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Examples of User Generated Content Done Right

By Editorial Staff

UGC has transformed how we engage with content, allowing individuals to become active participants, creators, and storytellers in a brand’s narrative. Why is UGC so captivating? It’s the magic of real people sharing their experiences, ideas, and creativity—a kaleidoscope of diverse perspectives that captures attention, drives engagement, and sparks a sense of belonging. Let’s explore the power of UGC through exceptional user-generated content examples done right.

We’ll dive into campaigns that have harnessed UGC to create memorable experiences, showcasing how powerful UGC can be if you know how to use it. From LEGO Ideas revolutionizing creativity to Philips igniting careers with #lifeatphilips and Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign spreading moments of joy – we’ll uncover the secrets behind their success.

We recently released a blog covering current User Generated Content Trends Brands Need to Know. Now, join us on a thrilling journey through the world of UGC, where everyday individuals have an extraordinary impact. Discover the influence of UGC in marketing and community-building, and let it inspire your creative spark.

LEGO Ideas: A Stellar Example of User-Generated Content Done Right

LEGO Ideas is one of the all-time best user generated content examples. By inviting LEGO enthusiasts to submit their ideas for new LEGO sets, LEGO Ideas transformed its passionate fan base into active co-creators. This campaign seamlessly merged social media, influencer marketing, and UGC, captivating fans and generating excitement.

As fans submitted their imaginative ideas and rallied support, the community grew closer, fostering camaraderie and competition. LEGO Ideas excelled at community involvement by collaborating with LEGO designers and business experts in the review process. This ensured the feasibility and market appeal of the ideas, bridging the gap between fans and the company.

The results? Sensational LEGO sets inspired by fan submissions, from iconic landmarks to beloved movies and TV shows. LEGO Ideas elevated the brand and established an emotional connection with fans, fostering loyalty and advocacy. This campaign is a valuable lesson for marketers: companies can unlock limitless potential by embracing UGC and empowering fans. LEGO Ideas showcases the importance of engagement, community-building, and treating the audience as valued partners.

LEGO Ideas is an inspiration for companies seeking to implement UGC marketing strategies. It exemplifies the power of UGC done right, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next wave of fan-inspired creations. No wonder The Toy Industry Utilizes Influencer Marketing to Launch New Products.

#lifeatphilips: Empowering Employees through UGC

Philips revolutionized recruitment and employer branding with their #lifeatphilips campaign. By harnessing the power of user-generated content (UGC), the campaign showcased its employees’ authentic experiences and stories.

Through #lifeatphilips, employees became brand advocates, sharing captivating photos and heartfelt testimonials that humanized the company and highlighted its vibrant workplace culture. The UGC approach allowed Philips to demonstrate transparency, authenticity, and a commitment to employee well-being.

The success of #lifeatphilips lies in its ability to engage potential candidates on a deeper level by showcasing diverse talent and collaborative work environments. Other brands can learn from this UGC-driven campaign by empowering employees as advocates and creating a sense of ownership and engagement.

Philips’ #lifeatphilips campaign exemplifies the power of UGC in building an authentic employer brand. By tapping into genuine stories and experiences, UGC creates a relatable portrayal of the company that attracts top talent and establishes a strong brand identity.

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke”: UGC Done Right

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is the epitome of successful user generated content examples. Coca-Cola created a viral sensation that sparked genuine connections by personalizing their bottles and cans with popular names and encouraging consumers to share their experiences using the hashtag #shareacoke.

The campaign’s success hinged on two key elements: personalization and UGC. The personalized labels ignited excitement and a sense of individuality, while the UGC aspect amplified the campaign’s reach. Consumers eagerly shared pictures, stories, and videos, becoming brand advocates and fostering a strong community.

The “Share a Coke” campaign showcased the power of UGC in driving brand engagement and awareness. Other brands can learn from user generated content examples such as this by embracing personalization to create a sense of ownership and by tapping into the power of their audience as storytellers.

Coca-Cola’s UGC-driven approach emotionally connected consumers and turned them into active participants. Combining youthful and fun elements with UGC made the campaign a cultural phenomenon, leaving an indelible mark on the beverage industry.

Let’s raise a personalized Coke bottle to Coca-Cola and its remarkable UGC success. Cheers to the power of personalization, community, and the art of sharing! If you want more examples of successful influencer campaigns by Coca-Cola, check out our blog on the Top Micro Influencer Marketing Campaigns!

Starbucks White Cup Contest: UGC Magic Unleashed!

Starbucks’ White Cup Contest was the ultimate celebration of user-generated content (UGC) that sparked a creative frenzy among coffee enthusiasts. Customers became artists as they transformed Starbucks’ white cups into personal masterpieces and shared them on social media using #WhiteCupContest.

This UGC-driven campaign turned ordinary cups into canvases of self-expression and connected Starbucks with a vibrant community of creators. By showcasing selected designs on their social media channels, Starbucks amplified the reach and inspired even more participants.

The White Cup Contest not only unleashed customers’ creativity but also is one of the best user generated content examples in building brand loyalty and fostering a passionate community. Other brands can learn from this campaign by empowering customers to co-create and providing platforms for self-expression.

Join the artistic movement and raise your personalized cup to the magic of UGC. Let your imagination flow and share your coffee cup masterpiece with the world!

ASOS’ “As Seen on Me”: UGC Fashion at its Best

ASOS’ “As Seen on Me” campaign on Instagram is a stellar example of successful user generated content (UGC). By encouraging customers to share their outfit photos with the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe, ASOS tapped into the creativity of their fashion-forward community.

The campaign’s triumph lies in its authentic portrayal of real customers wearing ASOS products daily. Through UGC, ASOS created a relatable experience that resonated with their audience, transforming customers into brand ambassadors who set trends and inspire others.

“As Seen on Me” fostered a strong sense of community and connection among ASOS customers. Select UGC photos were showcased on ASOS’ website and social media platforms, providing recognition and celebration for participants. Other brands can learn from this campaign by embracing UGC to create an inclusive and engaging brand experience. Empowering customers to showcase their unique styles and celebrating their fashion choices fosters loyalty and community.

Credit: @Asos on Instagram.

ASOS’ “As Seen on Me” campaign beautifully showcases the power of UGC in the fashion realm. So, strike a pose, share your style, and become part of the fashion movement redefining trends one outfit at a time!


In conclusion, user generated content examples that are done right have shown us the boundless possibilities when brands embrace the creativity and authenticity of their communities. User generated content examples that are done right have the power to connect, inspire, and transform the way we engage with brands.

You can read more here if you’re interested in learning more about user-generated content examples and How Top Brands Do It. Let’s celebrate and unleash the magic of user-generated content together!

This article was written by Chandler Dordoy

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