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10 Must-See Influencer Brands Launched By Your Favorite Creators

By Editorial Staff

When your favorite influencers aren’t focused on creating new digital content on their chosen platforms, many of them are putting their full attention on their own brands. Influencer brands of all types have been popping up as creators act on their desire to go beyond content creation and pursue their passions beyond social media. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, or health-focused, multiple influencer brands have taken off and gained the attention of consumers across the globe. Check out the top influencer brands founded by creators you know and love:

1. iCBD Oils Scotty Sire

iCBD Oils is the first influencer-owned and operated CBD company founded by video creators Scotty Sire, Toddy Smith, and Jay Boice. After years of promoting various CBD products on their platforms, they decided to team up and create a CBD brand of their own to take full control of the quality of the products they use. As a brand, iCBD Oils focuses on full-spectrum CBD products that are specifically formulated to help users manage stress, anxiety, pain, sleep, athletic performance, and a handful of other ailments that can benefit from CBD use.

2. Item Beauty Addison Rae

TikTok star Addison Rae became a co-founder of Item Beauty to help promote self-love and inspire beauty-lovers everywhere to own their looks. Since her mom was a make-up artist, Rae has stated that she’s always been comfortable with beauty products and decided to pursue a beauty line because she views it as a fun way to express herself. Instead of using makeup to mask her imperfections, Rae wants her users to turn to Item Beauty’s lush and clean ingredients to embrace those imperfections that make them truly unique.

3. WeWoreWhat Danielle Bernstein

Created by fashion blogger and influencer Danielle Bernstein, WeWoreWhat is a fashion line that specializes in overalls, denim, swim, and activewear. Knowing the hottest trends in the world of style, Bernstein created WeWoreWhat to explore her love of fashion and create pieces that she couldn’t find anywhere else. Bernstein is no stranger to creating her own brands, as she also created Moe Assist – the first project management tool for influencers. With more than 165,000 followers on the brand’s Instagram, the fashion line has become a huge success and can now be found in department stores all over the nation.

4. Dragun Beauty Nikita Dragun

Dragun Beauty is a cosmetic influencer brand founded by makeup guru Nikita Dragun that emphasizes glamour and elevated beauty looks. Dragun Beauty prides itself on being all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones, and sexualities to unleash their skills and passion for makeup. As a creator, Dragun is unapologetic and unafraid to be her most authentic self, which is the exact message she aims to push to her users with Dragun Beauty, as she believes the journey to self-discovery can be encouraged by falling in love with makeup.

5. Wildflower Cases – Devon and Sydney Carlson

Wildflower Cases is a female-owned and operated iPhone accessories company that was founded by Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, influencers Devon and Sydney Carlson. Each exclusive and limited-edition fashion iPhone accessory is designed by the mother and daughter team, as they emphasize a free spirit and sense of independence through their products. What first began as a hobby for the team is now a brand known around the world after Miley Cyrus encouraged the Carlsons to sell the iPhones after spotting them at an LA restaurant. Wildflower Cases are now sold in retail stores around the globe and have been promoted by influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Emma Chamberlain, and Tana Mongeau. 

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6. Luca + Grae Aspyn Ovard

Created by YouTube lifestyle blogger and online content creator Aspyn Ovard, Luca + Grae is a lifestyle clothing brand founded in 2016 that featured hand-selected pieces from Ovard herself. Inspired by her world travels, Luca + Grae captures the essence of beautiful, foreign locations around the world while presenting a feminine yet modern style. Curated with trends, comfort, and classic designs in mind, the clothing brand aims to cater to every woman by embodying the fashion and lifestyle they feel their best in.

7. Chamberlain Coffee Emma Chamberlain

As a self-proclaimed coffee-lover, YouTuber Emma Chamberlain took her obsession with coffee and turned it into a full-fledged coffee brand that catered to her needs and the needs of her fans. Frustrated that she could never find an easy way to make delicious, eco-friendly coffee at home or while traveling, Chamberlain decided to ditch the machines and plastic pods to create a coffee brand of her own. Her innovative Chamberlain Steeped Coffee Bags are a great option for anyone looking for a brand with great-tasting coffee without all the extra waste. 

8. Middle Kid Chris Klemens

Inspired by the life of the middle child and video creator Chris Klemens, Middle Kid is a clothing brand created by Klemens that celebrates individualism and boldness. Wanting to go beyond the traditional merch store used by other influencers, Klemens decided to push the envelope to create a line of vibrant clothing items and accessories for his fans. On the Middle Kid website, you can find his classic “UCK!” T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, stickers, keychains, and smoking accessories.

9. Farago the Label Francesca Farago

If you recognize the name, you’ll remember Francesca Farago, or Frankie, from the hit Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. After the show aired, Farago quickly rose to stardom and gained millions of followers, becoming one of the most well-known influencers on the Instagram platform. With her newfound success, Farago decided to pursue her interest in swimwear and environmentally-friendly clothing to create her own brand, Farago the Label. Not only are the pieces super cute, but they are also made with 100% biodegradable and recyclable material.

10. Saski Collection Tammy Hembrow

Saski Collection is a luxury athleisure brand created by fitness mentor and influencer Tammy Hembrow that aims to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym. Specifically designed to complement multiple female body types, Saski is made with comfort in mind as you work towards your goals and enhance your shape. Created for women with a passion for both fitness and fashion, each piece is designed by Hembrow with a focus on strength and style.

Check out these four influencer brands that didn’t make the list:

Jaclyn HillJaclyn Hill Cosmetics
TezzaTezza Eyewear
Tess ChristineBackyard Roses
Haley PhamRetro Reprise

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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