not* designed to compete with social media giant TikTok.  The app was designed to provide an experience that is “fun, safe, inclusive, and transparent” where creators are encouraged to express their creativity and connect with loyal fans and newfound followers. As the foundation of Clash’s community, McNerney and his co-founding team intend to give creators their fair share.

Watch Brendon’s video on Clash to learn about his vision for the app!

Brendon McNerney Clash intro video for creators and users

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How does it stack up?

Much like the controversial TikTok, Clash’s video post format allows for a vast range of creativity from its users. If you are familiar with TikTok, you will thrive on Clash. Everything from comedy to beauty to dance has its community on the app. The fact that the social video platform is wildly popular among teens is undeniable. Evidence resides in the TikTok statistics that reveal 60% of users are Gen Z, and 41% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24. The reason for the constant accumulating success of apps such as Clash exists precisely as a result of its young adult users. 

The propensity for endless creation and variation flourishes when you have a trend or base from which to start. Audio tracks are dubbed over and over using a million different interpretations. Trends find new life in the hands of thousands of creators. The ability to adjust based on niche interests makes for a uniquely relatable experience that other social media formats can’t beat. What makes the Clash app so incredible is that they have taken the best aspects of this type of social media – the endless creativity and the dedicated fans – and introduced new features that result in an amazing overall experience.

One of the defining features raising Clash above its competitors is the ability to partner brands and influencers within the app. Creators accumulating dedicated followers through their content can now work with brands they trust and turn a passion into more. Brands looking to expand their reach have multitudes of unique influencers at their fingertips, so their campaign becomes instantly more effective when matched with a creator who mirrors the company vibe.

What’s on the app?

Clash has over 310,000 users since it’s soft launch in August 2020. The community is quickly closing in on half a million users in an insanely short amount of time. What’s drawing users to that app so quickly? The incredible creator content.

The Clash team has been hosting short sprints of trending content within the app and creators have been KILLING it with their videos.

Clash Trends

  • #ClashFashionWeek
  • #ClashCEO
  • #NFLisBack
  • #shittyDIY

Notable Creators Who Joined Clash

Elijah Daniels is part of the creator community launching the app. He has started the first cross-platform virtual reality show on the app called #TheClash. It is a socially distanced reality game show airing every Sunday & Tuesday that any fans of Elijah’s won’t want to miss.

The app also boasts a roster of professional athletes, social media celebrities, and rising Gen Z creators. Check it out for yourself!

Why you should download Clash

Just because one app doesn’t value your privacy or individual talent doesn’t mean you have to lose that creative experience. Where TikTok failed in safety, transparency, and user value, Clash is there to pick you back up. Developed after years of research into the social media spaces you inhabit and love, Clash is designed to spark joy. A lot of serious thought went into the development of this app by creators, for creators so you could keep it seriously fun and seriously creative.

This article was written by Christiana & Gabrielle Sinacola

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