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Top 10 Camping Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Ever since coronavirus turned the world upside down in early 2020, a lot of people have recently rediscovered how amazing the outdoors can truly be. Whether that means backpacking the Appalachian trail, or eating on the outdoor patio instead, the ways people are currently enjoying the outdoors depends on the person. Either way, a lot of people have recently been outside more which is definitely a good thing! As we trend towards the outdoors as a society that means people will be craving content related to nature, and in turn craving products related to nature. That’s why today we have curated a list of some of the top camping influencers with an engaged audience to keep your eye on in 2020.

1. @TAOutdoor

  • Instagram  – 246k

If you’re looking for content related to all things outdoors, Mike Pulled is your influencer. Coming from the United Kingdom, Mike has a very unique perspective and content that differs from many American camping influencers. He often times uploads short vlogs to his Instagram, some even featuring large sting rays!  His videos feature hunting, fishing and of course camping. TA outdoors is one of the top camping influencers on Instagram with a massive following. With over 246k and growing, look for TA outdoors to be on any outdoor centric companies watchlist.

2. @myselfreliance

  • Instagram  – 166k

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My Self Reliance is run by Shawn James and features some of the most exciting and unique content in the camping influencer space. Just like TA outdoors you can often find videos of hunting, fishing, and camping which is sure to appeal to a wide range of viewers. He even has videos showing how to build a log cabin yourself and preparing your own food. Shawn even has his adorable sidekick Cali the Golden Retriever in many of his videos. With great content like this its no surprise Shawn has been able to amass 166k on Instagram. 

3. @joerobinetbushcraft

  • Instagram  – 137k

With so much content out there related to camping it is hard to set yourself apart and create exciting new content as an influencer. Joe Robinet does just that on his Instagram and YouTube which has led to him having 137k on Instagram. Joe often posts videos of him on treks deep within the woods canoeing and camping.

4. @slowcarfasthome

  • Instagram  – 74.7k

Slow Car Fast Home is a very unique page with great outdoors content. They travel around America in a converted 1992 Toyota Odyssey that they worked on themselves. They have two dogs who are often featured in their content. They often post great photos of themselves camping around the country which has led to them developing 74.7k followers on Instagram. They have previously collaborated with outdoor brands such as RTIC, which shows how appealing they can be as camping influencers.

5. @iamnomad_

  • Instagram  – 49k

Iamnomad is an Instagram account run by Alexandre and Francis. They often times feature high quality photos from their adventures. They currently have their gear provided by The North Face, which is often times featured in their content. Alexandre and Francis can often times be found canoeing, photographing exotic animals, and camping on the beach.

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6. @patagoniatothenorth

  • Instagram  – 30k

Patagonia to the North Pole is one of the most engaging camping influencers on Instagram. Aaron who runs the account often times has creative posts which encourage his followers to guess where he currently is based on the photo. This generates a lot of comments and engagement on his posts. Aaron has worked with numerous outdoors companies, including NEMO Equipment. Look for Patagonia to the North Pole to continue to grow with their unique and engaging content!

7. @thetentcommandments

  • Instagram  – 28.8k

The Tent Commandments is one of the top camping accounts on Instagram and has quickly gained almost 30k followers on the platform. As you may have guessed this camping influencer specializes in tents and other outdoor items perfect for your next camping trip. Many people look to The Tent Commandments to make recommendations on what products will be perfect for their next outdoor outing. In addition to his dogs, his feed often features picturesque backgrounds of where he has pitched his tent for the night. 

8. @briskventure

  • Instagram  – 21.3k

One of the go to camping influencers on Instagram is Brisk Venture. With great content related to the outdoors and camping, they have been able to attract almost 22k followers over time. They have helped popularize the rooftop camping craze. They set up a tent system that sits atop their vehicle, making camping on the go accessible to anyone with roof racks. Briskventure usually sets his up on top of his Tacoma that is used for off-roading making the perfect combo. He has two dogs and plenty of other off-road toys featured on his scenic Instagram. 

9. @emily.evergreen

  • Instagram  – 17.9k

Emily Evergreen has some of the most refreshing and personal camping content on Instagram. This has led to her deserving a spot in any top 10 list for camping influencers. You can find Emily on the snowy mountain tops, or the ocean. Due to the personal nature of her content, Emily often times has some of the best engagement rates in the camping influencer industry. Even though she does not have the highest follower count, Emily makes up for it with her high engagement numbers. Look for Emily to continue to build up the amount of brands she partners with in 2020. 

10. @matthewposa

  • Instagram  – 15.8k

Matthew Posa is always posting some of the best outdoors content on Instagram. He has grown to almost 16k followers in just a short amount of time. You can often find Matthew posting about something related to camping, which has led to him becoming a lot of consumers go to influencers for camping and fishing advice. His adorable border collie and Australian shepherd add excitement to his page and are surely a draw. 

Here are a couple more camping influencers with impressive followings and content: 


This article was written by Cameron Kanner

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