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By Editorial Staff

The advent of cryptocurrency has been on the rise since the early past decade, and in 2022 it’s going to reach new heights. Influencers are now starting to market themselves on the blockchain, taking advantage of its decentralized nature. With cryptocurrency and NFTs, you can secure your brand as a strong presence on the digital market. A crypto marketing agency helps you gather the most prominent influencers in the sector and track and deliver results from your blockchain-based marketing campaigns. Make sure you find a crypto marketing agency that can help launch you into the fray. 

Rise of crypto influencers

Influencers have been major benefactors of this rise in crypto technology, amassing large quantities of dedicated followers that trust the marketplace will soon become part of the mainstream. Although not too many people are familiar with this new technology, these influencers, which can include celebrities, entrepreneurs, tech experts, or crypto enthusiasts, are riding the wave and spreading the word around the internet, helping brands sell their products or services and connect with their consumers in more effective ways than ever.

With the plethora of new information about this technology now at your disposal, perhaps now is the time you can divulge your interests and discover how something like an NFT can revolutionize the business-consumer relationship. Some of the most prominent influencers include Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Pompliano, Charlie Lee, and Charles Hoskinson amongst others.

If you want to learn more about the best blockchain influencers who are your top industry resources, check it out here.

Why do you need crypto marketing agencies?

It’s crucial to understand the full scope of the new market before you bring your business into the fold. This is where crypto marketing agencies come in. They aren’t so different from your standard agencies, apart from them operating strictly on the blockchain. When looking for a crypto marketing agency, you need to make sure that they fully understand both the marketing strategy and the blockchain technology. Your products need to be engineered to fit into the crypto marketplace while simultaneously being placed inside a campaign that accurately displays your company’s culture and abides by your business model.

An NFT campaign’s best chance in the crypto marketplace is through a crypto marketing agency. Learning the technology is already in itself a tricky undertaking. Not fully understanding the capabilities of cryptocurrency can inadvertently lead you into more experienced hands that can easily take advantage of you and scam you for all you’re worth.

Crypto marketing agencies are the light that can navigate you through the dark cave and aid you in competing with the many other brands that have also decided to venture into this new unknown. The right agency will handle your engagement rates, promotion tactics, and digital advertisement, all while crafting the perfect blockchain project to continue to grow your digital real estate inside the cryptosphere. 

Top 5 crypto marketing agencies

1. NeoReach

As listed by Influencer Marketing Hub, our very own NeoReach offers great help in creating effective marketing campaigns and handling logistics for global Fortune 500s and leading brands in all industries. Our research into blockchain technology has been steadily building ground for an avenue into crypto marketing. We connect you with the top names in the space and can make your brand go viral on the blockchain. Our full-service marketing agency is a prime choice for your crypto endeavors, whether you’re an influencer or a startup business. 

Companies we’ve worked with

  • Macy’s
  • Amazon
  • New York Times
  • Walmart
  • BET Networks
  • IMC Toys
  • TikTok
  • Draft Kings
  • Netflix
  • Blue Apron

Looking to create a viral campaign for your brand? If you are an Influencer, sign up here.

2. Crynet

This agency specializes in consulting and development of STO (Security Token Offering) and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) companies while providing them avenues for raising capital. They’re based in Prague, Czech Republic, and has a wide reach across Europe and Asia, finding new ways to bring blockchain technology to the international market since 2016. Crynet has worked with over 400 companies to ensure that they have the right marketing strategies for their products and services on the blockchain, as well as produce decentralized mobile and web applications.

Having raised over $350 million in capital for its clients, it was named as a top 10 ICO marketing agency by Goodfirms. Make sure to check this agency out for a variety of services including mobile promotion, tech services, blockchain development support, and PR campaigns.

Companies they’ve worked with

  • Arcona
  • ATFS Project
  • BetterBetting
  • Earth Token. Energi Token
  • Fabric Token
  • HOQU
  • Loci Coin
  • Patron
  • Playkey
  • Raison
  • SophiaTX
  • Sp8de
  • Spectre
  • SwissBorg
  • SwissRealCoin
  • The Divi Project
  • Tradingene
  • Ubcoin Market

3. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate has been around since 2017, helping businesses reach out to influencers, build websites on the blockchain, and target valued venture capitalists and angel investors. They’ve been pioneers in the technology, lauded by Forbes back in 2018 as the best crypto growth marketing agency. Given their experience and partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the world, this agency is often included amongst the top. They have worked with Star Atlas and Tap to develop the first AAA quality games entirely on the blockchain using mechanics such as NFT asset ownership and crypto native in-game tokens as financial incentives for their players.

Aside from the NFT gaming space, Crowdcreate has also helped companies launch their own token sales to raise money for their business. As of the writing of this blog, Crowdcreate has raised $133 million for businesses, including startups, and has successfully led the creation of 300+ blockchain projects. 

Companies they’ve worked with

  • Acebusters
  • BaaSid
  • BitClave
  • CGCX
  • EOS
  • Further Network
  • Galaxy eSolutions
  • Lendingblock
  • Loopring
  • Open Platform
  • Pally
  • PopChest
  • Status
  • Star Atlas
  • Tap Project

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign on the blockchain? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here!

4. NinjaPromo

With NinjaPromo, you are getting a full marketing experience on the blockchain, from marketing strategy and development, UI/UX design, media relations, growth marketing strategy, and content production. This London-based agency ensures that your ICO/STO is managed carefully and transparently. Ever since its conception in 2017, NinjaPromo has spread its influence all around the globe, working with companies like French Blockchain Federation and HYCON, as well as helping FinTech company Paypolitan attract investors and Bitcoin trading platform Bitforex attract more traders. Since then, they’ve helped gather $150 million in investments for these businesses.

Companies they’ve worked with

  • Bitforex
  • Okex
  • Unibright
  • Ceek
  • French Blockchain Federation
  • HYCON, Tozex
  • Paypolitan
  • Polka Ventures
  • DAO Ventures
  • Pollo
  • Workquest
  • Coinmerce
  • Castweet
  • Contentos
  • IronX
  • Vertex

5. Coinbound

Our last entry on the list is one of the fastest-growing crypto marketing agencies: Coinbound. They offer SEO, SEM, and Influencer services amongst others to help crypto brands go viral. Founded back in 2018, Coinbound has been touted as the leading agency in attracting major traffic across all platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. They specialize in social media campaigning with an emphasis on Twitter, which has already included an NFT feature as of last year, taking full control of your account to make sure engagement grows by 400% in 3 months using industry best practices.

Coinbound helps connect you with some of the most prominent names in the NFT communities, purchase ads on the most effective NFT marketing channels, and even helps you set up a Discord to get more directly involved with the community. 

Companies they’ve worked with

  • eToro
  • OKEx
  • Coinmine
  • ShapeShift
  • Apollo
  • CoinStats

This article was written by Gabriel Anton

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